Billy Burke in “Ticket Out”


Billy Burke (Alex Lesman on Gilmore Girls) co-stars in the film Ticket Out, a chase thriller about a young mom who must use radical measures to protect her children.

The movie is “set in the topical and controversial “underground railway” that aids spouses fleeing from abusive and potentially homicidal mates, and explores the paradox between being morally right and legally wrong. In a sensitive portrayl, Jocelyn, a recently divorced mother with little self-reliance who must rise to the challenge of protecting her children from their powerful, and dangerously abusive father, Dennis. However, to the rescue comes taut and tenacious Jim, who guides Jocelyn and her children through an intricate underground world as she embarks on her interstate flight en route to a new life and security. Jeopardy escalates as Jocelyn and her children find themselves pursued not only by the law, but by her vengeful ex-husband and his unscrupulous private investigator.”

Billy Burke stars in the film as the abusive father, Dennis.


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