Bunheads Set is Taken Down – But Not Out


Vulture.com reports that the Bunheads set has been put into storage, but don’t get out your black armbands quite yet.

don't cry girls...

Bunheads was written and created by Gilmore Girls’ creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and is awaiting official renewal or cancellation, very likely to be confirmed later this month. With the positive fighting spirit Fostered by the show and all the girls, both in front and behind the camera, we know it’s not over until it’s over.  Even with eyes teary with mace, they’ll go on with the show and give it their lunatic best.

With great critical reviews and good-not-great viewing figures, Bunheads echoed Gilmore Girls’ warm start, which only found its feet and its audience in the third series.  Also like Gilmore Girls, Bunheads is awash with direction, positivity and heart.  It would be a real shame to lose this blossoming series to the prevailing winds of short-term pay-off. Seriously, I understand that show business is a business like any other, but why not try to make something wholesome that bears re-watching in a decade’s time, something we might look back on the way we do our favorite shows?  Quality is not anathema to profit, my friends.

Bunheads sought to be quality.  Perhaps if it had less self-belief or tried to achieve less, it could have wandered aimlessly, actively driving off its viewers but instead, it stuck to its guns.  It kept up its pace and banter, it had progressive story arcs, it made us cry and laugh out loud.  The mid-series kick off, ‘You Wanna See Something‘ wasn’t just good, it was Gilmore Good.  Witness Emily reaching out to Michelle in some Nevada dive, their repartee tighter than the bubble wrap that Truly’s trapped herself in.  Gasp at Gilmore Girls’ T.J. flailing around like a magic octopus and pretend you’re not moved by Hubbell’s wedding video.

Although there were a lot of familiar faces, Bunheads wasn’t trying to be Gilmore Girls.  Bunheads’ Paradise is kookier than Stars Hollow, it’s more showbiz.  Characters ride the sharp edge between celebrity and being certifiable, from the coffee guy to the one-eyed plumber, the dress shop owner’s sister to an illusionist in Henderson, Nevada.


For now, we can still hold a hopeful flame for more of Truly’s battiness, Michelle’s nuggets of inappropriate dating advice and a continuation of Boo, Sasha, Ginny and Melanie’s happiness and heartbreak, dance and disaster.  Most of all, I need to hear them talk.

Truly: My niece isn’t even allowed to sit on my lap any more, not since I catapulted her into a wall.

Michelle: Yeah this would be a lot easier if I could offer you a drink.

Michelle: There’s so many buttons to button and every time I button a button there’s another button to button.

Truly: I could play with the crotch a little.
Michelle: Best offer all day.

Fanny: I haven’t understood a word he’s said since ‘Hi my name is Bob.’
Eric: Eric.  My name is Eric.

Roman: Wow, you’re weirder than I thought. And I thought you were pretty weird.

Michelle: Give me some warning before you get married again.
Scottie: There’s usually not that much time.

Ginny: It’s a Chinese restaurant mum. They don’t do Gay Marines.

Michelle: Hard hat, waffle iron, Bananarama box set.

What are your Bunheads best bits so far?  If you haven’t seen it yet, catch it on Amazon Prime or Hulu and tell us about it after.

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Rich originally began contributing to GIlmore News as 'Dairyman' in 2013, a reference to the character Dairyman Dick in Tess of the D'Urbervilles, (call me Rich). Here in the UK we were late to the Gilmore party and I don't remember what made me watch my first episode - the one where Lorelai picks Rory up from the police station after she and Logan steal a yacht - but I remember watching it again immediately. And then again. Thankfully, the next show was on the next day and I watched that one three times too. And then the boat one again. I couldn't believe the dialogue was so quick and so funny and I pretended to myself that I was only watching it so I could figure out who I was more keen on - the mom or the daughter. I swore that Aaron Sorkin must have been involved but I couldn't find his name attached anywhere, even on the internet. So I watched and loved and laughed and cried and the day after the series finale, they ran the entire show from the beginning again and Rory turned into a baby so then I was all about Lorelai. Lauren Graham is astonishing ("Mother: Breathtaking") and the show was - and is - lightning in a bottle. It's a treasure for those who watch and get swept up in it, like I did and like the readers of Gilmore News. It's heartbreak and chicken soup, family dysfunction and blind optimism, lighthearted romanticism and balls-out brilliant. Thanks to Arieanna and gilmorenews.com for letting me squat and allowing my inner Gilmore Geek out for air. I worry how it would otherwise manifest.

6 thoughts on “Bunheads Set is Taken Down – But Not Out

  • July 6, 2013 at 5:21 pm

    Hi Rich-

    Think you already know I liked BH, though maybe not quite as much as you-

    spirit “Fostered” by the show — good one!

    Best one liner…Sasha to Boo…”That’s like having a superpower and not using it”

    Best episodes…clearly the opening episode of the second miniseason, closely followed by the last episode of the first miniseason…

    Paridise vs SH…more showbiz for sure and that was a blast…but kookier I dob’t think so.

    Only Truly stood out as the exceptional heir to Kirk…without a few better Gilmore alumni cameos [Bash, the magician, the plumber] most of Paridise [particularly the adults] was pretty generic and that was one of its’ weaknesses. They just did not do the work to build up the quirkiness of the location like the inclusion of Taylor, Babette, Miss Patty, the troubedour, etc provided for SH in GG. So a great comedic foil that was so well used in GG was usually missing in BH.

    Even Liza as Millie didn’t quite work as well as I expected, maybe if there had been more time and the sisters full story told that critique would have evaporated. And the inclusion of the twins and Scottie in the second miniseason, while interesting, seemed to dilute or sidetrack the continuing storylines of the big 6. Also seemed like Fanny was underused for extended parts of the second miniseason and at times it really showed.

    But in spite of these few quibbles I hope ABCF comes to its senses and lets the story continue!! There was a lot left to discover.

  • July 7, 2013 at 8:56 am

    If bunheads doesn’t get renewed, Amy Could put all of her energy and all of her ideas into a gilmore movie!

  • July 7, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    Thanks for the update, really hope the show is renewed but on the other had would love a GG ‘reunion’ movie. Must be hard for the Bunheads cast being kept in limbo for so long!

  • July 8, 2013 at 2:39 pm

    For the most part I agree with mcityrk. I loved the show but it didn’t quite hit the part of my brain that made me think MUST WATCH THE NEXT EPISODE NOW.

    The show had so many good points and sometimes failed to carry them out. Storylines needed to be expanded, even if it meant the show moving slightly slower. I think we for the true Gilmore, characters need to become more accessible. However, I really want to see how it grows as a show, It has true potential and I really really hope that they renew it.

    Also for the billionth time … gilmoregirls movie/mini series is necessary pleasethankyou!


  • July 23, 2013 at 7:53 am

    That’s sad. But maybe now amy- we need a GG movie ! Most bunheads fans and all GG fans will love it!
    C’mon, lets go a GG movie!!


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