Gilmore Girls 6.15 "A Vineyard Valentine"


Gilmore Girls 6.15 "A Vineyard Valentine"
Original Air Date: February 14, 2006 (Recap date: May 6, 2008)
Recap & Discussion

Discussion Questions:


  • Are you surprised Sookie hits walls in her cooking creativity?
  • Is Lorelai becoming cynical about her relationship with Luke? Or just about love?
  • Has Lorelai let June 3rd slip on purpose? Should she cancel now, or talk to Luke?
  • Do you think it’s a good idea to put Luke & Lorelai in a small space with Rory & Logan?
  • Are you surprised Lorelai waited until she lost all her deposits before considering to cancel the wedding?
  • Why is Luke sure he’ll hate Martha’s Vineyard? Is he being more sour than usual?
  • Is Rory gloating about Logan’s house?
  • Why does Luke believe Rory and Logan will break up any second?
  • Is Luke uncomfortable there because of Logan, because it’s not his place, or for some other reason?
  • Why didn’t Luke bring enough clothes? Do you think he wanted to find a way to go home early?
  • Is Luke more pessimistic than normal? Why?
  • Rory says she’s been to the gym but acts otherwise. Why?
  • Does Luke honestly blame Logan for ripping his pants? Why is his view of Logan so distorted?
  • How did Rory learn to cook? Wouldn’t Logan’s family have been as pampered as the Gilmore clan when it came to taking their chefs with them?
  • Is Rory planning to marry Logan?
  • Is Lorelai weirded out that Rory is thinking on marriage, or is she doubting her own future?
  • Do you think Luke would have bought Lorelai a Valentine’s Day present without the prompting? He used to do nice gestures for her, but now… ?
  • Does Lorelai realize the gift is not really from Luke?
  • Luke suggests eloping, which suggests the wedding itself was the stressor. How would it be, if Lorelai had planned it all? Isn’t his "planned elopement" the same as a wedding?
  • Do you think Logan is one to walk away from his family, his fortune?
  • Is Luke aware he’s separating himself from Lorelai by keeping April away? Just the mention of April made him wary around Lorelai.
  • Why did Emily proceed with wedding announcement plans? 

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

Sookie is in a "food funk" about trying to come up with something innovative for Valentine’s Day. Her staff is left without anything to do. Sookie shares her Valentine’s plans, which include a romantic dinner with Jackson (and the kids) at home.

Lorelai has no plans with Luke – and what does it matter, anyway? Lorelai agrees with Luke that it’s just a fake holiday anyway. Sookie says she researched the history, and it goes back thousands of years. Lorelai seems surprised, but still has no plans.

There is a zydeco band in to see Lorelai – BooZoo Barnes and his band, the Cajun Stompers, are there to audition for the wedding. Lorelai forgot. Lorelai tries to explain that she doesn’t need to hear them play, but BooZoo says a zydeco band must play when at their instruments. They play.

Sookie reminds Lorelai that June 3rd is coming up quickly. Lorelai tries to get the band to stop by smiling politely – seeing that she wasn’t impressed made them want to play more.

Logan finally wakes up past 11 to a very busy Rory buzzing around the house. She’s been up for 5 hours, doing what she can to fit 4 semesters into 3. Rory is looking for her copy of Thucydides, but Logan tries to pull her into bed. He feels like he sees Rory less now that they live together.

Logan asks Rory to go away for the weekend. Rory say’s it’s a bad weekend, a particularly bad one. Logan knows they’re all bad, but that it’s Valentine’s Day weekend. Rory had promised any free time she may get to Lorelai, who she hasn’t seen in a while. Rory says she’s been a little down and wants to cheer her up. Logan suggests inviting Lorelai and Luke to come. Rory seems up for that, so agrees to think about dropping things.

Rory’s leadership style at the Yale Daily News is a lot more supportive – firm and demanding, but with support and motivation. She takes some pitches from Bill, then suggests he take time off this weekend too. Except his girlfriend just dumped him.

BooZoo and his friends are still playing after two hours, much to the annoyance of Lorelai. Lorelai tells Rory it’s the last nail in the coffin of June 3rd – she has lost her deposits now too. Rory assures Lorelai she’ll have her wedding, but now Lorelai is very unsure. Luke is so busy with April, which is good. She’s just bummed.

Rory asks Lorelai if she wants an all-expense-paid trip to Martha’s Vineyard for the weekend. Rory makes it sound great and Lorelai hopes she can convince Luke to go. Lorelai then tries to get BooZoo out of the dining room so she doesn’t need to take them to the Vineyard too.

