Gilmore Girls 5.07 "You Jump, I Jump, Jack"


Gilmore Girls 5.07 “You Jump, I Jump, Jack”
Original Air Date: November 2, 2004 (Recap date: March 24, 2008)
Recap & Discussion


Discussion Questions:

  • Why does Emily insist on re-meeting Luke?
  • Why is Luke so ok with meeting Emily again?
  • Is Lorelai making the Luke & Emily meeting more tense?
  • Is Emily insulting Luke, or making conversation?
  • Is Logan trying to impress Rory?
  • Does Richard want to play golf with Luke because he feels left out of the loop, or to get to know Luke?
  • Was Lane & Zack’s first date a date?
  • Is Logan showing off by going off with other girls?
  • Why does Luke agree to buy golf clubs?
  • Why doesn’t Luke talk to Richard about fishing, not books?
  • Why does Rory decide to jump?
  • When Logan says “only if you want it to be” to Rory after jumping from the scaffolding, what does he mean?
  • Is Rory too timid?
  • What do you think of Emily & Richard’s treatment, and judgment, of Luke?
  • Was the present at the end an invitation?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

Lorelai has been testing whether people with ‘honk if you love…’ bumper stickers really want you to honk. They don’t. It made her late for Friday night dinner. Emily knows, from Kirk, that Lorelai is dating Luke! It was all accidental, as Emily just called the Inn to speak with Lorelai. Emily wants to know why Lorelai was hiding it. And hates that Lorelai has a world she keeps from her. Emily insists on re-meeting Luke in his ‘new’ capacity. Since he’s ‘significant’, they set down a date for next week.

Rory reports to a stressed-out Doyle about her ‘deep inside’ contact with the Life and Death Brigade. Rory seems to be a favorite of Doyle’s.

Lane is working at the diner – she sees Zack hovering outside. Lane goes outside to see why Zack is squirrely. Zack tells Lane he’s ready to date. And ready to start right that minute. They can’t date that night, since they have band practice. Together. So, they aim to figure it out then Zack heads back to their place.

Lorelai tells Luke about the dinner, which he’s fine with doing. Get it over with. Lorelai tries to convince him it’s a bad idea.

Luke arrives in absolute awe of the size of the Gilmore mansion. “This is why peasants revolt,” he says. Lorelai advises Luke to drink a lot to defend against Emily. It all goes well, until Emily presumes that Luke wants a beer. That triggers Lorelai. And she calls the Diner rustic, in a complimentary sort of way. Lorelai clears her throat at that.

Luke accuses Lorelai of acting crazy. Lorelai is reading things into Emily’s choice of words that Luke thinks is crazy. He also thinks that Lorelai jumping in is making him look weak. He can handle it. Or so he thinks. Emily comes back and turns the conversation to divorce and children.

Dean leaves Rory a message that he’s canceling their next date. He suggests meeting for a quick dinner at a diner off the highway mid-way between Yale and Stars Hollow. While listening, Rory spots an envelope taped to her window. It reads:

“Be in your vestibule at four tomorrow. Blindfolded. The LDB”

Also in the envelope – the blindfold.

Emily is now talking about how diners, in general, are so filthy. And how a friend died after eating at a diner. Emily asks Luke if she wants another ‘beer’ – how she stresses the word! Then we see Luke and Lorelai leaving, while Emily is going on about Luke’s fascination with baseball, the ‘opiate of the masses.’ One last insult of Luke’s truck and his ‘simple cloth’ jacket, and we have a night.

Luke is amazed that Emily could insult him while never directly saying anything bad. And all he could do was thank her all night. He feels like crap.

Lorelai is standing alone with the blindfold on – Logan grabs ‘Ace’ and drags her to a waiting car. Despite the fact that Rory can recognize the voices of both Colin and Finn, she needs to be blindfolded from seeing their destination. Logan mentions that their little road trip is overnight. Logan acts innocent about forgetting to tell her.

Richard phones Luke at the diner to set up a game of golf the next day. And it sounds like Richard has Margie back at the firm, he must be happy about that. Luke basically has no choice but to go.

Hours later, Rory and her crew arrive to a forested location. Logan grabs Rory, then a lantern, and they walk. He pulls Rory’s blindfold off when they arrive to a city of canvas tents and candlelit tables.

Luke is seeking out a book on golf that his father had. Despite Lorelai’s pleas, he feels that he has no choice but to go. When Luke won’t back out, Lorelai tries to call Richard to get him to cancel. Richard says it’s his right. Golf it will be.

The outing is a little more sophisticated than Rory expected – she even has her own private tent. Rory goes inside and calls Dean to say she can’t make dinner.

Lane and Zack meet in the living room for their date. Driving somewhere is complicated – requiring they stop for gas, oil change and money. So they have their first date there, in the living room. They watch the movie they started last night. Brian comes in and sits right between them. Zack tells Brian that he and Lane are on a date – yes, despite it being exactly what they did the previous night. So, Lane suggests Brian go into her room. Zack hints maybe they should leave her room empty, but Lane only insists Brian go in her room more strongly.

