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Nick HolmesNick Holmes played the character of Robert Grimaldi on Gilmore Girls. He appeared in 4 episodes, starting with ‘You Jump, I Jump, Jack‘ and ending with ‘The Real Paul Anka.‘ Robert Grimaldi was a member of The Life and Death Brigade, one of the guys most often seen hanging with Colin and Finn.

I had a chance to speak briefly with Nick, who shared that he’d originally auditioned for the role of Dean (which went to Jared Padalecki) for the Gilmore Girls pilot. He subsequently came back for other love interest auditions, including for Tristan and Jess. However, it wasn’t until ‘You Jump, I Jump, Jack‘ that Nick found his role.

“I think they gave me the role because of the shooting required – there’s a gag in that episode where the Life and Death Brigade is skeet shooting, but with paintball guns at men in tuxedos – and I’ve had extensive experience with paintball and shooting in general,” Nick notes.

I asked Nick what his experience was like working on Gilmore Girls, and this is what he had to say:

“My first night of filming was in Griffith Park and that’s when I met Alexis, Matt, Tanc Sade, and Alan Loayza. I was terrified – but Alexis was really cool and Matt is the sweetest guy alive, so that helped a lot. Plus, the director of that episode, Kenny Ortega (High School Musical), was very at ease and that made the whole set relax. It was amazing to see the Out Of Africa type environment they had set up in the forest. I was walking around feeling very high on the whole experience.

The next day of filming was at the Disney Ranch north of Los Angeles. It was a big day with a lot to accomplish – like the umbrella platform jump. Last shot of the day was the skeet shooting and that’s when the pressure was really on me. There was only a few minutes of daylight left so Amy proposed a long steady-cam shot that would prevent having to shoot close up coverage of everyone. The start of this shot was my shooting the guys in tuxedos flying through the air. After a few false starts and gun errors (I didn’t get a chance to tune the gun before hand) everyone was really looking at me like I was full of it and they were worried it wasn’t going to happen. I got my head together and we got the shot, then we had just enough time to get coverage of the men in tuxedos getting hit. So until the sun went down I was standing in the middle of the Disney Ranch, surrounded by the crew and the production staff (who had come down to watch the spectacle), shooting stunt men as they were launched into the air two at a time. By that time I was warmed up and I couldn’t miss and everyone was having a great time watching it all happen. It was, without a doubt, the most delightfully surreal moment of my life.”

I couldn’t find the skeet shooting scene online, but here’s a video of one of Nick Holmes’ scenes on Gilmore Girls in ‘The Real Paul Anka.‘:

Nick says that Gilmore Girls was “the greatest job I’ve ever had” and he continues to be very close to many people he met on the show (including John Cabrera). Check out this photo of Nick in the episode ‘Pulp Friction‘ where he gets to date Rory:

Gilmore Girls Pulp Friction

Nick Holmes has done 5 movies since Gilmore Girls, 2 in post-production for this year. He’s also moved to behind the camera as second unit director for The Thirst: Blood War, a horror flick about vampires and warlocks. Nick also had a part in the film, as did other Gilmore Girls star Rini Bell (Lulu on Gilmore Girls). Here’s Nick’s behind-the-scenes look at the movie:

Nick is also on twitter! You can follow him here:

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