Zombie Gilmore Girls


Stars Hollow’s sister town of Woodbridge, has suffered a mysterious outbreak of a mind-numbing sickness.  Rory Gilmore, a young reporter torn between making a career and keeping a boyfriend, returns to her hometown to cover the story but becomes trapped as Taylor, the town selectman, quarantines Stars Hollow.

Naturally zombie Taylor wears a cardigan

Luke: I don’t know which part of this thing scares me more.
Taylor: Kirk will be in charge of setting up the barricades.
Luke: Oh, there it is.

Lorelai Gilmore (Rory’s mother) and Luke Danes (Lorelai’s boyfriend and father to her unborn child) host a home-cooked meal at Lorelai’s house and muse about Rory’s misfiring love life and ex-boyfriend Jess, when their infected neighbours, Babette and Morey stop by and end up comically impaled on the remains of the chuppah in the garden.  Rory tries to call Jess but in the middle of leaving a message the connection dies, only to be replaced with a recorded apology (from town dogsbody Kirk Gleason) that the network is otherwise disposed.

That same evening, Hep Alien Apocalypse are rehearsing very quietly in Mrs Kim’s kitchen for a reunion gig.  Gil offers apologies for being late after having made a delivery in Woodbridge and encountering traffic that necessitated an off-road route into Stars Hollow.  He blames a grody chilli chicken hero for not feeling well but later on suffers a bad turn and chases band members Lane, Zack and Brian through the maze of Mrs Kim’s Antiques – before succumbing to Mrs Kim herself (Lane’s mom), armed with a teapot and a bandolier of WW2 grenades.

Mrs Kim: No more noisy boys.

Next morning, Stars Hollow’s town square is populated by zombie walkers, among them semi-sentient mumbling versions of Sookie, Jackson and the kids, the reverend and the rabbi, Gil, Zack and Brian (complete with inhaler).  With little food in the house, Lorelai, Luke and Rory decide to make a run for the car and load up with food at Luke’s diner.  Zombie Babette burbles ‘nice shoes, sweetie’ as they dash across the lawn and burn rubber.  Zombie Tobin similarly compliments Lorelai’s shoes as he bounces off the bonnet.

They make it to the sweet shop adjoining the diner but are blocked by Taylor unloading sherbet lemons from a delivery truck.  The delivery driver holds out a clipboard for Taylor to sign, but when he hands it back the driver grabs his wrist and chomps down.

With a little scuffling, Lorelai, Rory and Luke make it from the sweet shop to the diner but prepare for a fight when they hear clattering in the storeroom.  It’s only Lane and Mrs Kim, who had let themselves in with Lane’s key and were similarly thinking of stocking up and hiding out.  Alerted by another murmuring from outside, Luke, Mrs Kim and Lorelai bash a few walkers in the head, one of which is non-Zombie Kirk.

Lorelai: I am so sorry Kirk.  You move just like one of them.
Kirk: I only came in for an omelette.
Luke: Didn’t you notice the things walking around out there?
Kirk: Why?  Would they make me an omelette?

They stack food onto a trolley but Kirk has started cooking, which attracts an overwhelming number of walkers who smash through the windows.  They need a distraction.  Kirk figures he has little to live for and runs madly through the square – but is largely ignored.

Lane: They think he’s one of them.

Mrs Kim kisses Lane and singing hymns loudly, runs out and sacrifices herself with a grenade but only gains a short reprieve as the explosion draws more walkers from behind the town buildings.  Lane goes doo-lally with regret over her mom and rushes out into the swarm, to the others’ dismay.

Jess smashes his car through the barricade and fights his way across the town square armed with a handaxe.  He helps Lane back to the group and says they need to get out of town.

Jess: Never assume anything about anybody.  If you ever feel safe, you’re about to get bit.

