Gilmore Girls 6.21 "Driving Miss Gilmore"


Gilmore Girls 6.21 "Driving Miss Gilmore"
Original Air Date: May 2, 2006 (Recap date: May 14, 2008)
Recap & Discussion

Discussion Questions:

  • Why did Emily & Richard want to make up with Christopher?
  • Why did they decide to donate money to Yale? Is this a public statement of their involvement in Rory’s life?
  • Is Lorelai avoiding Luke? Why? Did what Anna have to say about being engaged vs. being married hit Lorelai hard?
  • Why is Luke so angry to hear that TJ and Liz are not together? Is it his misplaced emotions of missing fatherhood, or concern for Liz?
  • Is Rory being overprotective? Does Logan like that, particularly in contrast to his own family?
  • Do you think Emily wanted Lorelai’s help, instead of that of strangers?
  • Is what Mitchum said a lie? Why does it make Rory so angry?
  • Is Liz displacing her fear of being a bad mother onto TJ? Trying to pre-blame him for any problems?
  • Is it ironic that Luke is preaching about relationships to TJ when he himself is missing Lorelai’s signals?
  • Why does Emily bring up Christopher being lonely?
  • Why does Lorelai get so mad at the mention of Christopher?
  • Why does Rory call the Wall Street Journal? As an editor herself, shouldn’t she know the futulity of her request?
  • Were all the errands a front to get Lorelai to the real estate office?
  • If Emily appears to be ok with Lorelai marrying Luke, as evidenced by the house, then why talk so much of Christopher?
  • Do you think Emily had good intentions with the house for the wedding present?
  • Is Lorelai sabotaging her relationship with Luke (even as a defense mechanism)? Or is she simply reacting to the truth?
  • Is Lorelai at Sookie’s to avoid Luke, or to prepare to break up with him?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

Lorelai is gesticulating wildly about someone who either looks better or worse with dark hair. Emily takes away the plates, being fed up with Lorelai making her point by waving the meatball. Emily says spaghetti and meatballs makes the girls fight.

Emily is having Lasik surgery on her eyes. She’s quite excited about it, and about the cute doctor who is supposed to be the best surgeon on the east coast. Richard gets jealous and says ugly people make the best doctors.

After that testy topic, it comes up that Emily and Richard took Christopher to lunch to try to resolve animosity post-tuition incident. Chris apologized and all is well. You know, since he’s going to be "in their lives". Emily & Richard have decided to take the money they were saving for Rory’s tuition and, with some other funds, donate it to Yale in Rory’s name. For some important building like the "Rory Gilmore auditorium" – Rory tries to interrupt and say she doesn’t want her name on a building while she goes there. But her grandparents are off in their own dreamland and cannot hear her.

Rory is wheeling Logan out of the hospital, getting instructions on how to take care of Logan and keep organized with his rehab plans. Rory is taking Logan’s recovery very seriously. Despite her crazy strict plans for him, Logan kisses Rory and says:

"Thank you for being who I want to get out of the hospital for."

Michel is prancing/jogging on the spot, on his phone threatening someone about a lawsuit. The dairy has been mis-labelling their milk for two weeks, so Michel has accidentally been drinking 2% milk in his coffee, not skim. In an extra cup of coffee too, since it had been tasting so good.

Luke calls. He and Lorelai have been missing each other lately. Lorelai says she’s been busy. Sookie and Michel notice that Lorelai is telling Luke there’s a staff meeting that night when there isn’t. They panic, not knowing about it. But Lorelai is lying to Luke. There’s no staff meeting. Sookie wants to know why she lied to Luke, but Jackson runs in to speak with her alone.

Jackson asks Sookie to smell him. Jackson smells like marijuana. There is a plot of land he hasn’t been using for a few years, but today found it full of pot. The Templeton brothers planted it before they were fired, probably upon Jackson’s instructions to "weed" the back half-acre. They could be in big trouble for possession of the "pickles" (code word) – they could lose everything, even the kids. Jackson tries, and fails, to leave calmly to go pull the pickles.

It is raining heavily in Stars Hollow, but that doesn’t dampen the spirits of the town troubadour. He’s crooning "Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard" by Simon and Garfunkel.

Kirk says he’s growing a beard, but you can’t see it. He’s too distracted touching his face to order. Liz is back from a fair, her jewelry a bigger hit than ever. She made a lot of money. She has a surprise, but accidentally tells him before she meant to – Liz is pregnant! Liz casually tells Luke that TJ is out of her life, easy-going in her new "come what may" philosophy. Liz just told TJ she was pregnant. Luke is furious that TJ left his wife and child. But, for the sake of the baby, adopts a positive attitude.

