Gilmore Girls 5.13 "Wedding Bell Blues"


Gilmore Girls 5.13 “Wedding Bell Blues”
Original Air Date: February 8, 2005 (Recap date: April 2, 2008)
Recap & Discussion


Discussion Questions:

  • What inspired Luke to complete his father’s boat?
  • Did Emily fake a dress emergency to seem like she had a bachelorette party?
  • Should Lorelai have known to throw Emily a party?
  • Is Lorelai biased against her parents’ world, and anything remotely associated with it?
  • Why does Rory defend the ‘children of entitlement’?
  • Is Emily insulting Luke’s outfit on purpose?
  • Do you think Lorelai is ready to marry Luke?
  • Why does Logan ignore Rory at the wedding?
  • Why is Rory so put out about Logan?
  • Why does Lorelai confess about seeing Chris? Does the timing make Luke suspicious?
  • Why does Luke stay angry?
  • Is Chris drinking a lot to build up courage?
  • What does Rory hope to accomplish by confronting Logan?
  • What gave Rory so much confidence in her approach to Logan?
  • Why does Logan leave Rory hanging?
  • Can Rory date and not have it be “something”?
  • Is Chris trying to make Luke jealous of his history with Lorelai?
  • What about Rory making out with Logan angers Lorelai? Who he is, or what they were doing?
  • Does Luke think he’s a better father figure than Chris, or is he just arguing out of jealousy?
  • Why did Luke walk out, instead of believing in Lorelai?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

Luke is ordering parts for the boat, all of which are back-ordered. Lorelai sees a pair of yellow rubber boots she wants. The boots are the only thing they have in stock. Luke asks if he can come over that night to work on the boat. Lorelai is ok with that – Rory is coming over to spend the night and have a Cop Rock marathon. Luke makes one final plea to get out of the vow renewal tomorrow. Lorelai says he doesn’t have to go seriously enough that Luke says he’ll go.

Lorelai thinks instant mashed potatoes are too much work. Rory is preparing waffles and burning music for Lorelai. Tater tots it is – rip and dump. No stir or measure necessary. Luke comes to borrow an extension cord, but won’t come in. Seeing what they are eating will make him want to kill himself. Rory dumps mini marshmallows onto the waffles, donuts and Poptarts on the plate.

Emily calls with a dress emergency – her dress is falling apart. Emily says she’s coming over for Lorelai to fix it. So, Lorelai and Rory will eat what they have, but save the tater tots and pizza tower until after the dress fiasco.

Emily arrives and sees Luke outside with his tools and boat. She comes over and Luke drops his sander in his surprise. Emily haughtily refuses Luke’s “congratulations” on her vow renewal – the bride should get “best wishes”. Which she waits for.

The dress really only has a couple of beads loose, which Lorelai didn’t even notice right off. Speedy speedy job. Emily is nervous and sits, asking for a drink. So much for getting her out quickly. Richard calls from his bachelor party, and asks how her gathering is going. Suggests Lorelai watch Emily to make sure the alcohol’s are not mixed.

Lorelai is worried Emily will hold it against her – the no bachelorette party thing. So, Lorelai throws an impromptu party, inviting people. Including a sleepy Sookie. Lorelai is getting Emily good and drunk. Even Kyon is there with Lane. The vow renewal and bachelorette concept are not sinking in for Kyon. Emily calls her dressmaker a genius, perhaps settling that the dress fiasco was a farce. Lorelai gives Emily a very strong drink… and then some dirty-shaped pasta leftover from a gift from Sookie.

Eventually, Emily crashes in Lorelai’s bed. Lorelai decides to reorganize Emily’s seating chart. Rory notices that Logan and Mitchum will be attending the party. Rory says it seems mean that Emily kicked a family out of the room they had booked for 2 years, so they could have their perfect day. Lorelai says she hates the world of entitlement that her parents belong to. And like the Life & Death Brigade – selfish rich kids, the children of entitlement, blowing money on dangerous things knowing they can never get in trouble.