Jess gives a speech but then Rory saves his life a couple of times.  Lane reveals she was bitten in the car fracas.  One of the helicopters overhead starts talking.  It’s Logan in a small private chopper to rescue Rory but she won’t leave her family and friends and she persuades him to take Lane for medical care – but as they wave goodbye, she turns and they watch the helicopter go down.  This creates enough of a distraction for the zombies that the remaining troupe can load up Luke’s truck and climb in.  Luke goes back in the diner for a can opener but gets bitten by Zombie Sookie.

Luke: Hey, what have I said about the counter?
Sookie: Brains.
Luke: How the counter is a sacred space, my sacred space. You don’t do yoga on the Dalai Lama’s mat. And you don’t come behind my counter. Period!
Sookie: Brains.

Lorelai goes in to see what’s keeping him and comes back out a bloody mess.  With a steely eye, she takes the driving seat.  They pick up both fuel and Gypsy the mechanic (who turns out to be a crack shot with a rifle) at the garage and nearly crash into Michel – Lorelai’s concierge – in his new RV, which he bought in secret after reconsidering the benefits of the old one.  As they head out of town in convoy, they pick up Kirk wandering aimlessly around, miraculously unharmed.  Lorelai leads, driving Luke’s truck with one hand unconsciously over her belly, alongside Rory and Jess -fingers interlaced.  Gypsy and Kirk ride with Michel in his RV, passing a road sign for Hartford.

To be continued…

It’s a few weeks late for Hallowe’en (and about as far off topic as we’ve ever been), nevertheless, I warmly invite any and all contributions – I’d love to hear suggested highlights for this or any alternate Gilmore universe, be it single lines of cool character dialogue, whole scenes or episode synopses – chuck it all in the comments box below.

No rules, feel free to overwrite, borrow or replace – it’s just a bit of fun.  Oh and wishing all who celebrate it a very Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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Rich originally began contributing to GIlmore News as 'Dairyman' in 2013, a reference to the character Dairyman Dick in Tess of the D'Urbervilles, (call me Rich). Here in the UK we were late to the Gilmore party and I don't remember what made me watch my first episode - the one where Lorelai picks Rory up from the police station after she and Logan steal a yacht - but I remember watching it again immediately. And then again. Thankfully, the next show was on the next day and I watched that one three times too. And then the boat one again. I couldn't believe the dialogue was so quick and so funny and I pretended to myself that I was only watching it so I could figure out who I was more keen on - the mom or the daughter. I swore that Aaron Sorkin must have been involved but I couldn't find his name attached anywhere, even on the internet. So I watched and loved and laughed and cried and the day after the series finale, they ran the entire show from the beginning again and Rory turned into a baby so then I was all about Lorelai. Lauren Graham is astonishing ("Mother: Breathtaking") and the show was - and is - lightning in a bottle. It's a treasure for those who watch and get swept up in it, like I did and like the readers of Gilmore News. It's heartbreak and chicken soup, family dysfunction and blind optimism, lighthearted romanticism and balls-out brilliant. Thanks to Arieanna and gilmorenews.com for letting me squat and allowing my inner Gilmore Geek out for air. I worry how it would otherwise manifest.

14 thoughts on “Zombie Gilmore Girls

  • November 26, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    Since Rich’s very cool first installment seems to be near the end of the story, figured I would write a bit of a very early premonition of this “bad” news to come. Assuming the contagion took place around Halloween of this year, I started the clock 10 months earlier to allow lots of ideas to materialize between these two approximate endpoints. So at the beginning…………

    The time and place….An hour before New Year’s Day 2013 in a speeding car along the interstate from Philadelphia through SH to Boston. The participants…… A somewhat unlikely dynamic duo. And action:

    Jess: “I can’t believe for our first date in so many years that you want to go to Paris’ place for New Years.”

    Rory: “Hey, you knew I told her I wanted to see her and the kids after my long absence so tonight is as good a time as any. What I can’t believe is that I let you drive when your car’s heater is clearly not working.”

