Gilmore Girls 3.06 "Take the Deviled Eggs…"


Gilmore Girls 3.06 “Take the Deviled Eggs…”
Original Air Date: November 5, 2002 (Recap date: January 21, 2008)
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Discussion Questions:

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  • Is it suspicious about Jess having a car?
  • Should Rory go to the baby shower?
  • Why did Rory hide talking to Chris from Lorelai?
  • Rory now is the one to remind Lorelai that Chris cares for her – is that an odd reversal of her feelings?
  • Should Rory be annoyed that Jess has a car? Why didn’t Rory get a new car with the insurance money?
  • A cesarean takes a lot of recovery time – why would a busy woman want that versus natural childbirth?
  • Why does Sherry want to share so much with Lorelai?
  • Why did Jess get a job at Walmart, instead of something in Stars Hollow?
  • Was egging Jess’ car Rory’s catharsis, or Lorelais?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap & Photos:

Lorelai’s project – to call companies to stop getting duplicate catalogues. But gets bored and Rory gets stuck with it.

Taylor was pooped on by a bird and now wants to make it a town issue. Put spikes on the light poles. Jesus interrupts the meeting looking for Miss Patty – they have a date. The crowd goes “ooooh.” The town loner, the backpack guy, has put in a request to stage a protest. He’s their “Boo Radley.” Taylor rejects the application.

Jess has a beat up car now. Rory sees and goes home. Luke didn’t know about the car. Luke doesn’t know where he got the money for the car. He goes to ask Jess. Jess says Gypsy gave him a good deal. Luke asks about insurance, gas – how will he pay for those? Luke signs his registration.

Sherry has mailed Rory an invite to her baby shower. Rory admits she has talked to Chris a bit. Rory wants to apologize to Lorelai for that. Reminds Lorelai that Chris will always care about her, after Lorelai asks if Chris wants to know how she is. Decides to go to the baby shower – to be in Chris’ world means being in Sherry’s. And it is her half brother or sister.

Jess is up early before school to “run errands.” Tells Luke he borrowed $10 from the register.

Kirk pretends to be a car aficionado. Gypsy is thrilled at Jackson’s broken truck. Luke comes to talk to Gypsy about Jess’ car – wants to know if the money looked suspicious.

Taylor is talking with Reverend and Rabbi, who share the church; they may let the loner protest there. Their decision is outside the enforcement of the town council – which annoys Taylor. They do a good job of making fun of Taylor.

Luke snoops around Jess’ things. Lane is outraged on Rory’s behalf about Jess having a car. Yells at Jess, which causes a scene. Rory does, of course, notice the bra in the back seat.

Lorelai drives Rory into Boston – Sherry spots the Jeep. Insists Lorelai come to the party. The baby will be named GiGi – short for Georgia (the two Gs). Turns out Lorelai is the only mom in the room. The “there aren’t that many Christopher’s” statement is too true in that room. They all seem to look down on Lorelai for not having read parenting books.

Baby game time – Rory is so glad Lorelai is there! Karaoke – songs without saying the “baby” phrases. Turns out green is the new pink. Sherry has her cesarean scheduled – so not to interrupt work.

They talk about the surprise of Sherry’s pregnancy. That Sherry is not a ‘baby’ person – Chris is. Rory going to Harvard comes up – it’s just minutes from Sherry & Chris’ place. Talking about Rory visiting often and sleeping over. Already have a key for her.

Sherry talks to Lorelai privately about how good Chris is with the pregnancy. That he talks to her stomach. Lorelai looks ready to jump out of her skin. Sherry says it’s all thanks to Lorelai. They had a rocky patch but after hearing of the baby, and whatever Lorelai said to him, he came back attentive and devoted. That he didn’t want to miss it again.

Lorelai excuses herself. Messes up Sherry’s organized bathroom cabinet. Rory senses the meltdown and comes to lend an ear. Says Sherry is copying her – having a girl with a 2 syllable repeating consonant name like Rory’s.

Jess noticies that Luke went through his stuff. Jess admits he goes to a place that pays him for his services. No, he’s not a gigolo. He’s been working at Walmart. Gives Luke a good laugh. The all-American boy working at Walmart, eating apple pie.

The drive home is entertaining. Sherry mocking. But angry. Rory suggests a new catharsis – egging Jess’ car. With the leftover deviled eggs. Take great pleasure in it, and then in speeding off making their own ‘squealing’ sound. Just because.

A crowd has gathered for the protest – to see what is being protested. The loner goes up the church tower and drops a banner – but he does so backwards. It rips when he tries to turn it around. And nobody can hear what he’s yelling.

Jess notices his car and calls Luke over. Luke notices they are deviled eggs, says someone must hate him a lot. Lorelai and Rory giggle. They go for breakfast – anything but eggs.

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