Gilmore Girls 6.20 "Super Cool Party People"


Gilmore Girls 6.20 “Super Cool Party People”
Original Air Date: April 25, 2006 (Recap date: May 13, 2008)
Recap & Discussion

Discussion Questions:

  • Why didn’t Lorelai go to be with Rory at the hospital?
  • Why didn’t Chris & Rory take Lorelai from the party earlier? Even if by force?
  • Do you think Colin & Finn (and Logan) were irresponsible on their trip?
  • Do you think Luke bit off too much with the party for April?
  • Why does Miss Patty (and the whole town) protect Lorelai by lying to Luke?
  • How do you think Paris got the info out of the doctor?
  • Does Luke buy the toiletry kit for April just because Lorelai doesn’t think it’s the perfect gift? To prove her wrong, and prove he’s a good dad on his own?
  • Does Luke keep Lorelai from being involved out of poor self-worth, or jealousy?
  • Why does Luke exclude Lorelai from buying the present, if that isn’t even having contact with April?
  • Does Luke expect to keep Lorelai a secret from April indefinitely?
  • Who do you think Logan was showing off for? His friends, or in some way, to Rory?
  • Has Rory forgiven Logan now? Or is she torn with guilt, for letting him do something unsafe?
  • Why does Luke involve Lorelai only after his parenting skills fail?
  • When Lorelai takes them to the beauty store, who do you think is paying?
  • Why does Rory call Mitchum?
  • Did Lorelai overstep her bounds by buying April a different gift? When did she have time to get it?
  • Does Luke now realize Lorelai won’t “steal his thunder,” so to speak?
  • Is Lorelai jumping to conclusions too quickly about Luke & April and her place?
  • Do you think Anna was overreacting? How would she have felt if Luke had hired people to come entertain the girls, would that have been different? Ok?
  • Is Anna being possessive? Not letting Luke have anyone in her life, because she doesn’t have anyone in hers?
  • Do you think Anna would have approved of Lorelai, had she met her?
  • Does Lorelai realize Luke is pulling back again? Because Anna gave him no choice, with April?
  • By saying he “doesn’t know what’s wrong”, is Logan avoiding responsibility for his own actions?
  • Is it Lorelai’s place to approach Anna? Would that make Luke mad?
  • Anna is now arguing that April cannot be with Lorelai because she’s not a permanent part of Luke’s life – was that the argument from the start?
  • Is Anna inventing new arguments to keep April from having another mom figure? After all, if it came to her own life, wouldn’t she want April to meet the man she was engaged to before they were married?
  • How does Anna’s decision about April & Lorelai affect the wedding plans with Luke? Can they marry without Lorelai knowing April?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

Lorelai has a hangover and is not cherishing being a “hit” at Lane’s wedding. Sookie tries to cheer her up by saying she was simply “colorful”. Sookie informs Lorelai that she tried to audition for America’s Next Top Model on Lane’s reception tape.

“I thought that was a dream! The posing, the strutting, the inappropriate gyrating?”

All on video. Sookie says they all tried to stop Lorelai, but she wouldn’t be stopped. She started a limbo contest, a poker game, a secret club for “super cool party people”… Sookie asks if Lorelai got home ok, and Lorelai says yes. Sookie mentions that Christopher was very “knight in shining armor,” very chivalrous. Sookie bids farewell to Lorelai, who is going to go be nauseous out front, with Lorelai’s own chant:

“Super cool party people bid you super cool adieu!”

Rory is at the hospital desperately trying to find Logan. Since Rory is not family, all the nurses can tell her is that Logan is not conscious right now and that he’s in serious but stable condition. Colin and Finn are there. They tell Rory that Logan dove headfirst off the cliff and spun out of control, making him disoriented. He got his chute open, but barely, and ends up bouncing his way down the cliff wall. They try to be light about it, minus the screaming and the bleeding.

Logan’s sister is on her honeymoon, trying to get back, his mom checked into a spa the moment she heard Logan was hurt, and the “Dark Lord” Mitchum hasn’t been heard of. Colin and Finn are joking around about getting married to adopt Logan, which seriously angers Rory. They don’t seem to care, with how they’re acting, and they didn’t watch Logan’s back on this trip. Rory accuses them of making everything a joke and tells them to go home.

Rory walks into Logan’s room. His leg is in a cast and elevated and his face is very bruised. The doctor comes in but refuses to tell anything to Rory.

The town troubadour is playing in Stars Hollow, people smiling and slowing down to listen as they walk by.

