Dakin Matthews on “True Blood”


45155_1218130122408_400_300.jpgThere was a Gilmore Girls re-union, of sorts, on True Blood last week. Dakin Matthews (Headmaster Charleston on Gilmore Girls) guest starred on True Blood in a scene with Todd Lowe (Zack Van Gerbig on Gilmore Girls)!

Though the two characters on Gilmore Girls never had any scenes together – indeed, they were basically seasons apart – it was still cool to have them both appear on True Blood together.

Dakin Matthews appeared in the episode as the doctor who told Arlene and Terry the “good news” at the hospital. His character, Dr. Robideaux, was also in an earlier episode, but I missed the connection!

Dakin has been seen regularly as Judge Peter Carroll on General Hospital in addition to other guest appearances on shows like Cold Case.

Thanks Amy!


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