Lorelai is reading over a pamphlet of outdoor activities to entice Luke at Martha’s Vineyard. Lorelai has a pile of suitcase compared to Luke’s small bag. Lorelai says it’s winter and wonders if Luke brought enough. Lorelai continues reading the Martha’s Vineyard history to Luke as they go to his truck. Luke tells Lorelai she can stop talking the place up, he’s fine going. He has concerns though, so may not enjoy his time there – thinks like their truce with Logan – what does that mean?

Lorelai and Luke show up that night, it took a while to get there. Rory has been there before, so she’s familiar with the ferry length. After Luke introducing himself to Logan, Rory takes Lorelai around the place, showing it off. From the dining room that seats 20 to the wetbar – and the quirks, from the buckled floors to Stan, the resident raccoon. Rory shows them to their room with as much pomp as in a hotel.

Luke and Lorelai are left alone in their large room, and the fire is even on. Luke is uncomfortable and negative – he doesn’t know if they are allowed out of the room and calls Logan snotty. He saw Logan correcting Rory on the time of a cafe as a humiliation for her. He’s convinced they’ll break up any second and that he senses tension.

Lorelai sneaks out to ask Rory if they’re supposed to stay in their rooms. It’s a little weird being in someone else’s house, and Rory agrees it’s weird to be a foursome. Lorelai thinks they’ll stay in, though.

The next morning Luke is eating a power bar – he didn’t "know what the deal was" about breakfast (even though Rory already told them the "deal"). He has a bag full of camping gear and survival stuff. Lorelai asks why he brought his back-country bag. Luke says he didn’t know what the weekend was. Lorelai is again concerned that Luke didn’t bring enough clothes.

They go to check out the breakfast situation and find Rory and Logan reading the paper and eating scones. Luke waits until he’s "signaled" to come out. Rory tells Luke he doesn’t have to hide, then nags Logan for reading his half of the paper slowly. She steals it after he toys with her a little. Lorelai suggests a walk to Luke before breakfast, since he’s just standing around now. Logan suggests a coat for Luke before stealing back his half of the paper.

Lorelai is loving her walk on the beach – Luke complains of sewage smell and real estate prices. And the waves and Stan kept him up all night, so he’s tired. Rory tosses Lorelai, and a very cold Luke, some keys. They’re heading out for a little bit to go to the gym. Lorelai doesn’t believe her ears, so insists on going to see Rory at the gym. Luke agrees to go.

Rory and Lorelai seem tired before they even start the workout. Rory asks Lorelai if Luke is ok, because he seems distracted. Lorelai just says Luke is not much of a traveler, and is sure he’ll have a good time. Rory and Lorelai go for more cucumber water.

Logan and Luke are playing one-on-one basketball – Luke gets frustrated when he misses. Logan thinks it’s Luke’s shoes – too small and low-tops. Luke says he bought what the gym had (he’s decked out, head to toe, in gym logo’d clothes). Logan apologizes when he scores a shot, since Luke seems very anxious.

Lorelai and Rory are getting massages when Logan and Luke come down, covered in sweat. Turns out, the massage guys are actually from the laundry service – Lorelai is persuasive. When Rory asks who won, Luke gets mad at his shoes and Logan gracefully says nobody won, they were just having fun. The guys go to clean up.

Luke and Lorelai are getting ready for a meal, sometime between lunch and dinner, that Logan and Rory want to make for them. Luke didn’t realize it’d be that cold, despite what Lorelai said beforehand. Luke blames Logan for a rip in his sweat pants – that Logan was mocking him, fouling, traveling and cheating during their game. It was anything but fun. Lorelai gets mad and yells at Luke to stop talking about the gym and game, that it’s Valentine’s weekend.

Lorelai leaves the room and finds Rory in the kitchen – a picture that does not compute. Rory is cooking. And knows her way around the kitchen. She’s no longer a newbie to cooking. With some trepidation, Rory gives Lorelai a knife to chop the celery.

Logan is outside preparing the lobster for dinner, and Luke goes to join him. Luke tells Logan he’s never had lobster – Logan says lobster is a Huntzberger specialty. Logan tells Luke, by way of FYI, that he’ll be doing the "present thing" at dinner. It’s obvious Luke forgot. He says Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday, so he has time. Logan’s polite surprise there prompts Luke to ask if there’s anywhere open he can go. Logan says there isn’t – but that he has two presents for Rory, so Luke can give one to Lorelai. Logan says he has to give his girl a present. Luke agrees to take one, the necklace, since he doesn’t know what a tennis bracelet is. Logan says the men have to stick together – he’s happy to help.

Rory tells Lorelai that she and Logan are planning a trip to Asia for the summer, for six weeks. Nothing is finalized, but Rory has been researching. Lorelai jokes that Rory is too fabulous to hang out with her now. The boys walk through on their way to get "tongs".

