“The Good Wife” 3.12 ‘Alienation of Affection’


“The Good Wife” 3.12 ‘Alienation of Affection’
Air Date: January 8, 2012

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Summary: Lockhart-Gardner faces trouble when a recently divorced couple claims they influenced their separation for their own personal gain.

  • What do you think about the pending case? Did you think Lockhart-Gardner would go down?
  • Did Will do the right thing in hiring Alicia’s lawyer?
  • Do you think Will will lose his license?
  • Why did Cary help Lockhart-Gardner? What did he mean with what he said to Alicia?
  • Do you think Alicia messed up the original divorce paperwork?

It looks like I missed the recap on Episode 11, ‘What Went Wrong’, which aired on December 11, 2011:

Summary: Lockhart-Gardner’s Legal Aid offers support to a policewoman who is accused of shooting her husband for insurance money. Alicia makes a sudden realization about her personal life, and Will finds out a shocking detail about Wendy’s investigation.

  • Do you think Alicia will consider the partner track?
  • Do you think Diane could be playing Alicia? To what end?
  • Should Peter have used his influence at the prep school?
  • Will Kalinda & Alicia be able to resolve their friendship?
  • Are you surprised by Cary’s action to get the verdict?
  • Are you surprised by Wendy’s confession to Will about her motives for investigating him?

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