Jared Padalecki Talks about his Battle with Depression


In an interview with Variety, Jared Padalecki (our Dean Forester) revealed that he struggled with depression for years.  This was during Supernatural, in his mid-20’s. Now 32 and having recently lost a friend to depression, he is raising awareness on the web and through some limited edition merch – including sweatshirts and tees featuring the man himself and the slogan ‘Always Keep Fighting’. The initial fundraising ends today, so please check it out if you love JP and you haven’t already.

Keepin his chest close to your chest

On the fundraising website, Jared writes affectionately and intelligently about depression and the effects it can have:

For people who deal with mental illness, depression, addiction or suicidal thoughts, every day can bring about new struggles. Every hour and every minute can seem to bring insurmountable odds of happiness. I hope that the simple message of “always keep fighting” can help to bolster somebody through a tough time. I also hope this campaign can help alleviate some of the stigma that the terms “mental illness” and “depression” sometimes evokes.

More than a few of us have turned to Gilmore Girls as a break from real life or as a warm hug but also sometimes to lift our spirits in incredibly difficult situations.  Depression can strike those you’d least expect and when you’re down there, you just can’t see a way out.

I’d love to copy and paste his words verbatim, but better I send you to where he’s at: https://represent.com/jared

Has Gilmore Girls helped you through hard times? I know it has me.

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Rich originally began contributing to GIlmore News as 'Dairyman' in 2013, a reference to the character Dairyman Dick in Tess of the D'Urbervilles, (call me Rich). Here in the UK we were late to the Gilmore party and I don't remember what made me watch my first episode - the one where Lorelai picks Rory up from the police station after she and Logan steal a yacht - but I remember watching it again immediately. And then again. Thankfully, the next show was on the next day and I watched that one three times too. And then the boat one again. I couldn't believe the dialogue was so quick and so funny and I pretended to myself that I was only watching it so I could figure out who I was more keen on - the mom or the daughter. I swore that Aaron Sorkin must have been involved but I couldn't find his name attached anywhere, even on the internet. So I watched and loved and laughed and cried and the day after the series finale, they ran the entire show from the beginning again and Rory turned into a baby so then I was all about Lorelai. Lauren Graham is astonishing ("Mother: Breathtaking") and the show was - and is - lightning in a bottle. It's a treasure for those who watch and get swept up in it, like I did and like the readers of Gilmore News. It's heartbreak and chicken soup, family dysfunction and blind optimism, lighthearted romanticism and balls-out brilliant. Thanks to Arieanna and gilmorenews.com for letting me squat and allowing my inner Gilmore Geek out for air. I worry how it would otherwise manifest.

4 thoughts on “Jared Padalecki Talks about his Battle with Depression

  • March 17, 2015 at 4:13 pm

    Yes, I must admit I find myself turning to Gilmore Girls if I’m having a bad day or just need a little pick me up. I don’t know what it is, but it does somehow always manage to make me feel better and put a smile on my face.

  • March 18, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Gilmore girls is what keeps me going! I watch it every morning as I am getting ready for work. My roommates and family think I am crazy, but there is just something about this show that makes everything seem like it is going to be okay.

  • March 23, 2015 at 2:53 pm

    I nearly died in hospital after having a bike accident. I had damaged myself a lot, my spleen burst, gut and liver torn, bones broken and a wait of 7 hours to be seen in surgery due to a mistake at the hospital.

    The day I was taken home was just ….weird. I was numb and couldn’t process it. I sat in an armchair with a water and a blanket and my family sat awkwardly around just staring at me. Then, my mum bustled off to make tea and my sister put in a disk of Gilmore girls. we sat through the first scene, nonspeaking.

    Then ‘…If you’re out on the road
    Feeling lonely and so cold
    All you have to do is call my name
    And I’ll be there on the next train….’

    Sophie and I burst simultaneously into tears. And she stood by my chair and we clung to each other. I was home, we were together and I was alive. It was like our shared love of the warm beautiful Stars Hollow let us communicate the relief and fear and joy and overwhelming emotion that we felt. That was 5 years ago now.

    I still turn to Gilmore girls for catharsis, it’s like my comfort blanket and try as they might, no other show will ever be able to replicate that. It’s home to me.

    • March 24, 2015 at 8:21 am

      Bless you for sharing that, Sarah. You sent a shiver up my spine and I’m mightily relieved you’re still around to tell the tale.

      Naturally, I can’t help being reminded of when Lorelai is recklessly riding her bicycle and chatting to Rory on her hands-free, but as a Kindred Gilmore Geek I know you’ll understand.


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