Gilmore Girls 6.22 "Partings"


Gilmore Girls 6.22 “Partings”
Original Air Date: May 9, 2006 (Recap date: May 15, 2008)
Recap, Video & Discussion


Discussion Questions:

  • Why is Lorelai still avoiding Luke?
  • Do you think the chances of another star being discovered in Stars Hollow are greater or worse than anywhere else?
  • Did Mitchum keep Logan from Rory on purpose?
  • Why doesn’t Rory just cancel her dinner with her grandparents?
  • Why does Rory get so mad at Mitchum? Doesn’t his family come first, when it comes to celebrate something as big as graduation?
  • Is Rory conceited in thinking Mitchum is sending Logan away because of her?
  • Does Rory agree with Mitchum’s plan?
  • Why does Emily expect Luke at dinner, if he only comes when invited/forced?
  • Would you be proud to have a building donated in your honor?
  • Why does Emily invite Christopher and a date the same night as Lorelai? Isn’t that rude?
  • Was Chris turned off of Lynnie because she was forced on him?
  • Why is Emily coming on so strong? Does she think that effective?
  • Did Rory lie to Lorelai about her plans with Logan, or was the party last minute?
  • Is the party Rory’s way to make Logan want to leave, because Mitchum is right?
  • Did Lorelai just need someone “outside” to talk to about Luke? Someone not emotionally involved in her decision?
  • Should Lorelai push to get Luke?
  • Do you believe that some things are never meant to be, no matter how much we wish they were?
  • Why didn’t Lorelai tell Luke about meeting with Anna? Would it have helped, to know what Anna thought?
  • How would eloping affect April, if at all?
  • Does Lorelai push too hard? Why can’t she sit down and think rationally with Luke, instead of pushing so hard?
  • Did Lorelai go too far in saying that Luke needs to figure out how April fits into their lives, not the other way around?
  • Why does Lorelai go to Christopher? Why does she sleep with him?
  • Does Lorelai regret sleeping with Christopher?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

Lorelai slept over at Sookie & Jackson’s place, and it’s now the morning. They are “attempting” to be super quiet. Jackson “quietly” asks Sookie if Lorelai said anything last night, but Sookie says Lorelai was “somewhere else” all night while they sat and had tea. Sookie knows it’s Luke, but doesn’t know the specifics. Lorelai has been awake, looking very depressed, the whole time.

It’s a chipper morning for Taylor until he spots a new guy playing guitar in Stars Hollow (Guest Star: Joe Pernice). He’s speechless (in a bad way) while this troubadour sings Amazing Glow by the Pernice Brothers.

Rory has her camera out to photograph ever moment of Logan’s Yale graduation day. Rory has convinced him, for the benefit of the loved ones, to attend his graduation ceremony. Rory plans to avoid the Huntzbergers.

Two more troubadours are singing & playing Perfume outside of Doose’s. (Guest Stars: the Sparks’ Ron & Russel Mael). They have a major set-up with keyboards and microphones. Taylor comes out, but all he can do is gesture with defeat and disbelief. Mouth dropped, he walks toward another troubadour (Guest Star/Regular: Dave Allen). The troubadour sings about eggs and bacon.

Taylor goes into Luke’s Diner to ask what’s going on. Luke is not showing much interest in the “chicanery” Taylor is freaking out about. Kirk has a theory though. The usual Stars Hollow troubadour was “discovered” last week, and is now opening for Neil Diamond. So now the east coast troubadour community is trying out Stars Hollow for their big breaks. Taylor is fuming.

Another troubadour (Guest Star: Mary Lynn Rajskub) is singing a song about losing her ’89 volvo. Taylor comes outside and says:

“Excuse me, uh, bohemian people! May I have your attention, please?”

Taylor says he’s a big fan of music, but they do not have the talent of Pat Boone. If the troubadours insist on playing their “hippie doo-wop music” to the “detriment of the mercantile interests of this town”, they will be forcibly removed. The girl picks up her stuff and leaves, mumbling about BTK.

