“The Good Wife” 1.15 ‘Bang’ Discussion

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The Good Wife 1.15 “Bang”
Air Date: March 2, 2010

This episode of The Good Wife went head-to-head with the premiere of Parenthood with Lauren Graham. In terms of viewers, The Good Wife came in with 13.32 million viewers vs the 8.10 for Parenthood.

  • Alicia is learning to stand up for herself – but had to unexpectedly do so twice
  • The case featured was about a man accused of murder – one actually innocent, but who looked guilty. Great fact-finding on this one.
  • Diane has a crush! Oh, such an unexpected one, but so cute!! I don’t know why I find it cute, but I totally do
  • Kalinda is amazing. I think she’s beyond intelligent, but I’m glad she’s sticking to her principles.
  • Cary, despite his lack of prep, did an amazing job cross-examining that witness. He was witty but to-the-point. Way more confident than in his last cross-examination, don’t you think?
  • Do you think Alicia is a better lawyer than Cary? Or have we still not seen enough of Cary?

I felt that this episode of The Good Wife was very “deep”. The complexities of the relationships are starting to emerge and everything feels like it’s coming to a head. That’s kind of nice to feel in a series – to have that motivation to keep you coming back for more.


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