    Jess: “Bitch, bitch, bitch. After all the hurdles you covered in your travels abroad you’re bothered by a little cold?”

    Rory: “I’ll live, hey there’s the turnoff to their apartment.”

    Jess: “Got it.” And a few minutes later they reach the door.


    Paris: “Doyle, wake up and get the door, I’m still in here getting the kids to bed.”

    Doyle: “I’m on it.” Opens the door –“Gilmore, you’re really back and not a figment of our imagination. Paris will be so happy to see you. And you must be??

    Rory: “Hi Doyle, this is Jess.”

    Doyle: “Oh yeah, one of Rory’s writing partners, glad to meet you.”

    Paris: “Hi Rory, come on in. Jess, surprised to see you, guess the rumors must be true. You would think after all these years that Rory would know a wider circle of men.”

    Jess: “Paris, good to see you too.”

    Doyle: “What can I get you to drink?”

    Rory: “A vodka martini for me.” Jess: “Just a Bacardi and coke will be fine.” Doyle: “As you wish.”

    Paris: “You guys talk for a few minutes, I want Rory to see the kids.”

    Jess: “I’ve seen you blog postings. Really interesting. However, with the election over, dissected, and put to bed, what’s on your radar for upcoming topics?”

    Doyle: “Good or bad, I think the topic of the year will be the implementation of the ACA.”

    Jess: “Why? Shouldn’t that be fait accompli? After all, they have had multiple years to get that right.”

    Doyle: “That’s logically accurate, but in an atmosphere where things only get done just-in-time if at all, who knows what problems will appear. The only question is whether these problems will be opponent driven or self-inflicted.”

    Jess: “You aren’t buying that conspiracy nonsense that they will intentionally tank the rollout to force a crisis which guarantees full socialized medicine for all in the immediate future?”

    Doyle: “Hey, longshot that it might be, in DC crazier things have happened.”

    And on a less contentious note-

    Paris: “That’s right girls, here’s you “auntie” Rory.”

    Rory: “OMG, Paris, they’re beautiful. El’s so cute at two weeks and you know, Maddie has grown so much that she really is looking a lot like Doyle.”

    Paris: “A fortunate circumstance as that made her our quarter-of-a-million dollar baby.”

    Rory: “Huh, how so??”

    Paris: “Well it turned out all the know-nothings on staff were giving 3 to 1 odd that it was my boss’s kid. When I heard that I covered all their bets and took them to the cleaners. Completely paid off all my med-school loans. Why they thought I would sleep with that old dinosaur is beyond me but you’ve got to strike no matter how crazy the opportunity.”

    Rory: “Cool. So what’s on deck now?”

    Paris: “Well with the kids now back to stasis, I‘m getting back on the ol’ ladder and working my way back to the top of the surgeon’s hierarchy. Lots of interesting cases including Richard’s last procedure. In addition, I’ve run across something that might be right up your alley. However, it may need to be kept hush-hush for now.”

    Rory: “OK, you’ve piqued my interest, please explain.”

    Paris: “There are rumors going around our infectious disease department that a new superbug has popped up and is slowly working its way through southwest Connecticut.”

    Rory: “And this matters to me because?”

    Paris: “Ground zero appears to be Woodbridge, within a stone’s throw of your old stomping ground. You might want to check it out.”

    Rory: “I’ve got some other things to work through first, but I’ll make sure to get Mom to keep her eyes and ears open to the rumor mill.”

    Paris: “Well, don’t wait too long. This could be a big deal.
    So Jess huh?”

    Rory: “That’s TBD. Had him tag along tonight to see how he handles routine times. After all the excitement last month wanted to see if he’s really serious about the possibility of us being back together.”

    Paris: “So the sleeping arrangements tonight?”

    Rory: “That’s right, I’ve got the guest room, he gets the couch.”

    Paris: “Ice, ice, baby. Fair enough.”