Lorelai pulls up to her house and looks at her phone – says “oh, shoot”. She calls Rory, who tells her she’s grounded. Rory had called twice, but Lorelai wasn’t checking her phone. Lorelai mentions sleeping at Sookie’s, but lies about why. And when she says “everything’s fine”, she’s shaking her head violently (of course, Rory can’t see this).

Rory just finished Logan’s graduation and is waiting for Logan to leave “those people.” Rory has all sorts of fun plans for Logan in the afternoon, and may need to leave the Gilmore dinner after drinks to get back. She has a special evening planned with Logan – he goes away right after.

Lorelai has a big sigh and goes inside. She calls out for Babette, but Miss Patty is there instead. She took the morning shift looking after Paul Anka. Lorelai tells Miss Patty she had a slumber party with Sookie. Luke comes in, and Lorelai begs Miss Patty to tell him she’s not there. She goes to hide in Rory’s room. Luke grills Miss Patty about where Lorelai could be if her Jeep is out front. Miss Patty does a good job making Luke uncomfortable my mentioning sex and Luke taking up dance – he leaves. Lorelai tells Miss Patty it’s just a small fight, and Miss Patty approves (for the sake of the make-up later on). Though she advises Lorelai not to freeze Luke out for too long.

Rory is sitting alone in Logan’s apartment, all ready to go somewhere. She’s there at the door when she hears Logan and Mitchum coming back. Mitchum kept him out later than expected, and a bunch of business people came buy to talk shop. Now Rory has to leave for her dinner, and their plans are messed up. Rory thinks he’s doing it on purpose, and Logan doesn’t doubt it.

Rory leaves to go to her dinner and manages to catch up with Mitchum at the elevator. Rory doesn’t take long before starting to lecture and grill Mitchum. Mitchum says he didn’t know about Logan’s plans with Rory.

“Yeah. ‘Cause why would your son want to go out with his girlfriend the last day before he leaves, right?”

And the gathering turning to a business meeting on his graduation day, though Mitchum is forcing him away to do just that in London for the rest of the year. Rory asks why he’s doing this, why he’s taking Logan away from her. Rory asks if Mitchum hates her that much. He claims not to hate Rory, nor to get involved in Logan’s love life. Rory thinks Mitchum is sending Logan away for a year to keep him from Rory. Mitchum says she flatters herself, and then:

“I’m sending Logan away for one reason, because it is time, it is time for him to stop jumping out of planes in a gorilla mask and crashing boats and getting plastered every night and ending up in the hospital. It’s time for him to stop being a child and to start being a man. It’s time for him to start focusing on his future, and the only way he is gonna do that is to get him out of his environment and away from those dopes, Colin and Finn, and ‘The Life and Death Brigade’ and get him on a path.

Logan is talented, he’s talented. He’s my son. I want him to achieve something. And he needs a push. It’s what my father did with me. He pushed me, I grew up, and now Logan is gonna grow up. Anything here you’re not agreeing with? [Rory says nothing, looks down] I didn’t think so.”

Mitchum leaves Rory standing in the elevator looking thoughtful.

Three troubadours are playing in Stars Hollow (Guest Stars: Yo La Tengo members Georgia Hubley, Ira Kaplan, James McNew). They’re singing Tried So Hard. Taylor comes along, but thinks little of this “one last” rat he needs to exterminate. Taylor is in for a shock, though. There are troubadours singing every few feet in Stars Hollow!

Lorelai shows up, and Emily asks why Luke is not there. Leading in to asking how Lorelai is doing. Lorelai says she’s doing fine. Rory is on the phone with Finn, trusting him to get Logan out of somewhere by 9:30.

There is a sheet draped mysteriously over something on the table. Emily is receiving a settlement for her botched eye surgery. They have decided to add it to the money they’re donating to Yale in Rory’s name. Emily and Richard are bursting with pride as they unveil… “The Rory Gilmore Astronomy Building!” An entire building with Rory Gilmore across the top in huge letters. Also to have a portrait of Rory inside it. Construction on the building will start in the summer and finish by Christmas.