Luke is back in the diner and is not happy with Caesar’s “innovations” – cold bananas and scones. Luke also does not feel like taking lessons from Caesar about improving his demeanor. Lorelai comes in and gets a big hug from Luke. Miss Patty watches as Lorelai opens her gift from Luke – a doll handmade from Amish country. Miss Patty is asking for a cold banana.

Luke tells Lorelai about his trip – that April and he got into a good rhythm and she tolerated him well at the end. It’s April’s birthday tomorrow and Luke is throwing her a party. He had suggested it, given that Anna had no time to throw the party. He’ll hold the party at the diner. Lorelai asks if he’s prepared, offering her party planning services. Luke seems to think he has it covered, with decorations and cake.

When Lorelai turns down coffee, Luke casually says “oh, right”, about the hangover. Miss Patty told Luke that Lorelai sang Endless Love. After Luke goes to the kitchen, Miss Patty tells Lorelai that the whole town has been advised to tell the Endless Love story. Miss Patty has given her share of drunken toasts. Miss Patty says Lorelai will get Luke to the alter someday. Lorelai puts her head in her hands with a sigh.

Rory calls Paris, who begins immediately ranting about the futility of an open-book exam. Rory interrupts to tell her about Logan’s bad fall and what the doctor has told her so far. Rory has transcribed some stuff from Logan’s chart, so asks to run it by Paris. Paris doesn’t know how to read a chart yet. Instead, Paris asks for Logan’s doctors name and tells Rory she’ll call her right back.

Next we hear a nurse getting angry on the phone about unnecessary language, and the phone is handed to Dr. Schultz (the attending) about Logan. He says something about something not being possible:

“No, that’s not possible. Well, you wouldn’t do that. Listen, miss… fine… [he turns and continues talking].”

Paris calls back Rory to tell her that Logan was bleeding internally, and they were worried about oxygen levels in his blood, but now he’s stable. Logan also had a fever, so they gave him a lot of antibiotics. He has a partially collapsed lung (Rory says “Oh my God”), six broken ribs, a broken ankle, torn cartilage in his knees and a bad concussion. He had surgery on his lung, Paris describes it, and that the doctors expect Logan to make a full recovery. He’ll need rehab, but should be fine. Rory thanks Paris.

Luke is out shopping with Lorelai and having fun doing so. He thinks it gives him some influence over what Lorelai buys, but she tells him otherwise. She frames her questions with the answer he’s supposed to give, like “Isn’t this adorable?” And Lorelai will buy stuff she doesn’t like, because Luke likes it. She likes how much he likes things, and knows over time his compliments of it (since he’ll remember getting it) will make her like it. Lorelai has a realization – Luke has picked out all her favorite clothes!

Luke points to a toiletry kit with kittens on it, asking for Lorelai’s opinion as a gift for April. He thinks it’s cute, she doesn’t. It’s too hygienic and weird. Luke says he can always get a follow-up gift, but thinks this could be the perfect gift. Lorelai offers to take him to a great store, but Luke refuses. He knows Lorelai is an expert, but needs to “do this.” Lorelai says to do it, but asks to be a part of it. Luke immediately says no. Lorelai asks why. Luke says it’s too soon, and thinks that the moment Lorelai is involved in April’s life, it will be all over for him. Lorelai says that’s ridiculous.

“No, it’s not ridiculous. You’re colorful and funny. You’re practically a cartoon character. Kids love you. I wouldn’t hang out with me either after meeting you.”

Luke thinks it’s a fact that April will like Lorelai better, but she reminds Luke that he’s April’s dad. Luke says, as her dad, that’s how he wants it to be. He goes in to buy the toiletry kit.

Anna has dropped of April at Luke’s diner, which is filled with April’s friends. Luke thanks Anna for letting him do it. Anna says April is excited about it, that his chaperoning got rave reviews. April’s friends call Luke “Hagrid”, a hairy lovable character from Harry Potter. Anna says the diner looks great, before leaving. She was there when he opened it.

Luke asks the girls to pull up chairs. Not for a game, but to lay down some ground rules. In harsh tones, he tells them to remain in the “party area.” Detailing the knives in the kitchen, among other things. He then leaves them to their party.

Michel has made some modifications to the Dragonfly website so that his face is the central navigation of the site. He’s having fun, so they’ll argue about it later.

