“The Good Wife” 2.21 ‘In Sickness’ Discussion


“The Good Wife” 2.21 ‘In Sickness’
Air Date: May 3, 2011
Discussion, Full Video

Summary: Lockhart Gardner represents a patient in a case against Patti Nyholm over a liver transplant. When Patti fires her law firm, she ends up hiring Lockhart Gardner to defend her in the case. Meanwhile, Alicia has to deal with the fallout of the news about Kalinda and Peter’s affair.

  • Was Patti really fired?
  • Do you like Patti?
  • Are you surprised about Alicia’s reaction re: Kalinda?
  • Why doesn’t Alicia confront Kalinda?
  • Is it worse for Alicia that her husband slept with Kalinda?
  • Why isn’t Alicia honest with her kids about the affair?
  • Do you think Cary knows he’s being used?

Sorry I got behind on this!!


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