    Doyle: “Hey guys, get back in here. The ball is dropping. Boy do I miss Dick Clark.”


  • November 27, 2013 at 3:33 am

    Love it mcityrk, you do them so well. Note, as well as Emily and Richard, Max also lives in Hartford ;O)

  • November 27, 2013 at 5:37 pm

    And it would seem that a Hartford cameo by a retired HM Charlston, a forever Peter-Pan Tristan, or even a wandering Digger would not be out of the question.

  • December 2, 2013 at 7:48 pm


    It’s now the Friday after NY Day 2013 and we find Lorelai and Sookie in Luke’s having a little snack before heading for a girl’s night out. They are impatiently waiting for Rory to join them—

    Sookie: “So Rory’s running late again?”

    Lorelai: “Well her message indicated that her first Yale seminar discussing her travels in Indonesia went so well that the questions seem never ending, but she should be here in less than 15 minutes”

    Sookie “Well, I need something else to kill the time. “

    Lorelai: “Agreed. Hey Kirk, what’s the local scuttlebutt? Have you heard anything unusual emanating from Woodbridge?”

    Kirk: “Oh no, not you too. What do I have to do to convince people that it wasn’t my fault that Brutus the huskie got sick while we were running the dog pack near Woodbridge.”

    Lorelai: “Kirk I was just making conversation, not trying to cause you a problem. What are you talking about?”

    Kirk: “Well about three weeks ago I was running the pack on the outskirts of Woodbridge when I saw this bright streak of light in the sky. Didn’t think much about it, figured it was an unexpected auora sighting. But it persisted and part of it even got so close that the pups started going ape. Finally a small particle was accelerated towards us and plowed into a snow bank with a loud hiss. I just figured it was a small asteroid fragment so went to investigate. However, Brutus beat me to the snow and gulped the fragment down before I could stop him. Even then it did not seem to be a problem as he seemed fine. However, three days later he started going crazy and was even biting a few people. A rabies test was negative, but the vets still decided to put him down so no more damage could be done. Then a week later, some of the people he bit were starting to show weakness much like seen with the flu. Since then the docs have been keeping an eye on it but don’t really have a complete handle on what is happening.

    Lorelai: “Wow, the only reason I asked was Rory mentioned there were some rumors in the Boston med community that some infectious medical problems were starting to cluster in Woodbridge.”

    Kirk: “Well, I think that the problem seems pretty well contained if unexplained, but I guess they have to be pretty conservative in prepping for the unknown. However, I think this will probably blow over in a few weeks.”

    Sookie: “Hey, there’s Rory pulling up, let’s hit the road.”

    Lorelai: “Sounds good, talk to you later Kirk.”

    Kirk: “Bye.”

    Lorelai: “Well about time. Must have been a good seminar.”

    Rory: “Sorry for the delay, lots of inquisitive students. What’s the plan for tonight?”

    Sookie: “I’m up for a quick pizza run and a movie. Is that what you were thinking Lorelai?”

    Lorelai: “Sounds good, but first a little info swap. Rory, you never mentioned how the visit with Jess over to Paris NY party went. Anything interesting happening there?”

    Rory: “Well it was good to see Paris and Doyle. Their kids are so cute and they both have full plates in their jobs to keep them busy.”

    Sookie: “That’s nice, but the real question is what’s the HAPS on the Jess situation?”

    Rory: “A nice enough night, kind of like kicking it with an old friend, just casual. A decade ago that kind of night would have put Jess to sleep, but he seemed pretty engaged and seemed to enjoy himself. So guess we are still in wait and see mode. Also think he enjoys a good argument now and then with Paris. You mentioned an info swap. What do you have for me?”

    Lorelai: “You remember that tidbit you heard about Woodbridge?”

    Rory: “Sure, what additionally did you hear?”

    Lorelai: “Four words….. Woodbridge……Kirk……space microbes.”