Rory is all set to take notes. All the Life & Death Brigade-rs are in period costumes. They ignore Rory, until one group decides to instruct her that the letter “e” is banished from conversation. Stephanie – “gorilla girl” – fills Rory in that they are an anarchy group. They do not have leaders. Though she’s blabbing secrets she shouldn’t be. Stephanie also thinks that Rory is interested in Logan because he’s cute.

Rory makes no headway in asking some guys about their safari-themed dress. So, she goes to collect her notes. Logan later comes to eat his dinner with her, and smiles at her warmly as she asks question after question. Like, where are they and how is it paid for? Logan sets down the rules of her being there (getting her there took some arm twisting – hence the walls she’s been hitting): no names, no photos, no physical descriptions, and no naming of places. And she must agree not to interfere with the integrity of the event.

The crowd sings a pretty & drunk rendition of ‘Time Goes By,’ and Logan is called off by two pretty ladies. Rory takes notes.

Lane and Zack are done their movie. So, Zack walks Lane to her door. Lane goes in, but Brian is passed out on her bed. He’s a heavy sleeper, so Zack has to haul him over his shoulder to get him out. With Brian over his shoulder, Zack leans in to kiss Lane.

The next morning, Rory comes out and finds Logan in a tuxedo. He tells her that her outfit will interfere with the integrity of their event. And suggests Rory look around her tent again. So, Rory checks it out and finds a box under the bed.

Richard and Luke are at the golf course, though Richard didn’t immediately recognize him. Though Luke had anticipated renting clubs, Richard says that owning is the thing. So, Luke goes to the pro shop.

Rory comes out of her tent in a blue satin ball gown with blue embroidered flowers and vines that Logan has picked out for her. The dress matches Rory’s eyes. There is a dark blue sash that Rory puts on. Logan and Rory run up late to the assembly – the 138th Grand Assembly of the Life and Death Brigade. They raise a champagne toast with “In omnia paratus”. The toast includes tipping a drink into a partner’s mouth – Logan and Rory share. They hit a gong and run off cheering.

Time for games – girls in chariots are being carried around, playing croquet. Some guys are paintballing each other as they jump off a trampoline. Rory asks Logan if this is “the” big stunt of the gathering.

It’s golf time. Richard is on his game. Luke is off his. When asked about his other hobbies, Luke panics and says reading. He can only think of one author. Some SciFi guy with the last name Dick. To which Richard says sarcastically:

“Right, then. I’ll look Dick up on he Internet and see what comes up.”

They get behind at the golf course. Walking on, Richard asks if Luke has considered franchising his diners. 5-7 to start with. And offers to pass Luke his number. Richard is already talking a national chain and an IPO. Luke is getting drawn in.

The big event nears – a scaffolding tower has been set up, with umbrellas on top. There are four people up there, Logan will make 5. And Logan invites Rory to take spot 6, since Finn is out of commission already. Rory says that the press don’t participate – unfortunately, Logan knows his press history and can debate that easily with examples of journalists who have participated and whose work has benefited. Logan tells Rory she looks like she needs a little adventure; that she’s sheltered. Something stupid, bad and different. The point of being young. Not climbing up there is just more time she hasn’t lived.

Rory climbs on up that 7-storey scaffold. They clip a safety belt onto Rory and give her an umbrella. The crowd below is chanting ‘in omnia paratus’.

“Do you trust me?” asks Logan

“You jump, I jump, Jack.”

“I really should have confirmed that those potatoes were ok”

Logan freaks out Rory, grabs her by the hand, and together they jump! The landing was a little hard, but exhilarating. Rory is beaming and still holding Logan’s hand. Logan tells ‘Ace’ she did good.

“It’s a once in a lifetime experience!”

“Only if you want it to be…”

Logan leaves that very open-ended.

Luke calls Lorelai about walking into Richard’s plan to franchise Luke’s Diner. He seems to already have a team working for him. And Richard wants to shave Luke. A Luke who is now tipsy, drinking whiskey instead of beer, to look more sophisticated. And he’s now at the driving range, practicing with his clubs-that-cost-the-same-as-a-car. Luke also made the mistake of saying he likes the Greeks, so Richard expects him to read the Iliad and Odyssey. Lorelai tells Luke to sober up and come home.

Emily confronts Richard as soon as he comes home. She is angry with Richard for golfing with Luke, for encouraging him. Emily says that Luke is not good enough for Lorelai. Richard knows this – and, to this end, aims to manage Luke’s new franchise. Make him a figurehead only (since he’s not a capable businessman) – some guy on the menu. All with the aim to give Luke credibility, were he to be a significant part of Lorelai’s life in the future.

Rory is back home and working fervently on her laptop, with notebooks strewn all around. Lorelai calls and tells Rory about Luke’s upsetting experience with Emily and Richard. Rory asks Lorelai if she seems too timid – does she take enough chances? Life chances.

There is a knock at Rory’s door. Outside, the gorilla mask, a bottle of champagne, and her camera. Complete with pictures of Rory jumping from the scaffolding! Including a close-up of Rory and Logan on their way down. Rory smiles.

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