Alexis Bledel in “The Brass Teapot”


Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore on Gilmore Girls) stars in the drama The Brass Teapot, a film that centres on a young broke couple who steal a teapot that produces cash whenever someone feels pain. The film co-stars Juno Temple, Michael Angarano and Alia Shawkat – Alexis doesn’t have a role as one in the two leads, but is a supporting actor in the cast as Payton.


“Thrilled by this extraordinary source of free money, John and Alice start to figure out ways to hurt themselves, each other and eventually others. But as the pain, both physical and emotional, escalates, John and Alice begin to realize they are on a slippery slope…

A magical and offbeat dark comedy, THE BRASS TEAPOT is also a hilarious fable about temptation and the lengths to which people will go for money.”

The film is based on a comic book series and is expected to have a 2012 release.


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