Rory defends the Life & Death Brigade students, saying Lorelai knows nothing about them. That she’s reading what she wants into Rory’s article. Rory says money does not automatically make you a jerk.

Luke comes, but the girls are not yet ready. Though, they are officially getting dressed at the venue. Luke is upset that he didn’t know he could change there. And is upset when he gets there about his wrinkled pants.

Emily has fired her wedding planner because of the messy seating chart (oops on Lorelai’s part). Emily takes a few minutes to realize Luke is there. Richard offers to have Luke’s pants steamed, but Emily is sure Luke will change. Lorelai’s cousin Marilyn, the one who steals, is now planning the wedding. She asks Lorelai if Luke is a gardener. A dream of hers to have an affair with a gardener.

Richard gives Lorelai some necklaces to see which looks best with Emily’s dress – Richard will then present that one to Emily. Instead, Lorelai shows them to Emily, who says which she likes (and that the other should be for her birthday). Emily says her makeup artist has his work cut out for him – Lorelai says Emily looks gorgeous.

Emily is nervous and hasn’t eaten. She even apologizes when she insults Lorelai’s hair and tries to get her to fix it. Emily says she missed Richard. Emily says it’s wonderful to have a partner, someone there for you. Emily sadly asks Lorelai if she’ll ever want to be married. Lorelai smiles and says he does. Lorelai does want to be married. Emily then becomes curt. Rory comes out in her tuxedo, as best man.

The venue is flowing with white roses and other flowers. A string quartet is playing. Rory joins Richard & the priest at the front. Lorelai makes her way down the aisle. Luke looks lovingly at her. Rory makes eyes at Logan. Then the guests rise for Emily to enter. Emily walks down the aisle, and Richard has tears in his eyes.

The wedding begins and Rory stares at Logan. Who doesn’t even smile back. In fact, he appears to have a date. When the girl laughs in Logan’s ear, only then does he smile at Rory. Lorelai stares at Luke and they both smile. Chris is seen coming in late to the ceremony.

Time for the reception. Lorelai and Luke beeline for the bar, while Rory excuses herself. Lorelai asks Luke to help out with introductions, preempting Lorelai’s need to introduce him. She forgets a lot of people’s names. Rory looks around the room in a defeated kind of way. She hears and sees Logan, but turns her back to him when he walks by. Rory follows Logan and hides behind a fat man to spy on him. Rory has to look a couple of times to comfirm that Logan is indeed having a great time with the girl. Rory walks away confused.

Lorelai spots Chris coming into the room and turns Luke the other way. Lorelai tells Luke that Christopher is there. And then tells Luke about visiting Chris after his father died. Comforting him. Lorelai apologizes for not telling Luke, about being worried he’d read something into it. She’s “only telling Luke now” because Chris is there. Lorelai assures Luke nothing happened.

Lorelai is awkward when Chris comes over – brings up that she and Luke are dating, as if it’s news to Chris. Lorelai just ends up rambling and Luke cuts in to apologize to Chris about his dad. Chris admits Lorelai helped him a lot, being there. Luke looks at Lorelai and says she’s a considerate person, but doesn’t seem to mean it. Chris asks where “that kid of ours” is, but is cut off with the announcement of Richard & Emily entering the room.

Rory looks sour, and says the coffee sucks. Lorelai & Luke sit. Richard and his “second wife” thank their guests for coming. Richard has given a good deal of thought to the song that would represent the next phase in their marriage – he has chosen a song that Emily used to soothe Lorelai when she had a bad ear infection as a child. It had become her favorite, and she often said she wished Richard was “Bill” so that it could be their song. Tonight, Richard is her Bill. The song – Wedding Bell Blues by The 5th Dimension.