Rory tries to protest. Rory is nervous that the lettering is to scale – as that would make her name 30 feet high! Lorelai mocks her, saying the building is so much better than a personalized license plate. Emily says they’re going to add another floor to make it taller than all other buildings around.

Christopher Hayden is announced – Lorelai’s jaw drops. Emily says they promised Christopher a home-cooked meal and this is their last chance before being in Europe for two months. Rory leaves to get back to Logan. A woman named Carolyn Bates (aka Lynnie) has also arrived to dinner. She’s the daughter of Emily’s roommate from college, and new to Hartford. Emily has Lorelai move so Lynnie can sit with Chris. She praises Lynnie and tries to lead the conversation between her and Chris, pinching Lorelai when she tried to butt in. Chris eyes Lorelai, realizing his set-up.

It’s night in Stars Hollow, but the troubadours are still playing. This time, a band is singing What a Waste. (Guest Stars: Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore; Coco Gordon-Moore). Taylor is trying to tell everyone to go home. The single police officer youth is not prepared to get rid of the ever-growing number of “ruffians”.

Miss Patty is out to feed the musicians, but Taylor thinks that’s just encouraging them. The original Stars Hollow Troubadour (Guest Star: Grant Lee Phillips) gets back angry at Taylor for letting people invade his turf. Taylor blames him. The troubadour says he made $700 and was booed. And he never met Neil Young. Taylor gives up and goes home to bed.

Another trio is singing in front of Taylor, the classic “a beaver ate my thumb” song. (Guest Stars: Daniel Palladino, Dave Rygalski, Brian Zydiak).

Emily is going on about how great Gigi is. Emily is “forward” in telling Christopher and Lynnie how “young and beautiful” they look sitting together.

“It’s almost like looking at a shampoo ad”

Christopher follows Lorelai to the bathroom. He thought Lorelai was giving code to him to follow, so they can figure out how to get him out of all of this. Chris wants Lorelai to come to his rescue. Lorelai thought perhaps he was interested in Lynnie, which he is clearly not. Rather than insult Emily & Richard by sneaking out, Lorelai agrees to come to his rescue. She has his back, as he always has hers.

Emily is serving paella for dinner. When Chris gives Lorelai the signal to change the subject off him and Lynnie, Lorelai brings up a recurring dream of being smothered by a walrus. Lynnie is a psychologist. Emily and Lorelai then do battle by each trying to change the subject onto and off of Lynnie & Chris. Chris is amused when Lorelai changes the subject from business travel to time traveling. Emily bans Lorelai from talking.

Logan, Finn and Colin are returning to Logan’s apartment. However, Logan is not in for a night alone with his girl, as he wants and expects. Rory has thrown a big party for Logan, with a British theme. Rory greets him with a “Hellow, governor” in a British accent and little red and white outfit. She hands him a wrapper of “chips”.

Rory says the party is for Logan, who is about to go to London, and is not so happy to leave. Logan says he’s about to leave a couple people he’s pretty fond of. Rory is out to change his mind and show him the fun of London.

“Shush, now. None of that talk. Because tomorrow, brilliant things will happen, a new life, a new adventure. You like adventure, don’t you, mate? Well, London is certainly the place for that, and we, frankly, would not be the fine chaps we claim to be if we did not send you off in a proper way, with the bash of a lifetime! Come on. Someone get this chap a pint. See if you can’t be happy, at least you can be drunk.”

The party cheers. Logan asks Mary Poppins for a kiss, though Rory says she was going for Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love. Logan gets his kiss. And his pint.

Lorelai is last to leave the dinner, and Emily is upset about the waste of time the evening was. Lynnie and Chris left separately. Emily was so sure they would hit it off. There’s always next time.

