David Sutcliffe's "Private Practice" Arc


David Sutcliffe (Christopher Hayden on Gilmore Girls) completed his guest arc on ABC’s Private Practice after a total of 11 episodes. David Sutcliffe played Officer Kevin Nelson, a love interest for Addison (Kate Walsh).

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Back in November when I last reviewed the ongoing relationship, David’s character had been shot and was struggling with feelings that he wasn’t good enough for Addison. And it was just a mess from there. In December, Kevin got in a huff about Addison treating a prostitute because of potential connections to crime. It ended up in a fight about Addison’s control issues and Kevin’s different perspective on life. He left… for a while. And it wasn’t great when they got back together briefly.

While back and unhappy with Kevin, Addison cheated on him by kissing a new guy, Wyatt, in the January 22nd episode ‘Nothing to Fear.‘ She lies to Kevin about it for a while but then comes clean – Kevin leaves. And for good. Here’s one of the Addison/Kevin scenes from this episode:


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