“The Good Wife” 3.10 ‘Parenting Made Easy’


“The Good Wife” 3.10 ‘Parenting Made Easy’
Air Date: December 4, 2011

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Summary: Louis Canning returns as the two firms must arbitrate a wrongful termination lawsuit involving a professor who claims she was fired for refusing her superior’s sexual advances. Alicia starts to see her personal life falter when Grace goes missing.
  • Are you surprised Louis is acting so unprofessionally?
  • Why didn’t Grace tell anyone where she was going?
  • Why was it so easy for Alicia to drop Will?
  • Do you think Alicia and Peter could reconcile?
  • Do you think Will should have spoken up to Alicia? Will he?

Look at Cary’s Corner for some thoughts into the investigation into Will – very interesting.


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