Carolyn aka Lynnie is still outside. She is on the phone, talking with a patient who seemed to have a bad date. Lorelai asks if she does sessions on the phone, which she does. Any time people need it. She’s a good listener and head-nodder. Carolyn says the blatant set-up by Emily made her miss her own mom. Her phone rings again but she ignores it, saying you never know when you’re going to need to talk as an explanation to why work follows her around.

Carolyn notices Lorelai is not so ok. Lorelai talks her way out the situation, after saying she’s good, but Carolyn pauses then asks if Lorelai wants to talk about anything. Lorelai says no… but we cut to a later scene, inside Carolyn’s car. Lorelai’s sitting in the back, somewhat reclined, and Carolyn is taking notes.

“My parents have been married for 40 years, and that’s, like, mind-blowing for me because there is no one worse at communication than my mother, except my father and most of my relatives. It is not a chatty group, basically. Everything in the Gilmore house was ‘don’t talk about it. Shove it aside.’ Of course, I talked about it and shoved it right in your face, but still, I don’t know. I never saw myself getting married.”

Lorelai didn’t see herself getting married, at least not until Max asked her. She thought of marrying Christopher, but only because she was pregnant, not in a longingly good way. Carolyn says that could be part of the problem. Lorelai saw marriage as a solution to a problem, not for love, and it came from her parents.

Lorelai talks about not loving Max – she wanted to, but didn’t. Lorelai says she never loved anyone until Luke. Lorelai tells her about proposing to Luke, in a dreamlike loving way:

“I saw this guy in front of me who was a real…man. He was solid, and he was strong. He would protect me, but he, he got me. I knew all that when we started dating. But that moment, when I realized how much he cared for Rory… that was it. Suddenly I knew I was ready.”

Carolyn asks if he accepts right away, she says pretty much. Lorelai asks if this is the weirdest place she’s had a session. Nope. Lorelai says she feels stupid for believing the wedding was going to happen. The dress is hanging there, mocking her. Lorelai says she’s ready to get married, to start that next phase in her life, and she wants another kid. She’s tired of waiting and being patient. Lorelai is not happy and feels crappy all the time. She’s had it. Carolyn asks what she’s going to do.

“Only you can make you wait. Nobody else can. You need to decide what you want and what you’re willing to give up to get it, and then you got to be okay with that, or you got to be okay with waiting.”

Lorelai knows she could lose Luke if she pushes too hard. But Carolyn points out that Lorelai doesn’t really seem to “have” him right now. Not the way she wants to have him.

“You won’t get anything unless you ask for it. And if you ask for it and you don’t get it, maybe it wasn’t worth having in the first place. Some things are just never meant to be, no matter how much we wish they were.”

Lorelai is impressed.

The party continues at Logan’s apartment. Logan and Rory are sitting on the couch, he’s caressing Rory’s leg. Logan says it’s the best party, better than all of his. He thanks Rory with much sincerity. He loves her and you can see he’s sad. Logan asks Rory to tell him not to go. To blow off his father and the Huntzberger destiny. Rory can’t tell him not to go. Logan nearly cries but braces himself. Pulls Rory for a hug and kiss.

Lorelai comes to talk with Luke. He’s been worried about her. Lorelai tells Luke to grabe his keys, they’re going to elope. Like he had suggested before. Luke hesitates. Lorelai says they have the plan already, they just need to put it in motion. Luke wants to step back, but Lorelai says they have to figure it all out now. Lorelai doesn’t want to put it off anymore.

“Yes, now is the right time. It’s the best time because it’s now!”

Luke opens the door, but he’s not ready to go anywhere. He just wants to talk. Lorelai doesn’t want to talk, all they’ve done for months is talk, she wants to do and go. Luke says they can’t just take off and get married. Lorelai asks if he loves her, which he says he does.

“But I love you, Luke. I love you. But I have waited, and I have stayed away, and I have let you run this thing, and no more. I asked you to marry me, and you said yes.”

Luke is trying to think. Lorelai talks about fixing up the house. But that she’s going crazy here. She needs to make her commitment happen. Luke says it will happen, but he just has April to consider.

