Liz Torres to Guest on "Desperate Housewives"


Liz Torres (Miss Patty on Gilmore Girls) will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Desperate Housewives on ABC.

According to the Mitovich Mega Minute videoblog, “A Gilmore gal is going to make Gaby and Solis anything but happy.

Liz Torres will appear in an episode of Desperate Housewives during the May sweeps as Carlos’ (Ricardo Chavira) Aunt Connie. There is a “sour” relationship between Gaby (Eva Longoria) and Connie, and that gets worse when Gaby learns of “something Connie did to her in the past.” And of course, would the drama would be complete if Connie also didn’t have a “secret agenda”?

Thanks Regis & Sylvia ; Image: Newscom


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