Keiko Agena in “I Hate LA”


Keiko Agena (Lane Kim on Gilmore Girls) stars in one of 10 interlocking vignettes in the indy horror film, I Hate LA. The film aims to highlight the “flawed monsters” of Hollywood by featuring 10 interlocking horror vignettes written and directed by 6 women directors. Each short story is set in a different part of LA – Keiko’s segment is of Downtown LA.

Unlike the beautiful city of light, love, and culture, Los Angeles is perhaps the most hated and berated metropolis in the world. From the gnarled traffic, pervading loneliness and narcissism of its residents to the constant loss, rejection, and cruelty of tinsel town…each area of Los Angeles proper has a figurative and sometimes literal monster lurking near its sidewalks paved with stars.

Let these acclaimed Mistresses of Horror provide their uniquely devastating, no holds barred opinion of what makes the city of angels and hidden devils so profoundly effed up.

You can see a short scene with Keiko at 56 seconds into this trailer. Please note, the video is disturbing and not appropriate for younger viewers.

The film is currently screening on the indy circuit.


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