“The Good Wife” 2.22 ‘Getting Off’ Discussion


“The Good Wife” 2.22 ‘Getting Off’
Air Date: May 10, 2011
Discussion, Full Video

Summary: A civil case turns criminal when the owner (Sarah Silverman) of an adultery website is accused of murdering a customer; Kalinda considers leaving the firm.

  • Does Alicia now consider herself ‘free’ to pursue Will?
  • Why is Kalinda running away from the firm?
  • Why is Alicia ignoring Kalinda, when it is likely work-related?
  • Was Jackie manipulating her grandkids?
  • What dirt does Jackie have on Alicia?
  • Are you surprised that Will kept Kalinda? Or that she changed her mind?
  • What did you think about the case?
  • Do you think Kalinda will one day learn to confide in someone?
  • How do you think the fallout will be for Kalinda and Alicia?

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