Rory calls Lorelai with an update on Logan, who is still unconscious. Lorelai speaks her love of Paris for helping Rory to get info on how Logan is. Lorelai had been leaving messages for Rory, but she felt overwhelmed. Lorelai asks if she needs anything, but it seems taken care of. Colin and Finn are picking up some things for her.

A nurse comes to tell Rory that Logan is awake and Rory can see him. Logan is happy to see Rory, and realizes that base jumping without any preparation wasn’t the hottest idea. Rory says Logan will make a full recovery. Logan apologizes – he knew it wasn’t safe:

“I was showing off. I knew it wasn’t safe from that cliff. I was so drunk, I was lucky I pulled my chute at all.”

Rory says it will all be fine and she’ll stay as long as he wants her to, she can use her laptop to stay on top of school and the paper. Logan says Rory has enough to do without having to see him. Rory tells him to relax, that she’ll be there.

April and her friends are completely bored, playing cards in the diner. April is getting testy. Luke asks everyone if they are too cold or too warm. One of the girls asks to go to the bathroom – they all thought it was in the restricted area. All of the girls need to go. Luke has them line up then goes to “check on something.”

Luke calls Lorelai in a panic about the disastrous birthday party. Luke is in the storage room and can look at the girls through a peep hole. Luke whispers angrily that he thought the birthday party was the activity, after Lorelai asks what Luke had planned. Lorelai tells Luke to put on the radio and that she can be there soon – though she asks permission. Luke tells her to come, and to hurry.

Lorelai gets to the diner and Luke thinks it’s too late – the radio was broken and things went downhill. Luke wants to know where all the party stuff is – Lorelai says to follow her lead. Lorelai apologizes for being late to the girls. Lorelai calls April up to the front and puts a fuzzy tiara on her. April remembers her from the time she saw Lorelai in the diner.

Lorelai has the girls hold hands and form a line, and tells them not to let go. The girls say they’re not allowed outside, so Luke perks up to say there are new rules. Luke takes up the rear, telling the girls to watch out for traffic. The girls roll their eyes. Lorelai runs them down the street in serpentine fashion. They end up at the beauty supply store, where baskets are handed out for the girls to pick whatever they want. They are going to do makeovers. The girls scream and run around the store picking stuff out.

Luke calls Lorelai a genius, as he looks on with pride to the happy girls. He never would have thought of it. Lorelai says that’s why she’s his Yin to his Yang.

Honor is on her way back to NY, but is still a day out of being back. Honor tells Rory that Mitchum has no plans to come to the hospital. Mitchum is against the Life & Death brigade thing – though he was in it, he feels he knew when to grow up an accept responsibility and that Logan does not. Mitchum is boycotting his injured son. Honor doesn’t seem surprised by it. Rory pulls out Logan’s phone and angrily calls Mitchum. With fake politeness, she says:

“I just thought I’d call and remind you that Logan is lying in a hospital bed with a partially collapsed lung and a whole host of other potentially life-threatening injuries. And I’m figuring a guy like you, surrounded by nothing but a bunch of terrified sycophants might not have someone in his life with the guts to tell him what an incredibly selfish, narcissistic ass he’s being, so I thought I’d jump on in. Swallow your pride, get in your car, and come down here and see your son, now!”

The girls are all glammed up with hair and makeup. Lorelai keeps everything flowing smoothly. The two girls from the beauty store are helping with the makeovers. April shows off her makeover to Lorelai and asks for a purple sparkly heart on her cheek, like the one Lorelai has on her own. April compliments Lorelai, saying she’d be wasted on a son. Lorelai reminds April of her mom. She thinks Lorelai would like Anna.

April is opening her presents and really enjoying them. When it comes time to open Luke’s present, he hesitates and suggests she open it later. He bites his finger as she opens her gift. It’s a new book, The Way Things Work. She wanted to get that! Inside, a gift certificate to the Discovery store. She loves it! April comes to give Luke a big hug. Luke thanks Lorelai.

Lorelai suggests they make the party into a sleepover. The girls all have cell phones, so call to ask their parents if it’s ok. Lorelai says she’s going to go, but Luke asks her to stay. She’s the slumber-party expert. She can sleep upstairs with the girls, he’ll figure something out. April would want her to stay. Kirk sets up the projector for a movie, Pretty in Pink.

Luke turns out the light, lying on the cot. You can hear the girls giggling overhead. Then chanting “light as a feather, stiff as a board.”

