A Day with Matt Czuchry


Matt Czuchry (Logan Huntzberger on Gilmore Girls) was recently interviewed by TV Guide about the current second season of The Good Wife. He says, of Cary:

“He’s grown up quite a bit at the state’s attorney’s office. It’s humbled him. Ambition is still at the root of who he is, but now we see more sincerity and vulnerability.”

Matt also explains why he thinks he’s been such a good friend to Kalinda – because for her, unlike with other woman, he’s her protector.

Matt also talks about what he does in his evenings – theatre and video games – and how he’s still looking for the right woman in his life:

No. But I am looking. I want to be with somebody who could inspire me to get better in all aspects of my life, and whom I could do the same for. It’s hard to find two people who match in that way.


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