Lorelai is hanging off Luke, trying to calm down what seems to be a very tightly controlled anger. Chris, just a table away, is drinking a lot and is definitely watching Lorelai. Rory looks very sad. Emily jokes they should separate more often. The announcer says “if you are in love”, you should join Emily & Richard in their dance. Luke doesn’t want to dance, when Lorelai asks. But Lorelai works her magic on him. Chris watches them enjoying their dance, and looks anything but happy. He leaves the room. Rory decides to follow.

Chris seems melancholy, and his thoughts are on Lorelai and their first kiss. They were 14 and Lorelai walked up to him at an A&P and just kissed him – to “know what it would be like.” Chris was impressed that she would walk up and kiss him, just because she wanted to. Lorelai knew what she wanted, always. Rory asks if Chris liked it that Lorelai made the first move.

“Who could not like being kissed by a Gilmore girl? It was the greatest day of my life.”

Chris goes back to get more to drink. Lorelai and Luke are having a blast on the dance floor. Luke would prefer to stop, but Lorelai keeps telling Luke that Marilyn is behind him ready to swoop in if they stop. They’ve danced a few songs. And keep dancing.

Rory walks up to Logan, who is sitting alone. Rory pretends not to know he’d be there, and he pretends to have assumed Rory invited him. Rory digs for who, other than his parents, that Logan came with. Rory asks where the blonde is, and tells Logan that they look pretty together. Logan says that Jill is a friend of the family. Not dating. Rory then asks Logan to dance. Logan puts his arm on Rory as they head to the dance floor. Lorelai notices.

Logan is staring intently at Rory while the dance. Rory looks down, and Logan asks what’s up. Rory asks Logan why he came. He pretends it’s the open bar. Rory then says boldly, and confidently:

“Logan… are you ever going to ask me out?”

She doesn’t break eye contact with him. He does not respond, so she continues. Rory says Logan flirts, and acts like he likes her ‘a little.’ And he shows up there, with a friend not a date. She asks again if he will, ever. Rory asks

“You do like me, right?”

A question, but also with a smile. Logan doesn’t say anything. He smiles and keeps dancing. But Rory gets nervous and thinks she’s being rejected. She’s ready to burrow into the ground. Logan won’t let her go, and calls her Rory, not Ace. Logan says he’s thought about asking Rory out several times, but is not sure it’s a good idea. Because Rory is special.

“You are beautiful, you are intelligent, you are incredibly interesting. You are definitely girlfriend material. I, however, am definitely not boyfriend material.”

Logan says he can’t do commitment, and doesn’t want to pretend to Rory that he can. Logan thinks if he were to date Rory, it would be “something” right away. He’s not that guy. Rory says she’s not looking for anything “something-like”. Rory says she doesn’t want that, she just did that. But Logan thinks she will. Rory argues that she likes Logan and just wants to spend time with him. No strings attached. Rory then leads Logan off the dance floor. He hesitates, but Rory grabs champagne and asks if he’s coming. Logan follows.

Rory leads Logan to the dressing room. He asks Rory again if she wants to do this.

“I just… wanna know what it would be like.”

Rory then kisses Logan. Logan says he feels like he’s kissing a guy. Rory kisses him again. Logan says:

“And, apparently… I had no idea what I was missing”

Logan then reaches for Rory and kisses her more passionately.

Emily and Richard are encouraged to kiss via the clinking of glasses. Lorelai returns with a drink for Luke and smells that Luke was Totsi’d. Chris joins them at the table for a drink. Chris brings up very detailed memories of him and Lorelai being Totsi’d before. Chris then brings up his lunch with Lorelai at the Inn.

Marilyn comes to get Lorelai with a photo, and tells Lorelai Rory went off with the blonde boy earlier. Lorelai, with Luke following, goes to look for Rory for the photo. Chris follows.