Rory says it’s weird, and it just hit her:

"These could be ‘the ones’ [Lorelai questions her] The ones, you know?"

Lorelai distractedly just says "yeah, yeah…"

Luke enjoyed his lobster, and compliments Logan as the chef. Logan pulls out a gift for Rory and says Happy Valentine’s Day. Rory loves her tennis bracelet. Lorelai looks a little uncomfortable until Luke pulls out her necklace – she’s stunned and very pleased. Logan comes to the rescue when Rory points out the similarity – Logan says he and Luke snuck out and got them in the same shop.

Luke is all praises for Logan and their day now. Lorelai is in bed sadly toying with her new necklace. She loves it, but…

"Lately I’ve been feeling like it’s just not going to happen."

Their wedding. Luke says Lorelai is crazy, that of course it will happen. Lorelai asks if he really wants to? Luke says yes, they’re engaged, the wedding is just postponed. Lorelai says it doesn’t feel postponed. Cancelling stuff upset her. Lorelai tells Luke about holding out hope they could still do June 3rd. She lost all their deposits. Luke says it doesn’t matter, they’re getting married. Lorelai wants to believe it.

Luke apologizes for being preoccupied. Lorelai says she was hoping the trip would be good for him, but after naming off all the stuff he’s complained about, admits it was a bad idea. Luke says it was a good idea and takes Lorelai’s hand to tell her he loves her. Lorelai needs to hear it more often.

"I love you and I am going to marry you and at our wedding, we are having lobster."

They kiss and Lorelai says she loves her necklace.

Luke slept perfectly that night, better than he has in months. Lorelai slept well too. She gets up to see if Rory is up and finds that "breakfast Santa" has been there and left them a tray of food outside their door. Lorelai and Luke eat breakfast in bed and talk away the morning – remembering Harvey’s Beach, where they both would go as kids.

Luke suggests eloping – instead of planning the whole big thing. Lorelai says maybe, but Rory’d have to come. Luke even suggests returning to Martha’s Vineyard in the summer to get married. Lorelai smiles at the thought.

A door slams very loud. Lorelai thinks it’s Logan and Rory so calls out to them. However, it’s Mitchum, and he walks in on them. He demands to know who they are and says he’s looking for his son. Logan calls out to him. Mitchum storms downstairs demanding to know where Logan has been – his cell and pager have been off. Logan has been ignoring the pages.

Logan tells his father he didn’t need him that weekend. Mitchum says that’s not for Logan to decide and he wasn’t supposed to be "off with his little girlfriend." Mitchum wanted Logan on a plane to London to meet with more business people. Logan yells back he’s met them all already. [Lorelai and Luke have come downstairs]. Mitchum yells that Logan has embarrassed Mitchum and himself. Logan swears back at him, which just makes Mitchum more mad. Mitchum tells Logan he’s getting on a plane to London today and will explain his absence to all the colleagues.

Mitchum reminds Logan that the day he graduates he’s going to be in London for a year. Rory is surprised by that. Logan yells back that Mitchum discussed it. Mitchum tells Logan he’s doing this – no objections allowed.

Despite the "invitation" by Mitchum to say, Luke and Lorelai have packed to leave. Logan is still there waiting for Rory and apologizes to Lorelai. Lorelai says that nobody understands about letting family down better than she does.

Rory walks Logan to the car and starts asking about London. When he leaves, if there is time before, and what about Asia? Logan doesn’t want to talk or think about it yet, that it’s only February. He doesn’t want to think about it. He tells Rory to go home and keep planning Asia.

Lorelai comes to Rory commenting that Mitchum is just like she imagined him. They watch as the car drives away.

Luke and Lorelai return to the diner. Lorelai suggests Luke keep his sweat pants, his "Mass Ass". They share a cute smile. Caesar says April called a few times to confirm that she was coming over tomorrow. Lorelai looks away and Luke is awkward again too. He tells Lorelai when April will leave, implying for her not to come over until then.

Lorelai decides to leave and head home on her own. Doesn’t sound like Luke will be sharing her bed that night.

Lorelai returns home to hear messages from family – turns out her photo has been in the paper to announce her engagement! Lorelai desperately flips through her paper and yes, there is a huge photo of Lorelai in the paper. Lorelai only (not Luke), despite the other couple announcements. It’s also the largest feature on the page. Turns out Emily is also calling everyone to "save the date". Lorelai just shakes her head.

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  • May 6, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    I LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!
    IF NOT, WHERE???
    I LOVE GILMORE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • June 9, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    i thought dean and rory was rite for each other as well as luke and lorelai they make a great team.

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