    Rory: “Ah, with Kirk anything becomes possible. Why am I not surprised. Tell me more”


  • December 3, 2013 at 2:57 am

    Okay, here’s the thing: I suck at writting, I don’t have Rich’s crazy imagination or Mcityrk’s ability to make the characters sound like they did on the tv show. Or to be funny, for that matter. But Zombie Gilmore Girls is just to good to miss and I can’t resist, I just can’t. So here’s my little contribution. It starts just before Rich’s begining. Feel free to ignore it.

    Zach entered the dinner, ready to start his shift, and announced his presence to his boss: “Hey godfather, I’m here. You can bail now”.
    Luke exited the kitchen, looking a little annoyed: “Zach, I already told you to not call me that”.
    Zach: “Well, you agreed to the job, my little dudes are your godsons”.
    Luke (trying to hide the little smile that would betray his grumpy act): “Well, you’re not and, hopefully, they won’t make it sound like I’m a mobster”.
    Zach (who saw the little smile): “I’ll make sure to warn them. Anyway, I’m ready to cover you here”.
    Luke looks around at the half-full dinner: “Right, Ceaser should be here soon”.
    Zach: “Good, and we’re still closed this evening?”
    Luke: “Yep, Taylor’s emergency town meeting, remember?”
    Zach: “Yeah, that whole weird contagious disease freak-out is getting a huge buzz”.
    Luke sighs: “That’s what happens when you combine pure american paranoia with Kirk’s idiotic adventures”.
    Zach: “Still on the sceptic side? Miss Patty acts really strange since Brutus bit her”.
    Luke: “And well before”.
    Zach: “Not like that. Remember how she almost bit the troubadour?”
    Luke: “So, you just found out miss Patty’s kinky?”
    Zach opened his mouth to answer, but his attention went to the window. He stared, mouth wide open, and turned to Luke, pointing to the school across the street through the window: “I knew she’s not the repressed kind, but that kinky, really?”
    Luke turned to the direction Zach was pointing at and his face fell. They both could see miss Patty and Babette interwoven in a tight hug. Miss Patty’s face was burried deep in Babette’s neck and she was pushing Babette against the school wall.
    Luke: “Jeez, I can’t believe this….Morey’s gonna freak”.
    Zach: “Hey, is it me or does it look like Babette is freaking too?”
    As soon a Zack finished his sentence, Babette pushed Miss Patty away and escaped, her hand on her neck.
    Zach and Luke looked at each other, baffled.
    Luke: “Okay, I’ve seen enough, I’m out. Lane is still at the house with Rory and Lorelai?”
    Zach: “She should be setting up her drum kit for tonight’s rehearsal by now”.
    Luke: “Okay, then it’s pie for two”. He grabbed the pie, put on his jacket and opened the door. “See you later, Zach”.
    Zach waved at him: “Later, godfather”.
    Luke’s eyes went up in (fake) annoyance and he started walking towards the crap shack when he noticed Miss Patty walking towards him. Still weirded out by her make out scene with Babette, he started walking faster. After five minutes he turned to see that she had disappeared.
    Five minutes more and he was taking off his jacket in the crap shack’s foyer. Stepping into the living room, holding the pie he brought with him, he found Lorelai and Rory watching the news.
    Luke: “Well, it’s official: this town can’t get any weirder”.
    Lorelai and Rory turned to Luke, an amused and loving smile on each face.
    Lorelai: “Heard it before, will hear it again.”
    Rory: “At tonight’s town meeting, no doubt”.
    Lorelai: “Just bring the pie over here, Burger Boy”.
    Luke looked at them and sighed. Sadly, they were probably right.

  • December 3, 2013 at 8:35 am

    Dany, what are you talking about? I love it :O) The ‘Godfather’ exchange made me smile, it’s authentic Zack AND Luke. I was toying with the outbreak stemming from an investment / research effort into extended lifelines that would (eventually, maybe in series 3) lead back to Straub!

