“The Good Wife” 2.19 ‘Wrongful Termination’ Discussion


“The Good Wife” 2.19 ‘Wrongful Termination’
Air Date: April 5, 2011
Discussion, Full Video

Summary: The firm once again goes up against Louis Canning in a lawsuit involving an unusual number of suicides among employees at a large internet company; the residency question pops up in regards to Wendy Scott Carr, which puts Peter’s win in jeopardy; more people learn about Kalinda and Peter’s infidelity.

  • Why is Alicia staying faithful to the firm?
  • Will Alicia confront Peter? Will he be honest?
  • Do you think Kalinda did befriend Alicia out of guilt? Or… ?
  • Why does Cary continue to back up Kalinda? Will it get him in trouble?
  • Will Peter win?
  • Why does Will ask his girlfriend to stay? Does he love her, or is she just his only option?

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