“But once we’re married, everything with April will be fine. Anna said so.”

Luke asks when Lorelai talked to Anna, and gets mad at her for doing so. Lorelai is about to apologize, but doesn’t want to defend herself anymore. She’s been skulking around for months not saying anything and she doesn’t want to wait anymore. Luke is getting defensive, crossing his arms. He says he has to think, but Lorelai says no! Luke yells back he has April!

Lorelai says that Luke has to figure out how April fits into their lives, not the other way around. He’s trying, but Lorelai says to try married. It’s now or never. Luke says he doesn’t like ultimatums. Luke says he can’t just jump. And Lorelai, with anger and tears on their way, says she’s sorry to hear that. She has to go. Lorelai walks away.

Lorelai walks past a singer (Guest Star: Sam Phillips) crooning Taking Pictures.

Lorelai, in tears, knocks on Christopher’s door. She tells him she doesn’t want to be alone.

Logan wakes up Rory, he’s leaving. Rory wants to go with him to the airport, to wave to him at the gate, because it will be so long until he sees her again. Just major holidays. Logan says if Rory comes with him, he won’t get on the plane. Rory cries. Logan tells Rory the apartment is paid for for the entire year. She can’t even talk. He kisses her.

“I keep trying to think of fabulous things to say, but all I can think is, ‘Say hi to William and Harry for me.'”

Logan says “I love you, Ace”, which Rory agrees is much better than her line. They kiss again and Rory watches Logan limp to gather his things and leave. Rory runs to the door to watch him go down the elevator. She waves.

Lorelai is asleep at Christopher’s. Gigi runs into the room when the nanny is trying to get her ready for school. Gigi notices that Lorelai is naked. Chris gets back into bed with Lorelai and puts his arm around her. Lorelai’s eyes are wide with the realization of where she is.

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15 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls 6.22 "Partings"

  • May 15, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    i love this episode… i don’t really like that luke/lorelai get messed up, but i love the sadness of the logan/rory seperation. it makes me cry every time I see it!

  • May 16, 2008 at 1:35 am

    Even if somehow they had gotten married at the place Luke was at that stage is not where a husband should be. There were signs from the very begining of the engagement that this one wasn’t going to work out but they decided to ignore those signs instead of working the kinks out together.

    It’s too bad but I think Lorelai started to realize that wasn’t going to marry the Luke she knew. The Luke who argued with her but made up just as fast. The Luke who was always there for her if she ever needed anything… he would drop whatever he was doing to help her even if he didn’t want to. The Luke who told her everything he was feeling except his feelings for her. The Luke who treated her daughter as if she was his own. The Luke who would keep his eyes on her even when she was walking away. The Luke she could confide her deepest fears and weaknesses to. The Luke who loved and needed her. That Luke seemed to disappear the moment he found out about April. Lorelai held onto the last peices of Luke as hard as she could but she knew she had to let go. I think she subconsciously decided maybe she could replace Luke’s presence with Chris’s but it wasn’t what she really wanted. That carries onto the seventh season. The end of the sixth season left her weak, vulnerable, crying out for attention… basically everything Loelai normally isn’t. It takes a long time afterwards to get her old self back that was broken by her engagement to Luke. We all wish it wasn’t that way.

    We all wish they could have gotten over themselves enough to realize they were hurting each other and somehow change their relationship for the better so they could get married. But just like in life it didn’t work out that way. So instead it took them being apart to come back together again.

  • May 16, 2008 at 3:26 am

    I feel that i understand how Lorelai felt at the end of season 6 i mean we saw the events leading up to her meltdown and i understand that she felt as if she was tired of waiting. Even though that is how she felt, she should have never slept with christopher especially right after. That was just really wrong. I hate it because in the beginning of season 7 she then turns around and decides its all lukes fault when i beleive that it was her fault as well. Yes luke should have decided quickly but she shouldnt have slept with chris even if she was angry.