Paris is "babysitting" Logan, trying to memorize the parts of the Male reproductive tract for her MCATs, to get into medical school. Paris says Logan is the kind of guy who’d get up too early and push a broken rib into his spleen. Doyle is, as it turns out, also babysitting Logan. Paris wants Logan to pee into a Tupperware in lieu of a bedpan, so he calls Rory. Logan reminds Rory that the doctor told him to move around if he felt good enough. Rory reluctantly agrees that he can get up. Paris and Doyle, meanwhile, are covering their eyes from a scene in the penguin movie. Given the phone, Paris is told by Rory to stand down.

Bill has been betting Rory to look at the latest Wall Street Journal in order that he can witness her head exploding. She starts reading and is astonished. Bill is disappointed that Rory’s reaction is quiet.

Michel is guiding around the guests, sneaking some stretches and exercises in when they’re not looking.

Emily calls Lorelai to ask her to come over – the Lasik went badly, but Richard forgot to tell Lorelai about it. Richard calls on the other line, knowingly late, saying that Emily’s eye surgery went badly and she can’t see anything. Richard had to go to South Dakota and, though Emily has lots of help, Lorelai is the back-up. Lorelai covers for Richard back on the line with Emily. Emily wants help to run some errands, and pulls the "I gave birth to you" card.

Jackson has all the pot cut down, but is at a loss of what to do with it. Can’t flush it or burn it or throw it out. So, Jackson brought the marijuana home. The first step is to get it out of the house – after dar.

Rory is still holding the paper, and angrily says she wants to "kill him." Logan says there’s a long line for that. It’s an interview with Mitchum Huntzberger that, according to Rory, contains a lie. She reads on:

"I looked for the best and the brightest, even at the intern level. Ben Cochran at Harvard, he helped me out with my Boston paper, as did Frank Williams. And Rory Gilmore, I gave her her first internship at my Stamford paper, and now she’s the editor of the Yale Daily News."

Rory is furious that he dared to say that. Logah says it’s typical for Mitchum to grab credit wherever he can. Logan temporarily distracts Rory with a big achievement – he walked, on his own (with a cane). He asks if Rory is proud of "her boy", which she is. Back to the article, Logan suggests Rory let it go. What Mitchum said is positive – a powerful man claiming her as his accomplishment is a good thing. Rory refuses to let it go, though.

Lorelai arrives to the Gilmore house, which is shrouded in darkness. Emily is lying dramatically on the couch. Emily explains how the doctor had to do the "old" eye procedure on her shape of eye, and only did one to see how it would heal. The procedure and the eye drops are impeding her vision. Emily fired the nurse, housekeepers, errand boys, and driver. Emily needs Lorelai to drive her on some errands. Lorelai tries to convince Emily to stay while she runs the errands, but Emily is one stubborn woman.

Emily has the SUV Jay-Z rents for her errands – it has very dark tinted windows. Lorelai doesn’t think she can drive it. Faced with the prospect of driving Emily around even more if she gets an infection from not picking up the prescriptions, Lorelai agrees to be the chauffeur.

Luke confronts TJ at a bar – not for an explanation, but simply to punch him out. Everyone around them move away. TJ is not even bracing himself to be hit, which is disconcerting to Luke. TJ refuses to fight back, and Luke doesn’t want a one-sided fight. TJ asks Luke why he’s there, and Luke is dumbfounded. He reminds TJ about abandoning Liz. TJ says he’d never abandon Liz or the baby.

After the fair, which was great, Liz went to the doctor. After she told TJ she was pregnant, he’s crying and hugging and happy. Then Liz hits him on the head with an ashtray and a few other things, then she threw him out. Liz was yelling that TJ would screw up the baby and that without discipline they’d end up having to send the baby away. TJ was insisting he’d do anything, but Liz wouldn’t hear it. TJ says Liz is always right, so he believed her arguments and left for the sake of the baby.

Luke sits down and orders a beer. He explains to TJ that Liz was worried she was going to screw up the baby, not TJ. She was just taking it out on TJ. People are complicated and don’t always say what they mean, Luke tells TJ.

"Look, you have to try to tune in what your partner means as opposed to what she’s actually saying. They sometimes won’t tell you how they’re feeling, but your job is to try to figure out what she’s saying from what she actually says."

Luke tells TJ he’s going to make everything ok.

Lorelai is driving slowly in the "missile silo" of an SUV. Emily calls Lorelai dramatic (while she puffs and primps in the back seat). Emily is refusing to tell Lorelai where they’re going, giving block-by-block instructions. Apparently they’ve already gone to three drugs stores so Emily could get the non-generic drugs for her prescriptions.

Emily asks Lorelai if she’s talked to Christopher lately. Lorelai says not lately, which encourages Emily to proudly gloat that she has. Going on about how handsome Christopher looked, and how lonely. Emily is suggestion people to set Chris up with. Lorelai shoots them all down with scorn. She thinks Emily should butt out of Chris’ love life. Emily crosses her arms and says "Rory thinks he’s lonely too." Lorelai’s road rage flares up.