The next day at the Dragonfly, Lorelai is glowing about how much fun she had putting on make-up with the girls. She calls the night a major breakthrough and thinks April is awesome. She thinks April liked her, that they bonded. Lorelai hopes this means she won’t have to hide anymore. Lorelai says, in hindsight, she’s glad she let Luke have his space. She was patient, yet impatient. Lorelai hands some Bonne Bell Lip Smackers to Sookie and they giggle like teenagers.

super-cool-party-peopleOne of the customers at the diner has glitter in his pancakes – he also asks for a cold banana. Anna comes into the diner to speak privately with Luke. Anna is very angry that Lorelai was at the party. She agreed only that Luke could throw the party. Not a girlfriend she doesn’t know and hasn’t met. Lorelai, alone with the girls all night. Anna is worried about trying to explain that to other parents – leaving their kids with a woman she hasn’t met.

“If I can’t trust you, Luke, this arrangement is not gonna work. April is not a sweater that you’re borrowing. She’s my kid. I have to know where she is and who she’s with always.”

Luke apologizes, says that Anna can trust him. Anna is too angry to look at Luke. She storms out.

Rory is at the vending machine when Mitchum walks into the hospital. Rory looks at him with scorn and disapproval, then points out Logan’s room. He hangs his head and goes in.

Luke comes over to Lorelai’s – she has Chinese food ready. He agrees, out of character, to eat them out of the containers. Lorelai sees Luke is off and asks if he’s ok. Luke tells Lorelai that Anna feels betrayed that Lorelai was at the party. Lorelai looks sad. Luke says it’s not Lorelai’s fault, just that he didn’t think it through. Lorelai doesn’t seem hungry any longer.

Rory walks into Logan’s room after Mitchum has left. Logan is surprised that Mitchum came, and that his behavior was only moderately hostile, slightly condescending, and no more self-centered than usual. Rory says it’s good that he came. Logan feels a little better. Rory seems sad.

Logan asks what’s wrong. Rory apologizes for letting him go on the trip. She should have stopped him, but felt angry and was unintentionally trying to punish him. Logan says nobody could have stopped him, that it was his fault. Rory regrets being so cold when Logan left, since she could have lost him. Logan says he’s the one screwing things up, not her. Logan says he doesn’t know what’s wrong with him, but that he’ll get better in time. That things will calm down, if she bears with him. Rory says ok and caresses his hair.

Lorelai shows up at Anna’s store. After a lot of hesitation, Lorelai introduces herself as Luke’s fiancee. Lorelai apologizes and takes blame for the party, that it wasn’t Luke’s idea. Luke was having trouble with the party and she fears she threw herself into it too much. Lorelai wanted to introduce herself, so that Anna would have nothing to worry about in regards to her.

Anna says she can’t take the chance that April will bond with Lorelai and one day Lorelai won’t be there. April doesn’t meet any of the men that Anna dates. And won’t, until she’s ready to marry again. When it comes to Lorelai, Anna says engaged does not mean married. Lorelai says it’s been a long time coming, her and Luke, that it’s real. Anna says it doesn’t change anything. Luke is new in April’s life and April is getting attached – she needs to know Luke is sticking around first. Anna says they’ll deal with Lorelai after she and Luke are married. As a single mom, Lorelai does understand. Lorelai leaves, very sad.


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9 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls 6.20 "Super Cool Party People"

  • May 14, 2008 at 7:17 am

    season six is coming to an end… is ABC Family going to start back at the beginning again, or continue on to season seven?

    i love the pretty in pink reference!

  • May 19, 2008 at 7:34 am

    I have a question — why did the doctor just give the info to paris? I forgot some info for the first few seasons! Does her family own a string of hospitals?

  • June 30, 2008 at 8:06 am

    I think that Paris just pretended to be Mrs. Huntsberger or something like that. She is pretty conniving, so I can totally see her pulling something like that off.

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  • May 16, 2009 at 5:57 pm

    Tiffy- I’ve always thought that Paris was just… well… Paris and messed with the doctor’s head. The man seemed dizzy.

  • June 2, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Well, first off, Paris could’ve come off as a doctor or something, since she is pre-med, or like they said, she could’ve pretended to be the mother or something. Paris has ways of getting what she wants. Also, ABC Family is starting the last final season, 7, in the beginning of June, since they originallly were suppose to air, but they didn’t.

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  • August 29, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    I always thought it was crazy that Anna Nardini would want a man to sleepover alone with a bunch of 13 year old girls, but get super angry when Lorelai supervised them during the night instead. Just from a common sense standpoint, doesn’t a woman sleeping over with the group of girls make more sense?


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