  • May 16, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    I have been a gilmore fan for a long time now and i feel that nobody loves the show more then i do. I am currently writing a book on the show and i hope something will come of it. Anyways the end of season 6 killed me but i totally understood lorelai’s point of view. Luke was making no effort in the relationship and that wasnt fair to her. She had waited patiently and he never made a move to get married. At the same time sleeping with christopher was a very bad decision on her part. She wasnt thinking of who it would hurt she was only thinking selfishly of her self.

    I have never been more sad in a show then when Logan left for london. Rogan is my favorite tv couple of all time and when he left i cried like a baby. “I love you ace” “thats so much better then say hi to william and harry for me” I love those 2 together they were and amazing couple and hopefully they will do a reunion movie and patch things up in that area. Gilmore girls was an amazing show and on May14th the anniversary of its death (it was a dark day for me) i mourned by having a marathon. Gilmore girls was I think the best dramedy of all time and it will go down in history forever.

  • May 19, 2008 at 10:21 am

    Well, while I certainly agree that Lor sleeping with Chris was way wrong, I dunno that I would completely characterize it as simply “incredibly selfish.” Thoughtless, yes, but executed more out of misery and a desperate need for a little comfort than a disregard for others’ feelings–people sometimes pull bonehead moves like that when they’re really hurting, & I think the look on her face as Chris hustles G.G. off to school says it all in the “I-sure-don’t-feel-ANY-better-for-having-done-this” department.

    And I can’t believe the network has left those of us who didn’t see the series in first run HANGING like that–AAAARRRRGGGG, LOL! Bring on season 7, y’all!!

  • May 19, 2008 at 10:23 am

    And Falon, good luck with book–hope we all get to read it one day!

  • May 21, 2008 at 1:12 pm

    yeah i agree becky it was selfish she just didnt mean for it to be tht way. and thx id love gilmoregirlsnews to maybe help me with my whole book thing once im done but thank you for the encouragement

  • September 25, 2008 at 7:45 pm

    What is the name of the last cue song? When Logan leaves.

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  • December 19, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    Pardon me for being late to this but I just finished watching the series up to the final episode of season 6 over the course of two years of fits and starts and waiting on Netflix.

    How anyone could at all sympathise with Lorelai after vile and selfish way she ended it with Luke is completely beyond me. Luke bears ZERO responsibility for it. Nothing about Luke changed apart from taking on his responsibility to April, which Lorelai apparently considered trivial. Lorelai didn’t change either, rather her inexcusable abandonment and betrayal of Luke is her returning to the selfish, indeci

  • December 20, 2012 at 3:05 am

    Hey lorelaih8r… Sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you got to vent here rather than taking it out on innocent pigeons or whatever. Just a note, you may want to skip to the last episode of series 7… yeah, it’s not really an option, but just sayin’.

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  • April 11, 2017 at 9:11 am

    I’ve always skipped this part.

    I read about what happened in season 7 and what they had Lorelai do…mainly marry Christopher….and thought I’m going to skip this mess.

    Well I’ve watched and what can I say? There’s a saying that my Mom used to say which is that you give a man an ultimatum and they’ll shut rifht down. So while I can understand why Lorelai would pressure Luke she did it all wrong in my opinion. I think she lost control over her own self…she’s in love, she is engaged, she’s impatient and overthinking everything. She’s right to feel that way but she needed someone to say hold on…you need to phrase this the right way.

    As for Luke….I cannot understand why April was an issue with the wedding. I think it was a poor character motivation for his part in this. Yeah Luke you have a daughter but that doesn’t mean your relationship with Lorelai just stops. I get why they brought in April but using her in this marriage fiasco lost me. April has nothing to do with it.

    I don’t think Luke stopped working on the relationship. I think Luke needed to focus on April…he and Lorelai were solid…they were a well oiled machine. They had their own thing.

    The whole sleeping with Christopher plot point makes sense but everything that happens with Christopher after that in season 7 makes no sense.


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