Rory is calling the reporter from the Wall Street Journal in regards to the Huntzberger article. Rory would like a correction. Though none of the information is technically wrong, it’s "essentially" a lie. Rory is not one the feathers in Mitchum’s hat. The reporter tells her they cannot print corrections to impressions.

Liz is sitting in a single moms support group at the diner, looking uncomfortable, when Luke comes in. It’s too much bitching for her, so she’s glad to have the excuse to get up and talk to Luke. Luke tells Liz she’s going to be a great mom – that she has money, is in a good spot in her life, and that Jess turned out fine. Luke tells Liz to put her fears aside. Liz is scared. Luke reminds her of the support system, of TJ wanting to be a great dad. Liz hopes TJ will forgive her.

Luke points out the window – TJ is there waiting. He was afraid to come in. Liz needs TJ and TJ needs Liz. Luke tells Liz to go home and make up with TJ, though she doesn’t need much convincing. She loves TJ and you can see it. Liz goes out to kiss her man, and Luke offers the single moms some compassion and perspective.

It’s late, and Lorelai is still driving Emily around. The last time was to a manicure for an hour and a half. The last stop is in Beacon Falls, almost at Stars Hollow. They’re outside a real estate office. Lorelai has no choice but to go in. There is a presentation prepared for them. They walk into a room prepared with photographs of the house, and Lorelai keeps drilling Emily about why she is looking for a place. The house is five bedrooms and sits on three acres with a fishing hole – it’s a beautiful place. When Emily asks Lorelai’s opinion on the house, Lorelai asks straight out why Emily is looking at it.

With the realtor out of the room, Emily agress to tell Lorelai what’s going on… only after Lorelai says what she thinks of the house. Lorelai says it’s beautiful, but points out that Emily has a beuatiful house already.

"Oh, I know. This house is not for me, it’s for you."

The house is for Lorelai and Luke. Emily says Lorelai’s house has had a lot of work and it’s very nice, but that the house is too small. Particularly with children, if they have children. Emily says a man needs room, and Lorelai’s house doesn’t have that for Luke. Given that Lorelai has always wanted horses, she picked out a house with some property. Emily says that Taylor Doose may be bribed to change the house to a Stars Hollow address.

Lorelai has been silent as Emily said these things. She seems touched by all the little things that Emily has considered. Emily says that Lorelai would never let her throw the wedding, so the house was the next best thing. Lorelai looks over the photos of the house, somewhat sadly. Emily continues talking about how to convince Luke to accept the house, but Lorelai’s face is scrunching up. With tears, Lorelai says:

"It’s not going to happen."

Emily thinks she means the house, but Lorelai shakes her head.

"Luke and I. The wedding. It’s not going to happen."

Emily is taken aback. Lorelai begins to cry, bouncing up and down in spot nervously. Emily comes and puts her hand on Lorelai’s shoulder.

Jackson and Sookie are dragging the bags of marijuana through the town square. They crouch and hide from people. They run into the troubadour, who has amazing news. A tour manager was walking around town and heard him sing. The troubadour has been asked to open for Neil Young on part of the tour. Sookie and Jackson are so paranoid he’ll notice the bags that they just walk off. Next they run into Reverend Skinner and Rabbi Moranz, who are on a stroll to talk philosophy and God. They rush off, Sookie murmuring that they’re going to hell.

Lorelai knocks on Sookie & Jackson’s door. She looks morose and asks to hang out for a while. Lorelai sits, Sookie & Jackson look uncomfortable. Lorelai scrunches up her face and asks what the smell is. Sookie says "68 pounds of marijuana." Lorelai just says "hmm" and looks away.

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0 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls 6.21 "Driving Miss Gilmore"

  • November 23, 2008 at 2:24 am

    Who else thinks that the person Lorelai and Rory were arguing about at the beginning of the episode was Ashlee Simpson?

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  • September 29, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    I like the way that Sookie and Jackson deal with the maijuana when it would be hilarious to see how Taylor would react to finding it somewhere that he would find it. Lauren does absolutly PERFECT when it comes to driving Emily around….if you were to read a description/storey of the two and this episode then you would visualize the exact same way that Lorelai does: a total attitude that just spells out, “KILL ME NOW”

  • November 19, 2009 at 12:25 am

    The thing that confuses me about this episode is that Emily never wears glasses in Gilmore girls so why would they suddenly decide that having her get lasik surgery & it going wrong would be a good way to have to get Lorelai to drive her around? I like the episode and the idea of Lorelai having to driver her around all day but I just don’t understand Emily getting Lasik surgery. Richard or Lorelai could have it done although Lorelai probably couldn’t afford it.


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