Lorelai opens the door to the dressing room and finds Rory and Logan partially undressed, kissing. Lorelai yells at Rory for doing this at her grandparent’s wedding vow renewal. Chris comes in and asks Logan what he’s doing with his daughter. Lorelai has to restrain Chris from coming after Logan. Luke hearing, gets just as angry and protective. Lorelai has to chase and restrain him too. Lorelai closes the door and tells Rory and Logan to use the back exit. Lorelai introduces herself to Logan before he runs off.

Chris and Luke are arguing in the hall. Chris doesn’t think Rory is any of Luke’s business. Luke voices all the times he has been there for Rory. And Chris says Luke is with Lorelai “for now”. Chris yells that he and Lorelai belong together. That everyone, even Emily, knows it. Chris says he blew it, but tells Lorelai it’s not too late. Chris says Emily told him it wasn’t too late. That it’s why he’s there. Lorelai says she doesn’t know what he’s talking about, because Luke is getting the wrong idea (thinking Lorelai said something to that effect to Emily).

Lorelai chases after Luke. Chris chases after Lorelai, who wants nothing to do with him. Chris explains that wasn’t how he wanted things to go down, he wanted to do it privately. Lorelai, however, is going after Luke. At least she was, until Marilyn grabs her for the photo. Lorelai is pissed and says to Emily:

“You and me. We’re done.”

Lorelai is very hurt. Emily surprised.

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14 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls 5.13 "Wedding Bell Blues"

  • April 2, 2008 at 3:19 pm

    Does anyone know who the string quartet in this episode is? Or what song they are playing when Emily walks down the aisle?

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  • April 2, 2008 at 7:11 pm

    I feel soo bad for Luke throughout this entire episode! First he nearly hit Emily with a sander and looked like a dear in headlights when she was at her snarkiest. Then he had a bad feeling about the whole thing from the very begining and boy was he right! He could’ve changed when he got to the wedding place and avoid wrinkling his pants, he sort of embarrassed Emily/Richard, Marilyn kept on hitting on him (why does Luke always get hit on by women when he’s at weddings?), and then of course the whole Christopher fiasco. I think just about the only good things for Luke was watching Lorelai walk down the aisle/meaningful eye messaging between them while she was at the alter and then him dancing with her.

    You know I love this episode until Christopher acts up and then I can barely stand to watch it. Some episodes like this one would be one of my favorites if it wasn’t for the bad parts at the end that sort of taint the episode in my mind.

  • April 2, 2008 at 7:12 pm

    By the way; I love what Luke shouts at Christopher… he was sooo right! I would’ve added a lot more!

  • April 3, 2008 at 10:15 am

    i love this episode and how rory takes the initiative to talk to logan on if he likes her or not even though i could never ever do that lolz…umm i hate that christopher had to listen to Emily and get involve with Lorelai and Luke though

  • April 3, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    I feel bad for Luke,when Christopher talk about his and Lorelai together and make he get angry.I just mad at Emily for invite Chris without tell Lorelai at the wedding.

  • April 3, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    One of my favorite episodes. As much as Christopher always seems to show up at the wrong time, I thought his talk with Rory about his first kiss with Lorelai when they were 14 was very touching and Rory took it to heart when he said who wouldn’t like to be kissed by a Gilmore girl. It gave her the courage to approach Logan.

    But, of course, Christopher being Christopher, he ends up being a complete jerk!

  • May 2, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Sarah, the song Emily walks the aisle to is Bach: “Air” on a G string

  • June 8, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    Thanks, but I know it’s not that. I am a music teacher! :)

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  • June 3, 2009 at 5:16 pm

    what is the string quartet playing?

  • November 16, 2009 at 8:51 pm

    I love this episode but I hate what Chris did to Lorelai because you saw how sad she was when her and luke broke up. But that was a different episode. I thought it was very brave of Rory to go up to Logan like that after her talk with Chris. Which was very sweet of him but led to the fight between Luke and Chris which led to the fight between Luke and Lorelai. But even so I love all the drama and passion this episode shares. So all in all very successful episode.

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