    I reckon Jess would be experimenting with single malts by now.

    Here was my original opener (Parental warning – this gets a bit gross. It’s ZOMBIES for heaven’s sake):

    Rory driving through a quiet Stars Hollow, pulls up outside Lorelai’s house when a familiar rasping voice calls from behind the neighbour’s screen door.

    Babette: Oh Rory it’s you!

    Rory: Hey Babette!

    Babette: I’d come out and give you a bear hug but Morey’s feeling a little under the weather and I wouldn’t want you to catch what he’s got, his head’s not quite spinning all the way around but he’s got the eyes, you know? What are you doing here?

    Rory: I got sent to cover the Woodbridge epidemic and you know, I thought I’d catch up with mom and Luke.

    Babette: Sounds bad, that thing in Woodbridge. They’re all at the town meeting talking about it now.

    Rory: Oh right, I’ll head on over … I hope Morey’s feeling better soon. Has he tried Luke’s chicken soup?

    Babette: I don’t think that’s gonna cut it this time sugar, but thanks. I’ll come round later and catch up OK?

    Rory: Sure Babette. See you later!

    Babette returns to Morey whose ankles and wrists are tied to a chair. Behind his hat and sunglasses, he’s deathly pale and haggard. Babette wipes the drool from his chin and spoon feeds him wriggling maggots from a bowl.

    Babette: Open wide, hun.

  • December 3, 2013 at 1:19 pm

    Hi Dany-

    This vintage [not suckage] Zack, Luke, and Lorelai dialogue is way too good to ignore. I particularly like Zack’s idiom and flow which mirrors the show to a T and Luke’s sardonic sense of humor.Terrific addition to the story. Way to pick up the baton and take off towards the finish line. Cheers–

  • December 3, 2013 at 2:08 pm

    I like it.
    Buuuuuut…does Jess drink Bacardi and Coke? I don’t see it somehow… :)

  • December 4, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    Hi Rich –

    If you want to pin the zombiefication of the Hallow on Strobe, here’s a setup that may bring it into play. Cheers-

    The Situation: A crazy unexplained contagion popping up with increasing frequency throughout southwest Connecticut. The Time: T minus three days till SH is overrun. The Place: Lunch at Luke’s [of course] with the usual crowd. And action: Lorelai comes flying in for a quick bite-

    Lorelai: “Hey Zack, expidite me a burger and fries to go please.”

    Zack: “Coming up.”

    Babette: “Hey doll, what’s going on?”

    Lorelai: “Just the usual. Hey Patty, you look lost in thought. What’s up?”

    Patty: (Inattentively starting out the window and unaware Lorelai has come in.)

    Lorelai: “Uh Patty, talk to me girl.”

    Patty: “Oh, sorry sweetie. I’m just sitting here trying to piece together that whole now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t epidemic that’s still going round.”

    Lorelai: “You mean that crazy Brutus induced contagion?”

    Patty: “Yeah, that’s my problem. I ‘m just not sure I believe that was the trigger for the problem. Maybe it’s just a red herring”

    Lorelai: “Interesting. Then what’s your alternative theory?”

    Patty: “Well think about the timeline and the symptoms seen for all the known bite victims. First eight months ago Brutus gets a dose of space debris. A few days later while revisiting the same spot he goes nuts, gets off his lease, blasts through Woodbridge and bites at least five people. After being trapped in the church parking lot he gets tranqued by the police and turned over to the vet who comes back with a clean bill of health. However a dog that dangerous gets put down and shipped on to the CDC [Centers Disease Control] who also discern nothing out of the ordinary.”

    Lorelai: “I’m with you so far.”

