Alexis Bledel Engaged

I am very happy to announce that Alexis Bledel is engaged! Alexis Bledel has been dating actor Vincent Kartheiser since meeting during her guest arc on Mad Men. Alexis Bledel, now 31, and Vinctent Kartheiser, now 33, were confirmed as engaged on March 20th. 


According to People, Vincent jokingly practiced his proposal with his Mad Men co-stars, Elisabeth Moss and Jessica Paré. All of his co-stars are excited for the couple, calling Alexis “the sweetest” and saying how great the couple are together. The proposal was apparently a few weeks ago and the ring may be “huge” – can’t wait to see!

Gilmore Girls co-star Lauren Graham had a conversation on Twitter about the engagement, joking about her “finishing Yale already?” and that she is “very happy for them. Two gorgeous and talented people.”

I’m so happy for Alexis! Join me in wishing her and Vincent well :)


  1. Chrissie says:

    I was so excited when I saw this! Congrats to the happy couple!

  2. dairyman says:

    You beat me to it :O) *Always* a pleasure to see you post Arieanna!

    I’m elated that Alexis Bledel has found happiness with the Vincent Kartheiser, although his name always makes me think of vampires.

    Good luck and best wishes to them (but let’s no-one mention little red-haired vampire babies).

  3. Arieanna says:

    OMG, babies! Ok, I know I have two of my own, but if she has babies it will make me feel old…er. ;)

  4. martin says:

    Babies, huh? I read somewhere that Vincent doesn’t want kids, because it is the sensible thung to do environmentally. That guy sounds like a nutcase (sorry)!


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