“The Event” 1.05 ‘Casualties of War’ Discussion


“The Event” 1.05 ‘Casualties of War’
Air Date: October 18, 2010
Discussion & Full Video

The Event was just picked up by NBC for a full season!!

Summary: While the CDC tries to deal with the captives’ contagion, Martinez and Blake try to negotiate with Thomas. Meanwhile, Simon talks to Sophia about Thomas, and Collier closes in on Vicky and Carter.

  • OMG that baby scene was rough as a mom!
  • Are you surprised that Leila seems so resourceful?
  • Would you save the passengers if it meant letting Sophia’s people go?
  • Intense scenes with all the passengers! Scott was amazing, don’t you think?
  • I think the President made the right choice. The only counter-offer that seemed logical, given the situation and how it could escalate
  • Sophia’s people intervened in history by advancing technology! Arg – I don’t know if aliens or people from the future??
  • Do you think Sophia has good intentions?
  • Are you surprised about Leila’s decision about the baby?
  • Is it possible to start liking Leila now?? WOW
  • Sophia is out… now what?

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