    Patty: “But here’s where it starts getting really wierd. The five victims don’t show the same symptom pattern. Within a week all seem to be having similar flu symptoms, but by the second week the two youngest, stronger people actually die. Then in another week the couple in their thirties progress to a coma state with one dying, but the other eventually coming out of it after six months and seeming perfectly healthy. And finally there’s old man Finerty, you know the one who has needed a walker to get around for years. Three weeks after the incident he was able to discard his walker, six weeks later he was actually jogging, and now there is a rumor going around that he is going to run a 5K. It’s almost like getting bitten was his own personal Fountain of Youth.”

    Lorelai: “So are you suggesting some kind of Twilight Zone scenario?”

    Patty: “Honey, I don’t know what I’m suggesting. It just seems like we have been trapped as the guinea pigs with the timing of the dog bites being used as a cover for the selection of unaware participants in some kind of crazy vaccine experiment.”

    Lorelai: “Then, who do you think it is pulling the strings?”

    Patty: “Take you pick, government, a private enterprise, a mad scientist?”

    Lorelai: “Well it seems like it’s all blown over now so maybe it doesn’t matter.”

    Patty: “I’m not so sure. We’ve thought that a couple of times, but then out of nowhere another case turns up with no obvious cause. It’s almost like there is some silent carrier out there ready to pounce at any random time.”

    Zack: “Hey Lorelai, here’s the grub. Patty, what’s with that welt on you hand?”

    Patty: “Well I got bit by that cute little Pekenise Cuddles today. Was feeding him his daily treat and out of the blue he snapped at me and wrecked my thumbnail.”

    Zack “Wasn’t he part of the pack that was running with Kirk and Brutus?”

    Patty: “Probably some of the time, why?”

    Zack: “Maybe Brutus bit more than just people and his packmates have been the silent carriers all along. For all practical purposes, you might as well have been bitten by Brutus himself.”

    Patty: “That seems like an incredible reach.”

    Zach: “No more so than a crazed scientist. But just in case [only half joking], why don’t you try Westin’s for lunch for the next week. Just saying”

    Patty: “Well, I never.”

    Lorelai: “Come on Zack.”

    Babette: “Chill out dude.”


  • December 5, 2013 at 1:52 am

    I like how Kirk’s involvement with Straub provides an alternative explanation to his apparent immunity – and perhaps also hints at the final solution.

  • December 10, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    And the Kirk-Straub involment was?????? 1] Straub was always one of the living dead and Kirk was his illigitimate son so carried a natural immunity??? 2] Kirk was always looking for work and was the first volunteer for Straub’s scientific forrays into the unknown??? 3] ???????

  • December 17, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    Door number two :O)

    ‘Straub looks down from the laboratory observation booth, promising on the phone that it’ll be done in time. Among the scientists is Kirk wearing a white coat and safety goggles, comparing two test tubes and looking furtive.’

    I’m also siding with Emma – I reckon by now Jess would have an appreciation for aged single malt whisky. Which would give Richard and he something to talk about at their awkward Christmas dinner!

  • December 17, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Ah, but was he at the lab purely to get another paycheck, or had he gone undercover all “Sherlock Kirk meets Barney Fife” to clear his name after getting a clue that the contagion had been intentionally produced by this nefarious organization. Something like this—–

    Creeping to the lab building’s rear door, Kirk remotely ignites the fircrackers in the nearby hedge, leading the guards to rush to that scene.Slipping through the security door while their backs were turned, he quickly dodges into the changing room, knocks a lab worker unconscious, stuffs him in a locker, and dresses out in full clean-room garb and facemask so that he will be unrecognizeable when he joins the other scientists at the lab bench. Pretending to read the experimental documentation, he is startled by the lab manager who tells him to get it in gear and catch up with the rest of the team. To keep from blowing his cover, he takes Tube C and mixes it with Tube A. Big mistake….. it was supposed to be Tube B in Tube A and now a magical fog emmenates from the tubes and knocks all in the room unconscious. Straub looks down from his observation post, cackles, and screams to the sky “Even better than I hoped for!!”.


  • February 25, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Tag-line: Where you lead, they will follow.


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