Gilmore Girls 2.12 "Richard in Stars Hollow"


Gilmore Girls 2.12 “Richard in Stars Hollow”
Original Air Date: January 29, 2002 (Recap date: December 27, 2007)
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Discussion Questions:

  • Did you find it odd that they wouldn’t think about Rory’s future husband and kids in the mausoleum?
  • Is Richard happy being retired? Or bored?
  • Why does Richard feel compelled to lecture Emily and Lorelai about everything?
  • Is Lorelai’s manner unprofessional in business?
  • Does Richard not respect Lorelai because of how she does business?
  • Does Richard think Rory can’t get into Harvard without help?
  • What really is the source of the conflict between Dean and Richard? Is it the car? Their previous argument? Machismo?
  • Was Lorelai out of place to lecture Richard?
  • Lorelai feels guilt after Richard admits he feels obsolete. But is that an excuse for his behavior?
  • Is Rory pleased that Jess pulled a prank on her behalf?
  • Why doesn’t Richard talk with Emily about his issues with being retired?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap & Photos:

Emily grills Lorelai about being single. Wanting to know the odds of Lorelai staying single. Because the family mausoleum is running out of space. They decide to move the boring relatives into an annex.

Richard is noticing every little detail of their lives now. Emily is not used to having him home. Lorelai assures her they will adjust – then asks what yummy dish she’s eating. Sweetbread – pancreas. Face falls.

Paris is freaking out trying to win the Oppenheimer Award for their work at the Franklin. She wants to be at the New York Times level.

Richard’s observations are driving Emily mad. He wants to go with her everywhere too. She entices him to go to the club instead.

Lorelai and Rory pick up movies – Rory observes some kids looking at a ‘mature’ tape cover and mentions it to Kirk (who works there).

Emily calls in a whisper to ask Lorelai to take Richard off her hands. She is going insane.

Lorelai is not looking forward to being alone with Richard all day. He comes over and suggests Lorelai just do what she would normally do. So, they read the paper together. It works out well. Then go to Luke’s, though Richard has eaten. Though he lectures her about proper eating. So Lorelai goes to beg Luke to get her a grapefruit.

Paris’ big idea for the paper: expose the seedy underbelly of small town life – starting with Stars Hollow. She basically demands Rory to help her, though Rory was supposed to spend time with Richard.

Richard has seen all of Stars Hollow minus seeing Lorelai at work. So, he pays her a visit. Rory breaks the news of not coming home. Paris interrogates Luke, practically accusing him of having drug deals and prostitutes in his diner. Jess plays along to annoy Luke. Rory drags Paris out.

Lorelai is dealing with a missing linens issue but it’s not long before Richard puts on his ‘mad parent’ face and lectures her about how she conducts business calls. She is not following proper ‘procedure’. Lorelai looks like she wants to pummel him.

Paris cannot find the seedy underbelly. Taylor pops out to congratulate Rory on being so respectible. He has put most of the town’s videos behind the ‘Rory curtain‘ – so many are objectionable in his standard! Paris has her story of small town censorship!

Rory can now entertain Richard for dinner. He sees Rory’s room and lectures Lorelai about setting Rory onto Harvard too soon – what about Yale? He could easily get her in there. He wants to ‘handle it’ all – meaning decide for Rory and get her in. No Lorelai involvement, because she doesn’t “know enough” about Ivy League systems.

Dean has finished Rory’s car! Richard says Rory can’t accept a car a ‘child’ put together. Richard lectures about safety. Dean has checked it and so has Gypsy – he knows it’s safe. But Richard is dismissive. The only way to settle the head bashing is to go get the car checked again. When Gypsy finds nothing wrong with it, Richard insists she look again. And will keep asking ‘as many times as it takes’ to presumably find some error.


Dean tries to calm down the situation but their old argument comes up. Dean accuses Richard of hating him, but Richard says he hardly knows him. So then Dean says he could ask him any question, but he still does not have the answer to what he wants to do or where he wants to go to college. And makes it clear that Richard was too up-front in asking those when he went to dinner. Richard admits his timing on that conversation was ‘off.’ They make peaceful small talk, but Dean saying he loves Rory makes Richard uncomfortable. Though Richard says honesty is admirable.

Gypsy tore of the wipers to be able to show a fault to Richard and go home. Richard is satisfied the car is safe, though not that it’s an appropriate gift.

Richard tells Rory she can have the car. Rory goes to get dinner while Lorelai vents her mind to Richard. Asks if she ever came to his work and criticized him, or passed judgment on what he wears? His ‘opinions’ were not appropriate or wanted, in front of employees or friends especially. He thinks he was providing constructive criticism. And then Lorelai says that he is never allowed to overrule her word in her own house (re: the car). They are her rules and he simply has to deal with it. He doesn’t have to be satisfied with whether the car is safe or not – she does. That he is not acting like an invited guest.

He knows he was not invited. That Emily wanted him gone. He doesn’t know how to deal with being a ‘drone’ not a productive member of society. He feels like an annoyance and a burden. That he is obsolete. Then excuses himself from dinner.

Rory’s picture is in the window of the movie store. Jess laughs at her. She doesn’t like being the poster girl for censorship. He tells Rory to relax – that it won’t be around long. He put ‘surprise’ movies into the two remaining uncensored videos (Dumbo, Bambi).

Emily is very perky after her day alone. He does not mention the fight or that he hasn’t had dinner. He agrees that it was good for him to get out. And goes into his study to ‘organize the stamps’ but really to sit and look despondent.


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7 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls 2.12 "Richard in Stars Hollow"

  • December 27, 2007 at 7:07 pm

    Every time I watch this episode, I’m not sure whose side I am on! At first, I’m feeling bad for Lorelai because Richard is critiquing everything she does! Lorelai worked her way up from absolutely nothing. She went from being a maid to running an inn by herself! How she does her job may not seem professional to Richard, but that’s how she’s always been doing it and obvioiusly it worked pretty well for her. I didn’t think Lorelai was too harsh with her father, but after he said his side of the story, I did feel a little bad for him. If only he and Emily would talk more often, maybe he wouldn’t have to bottle all his feelings inside like that!

  • December 27, 2007 at 8:04 pm

    I feel bad for poor Lorelai,because Richard is insult about her outfit(work shirt) and focus her eat grapefruit,but he manipulate her about food. Richard bother Lorelai all days and make she uncomforable with him at INN.Rory’s true dream that she really want go to Havard,not yale and Lorelai try tell anything,but Richard not listen.I feel and think he is very stubborn this episode.

  • December 28, 2007 at 7:13 am

    I can feel Richard’s pride in Lorelei, but his unwillingness to let it all hang out. He is bored and Emily is aggravated having him underfoot all the time. As for Richard & Dean – Richard sees a young man who might sway Rory from all her goals and he freaks out. He does not want another Lorelei screwing up her life because of an indiscretion. Actually, it is a very fatherly/grandfatherely concern on his part, unfortunely he is rather rude about it.

  • December 28, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    i think she been a bit 2 hard on him in this episode. He worked at a very professinal place and thats what hes use to and he dosnt like the fact that Lorelai flurts get things because he not use to watching people do that and I can see why he didnt want Rory to have that car but Im clade that after they checked he said it was ok and Lorelai should have just left like that.

  • December 29, 2007 at 11:45 am

    While this episode is funny, it always makes me sad to think that Lorelai’s father is so disconnected and excluded from things. And, when he says he is obsolete. Lauren Graham’s face says it all…it is so sad. To think, he has never been invited to her house. Yet, you can see that they care for each other, but they just do not know how to communicate. He has conducted his life in such a specific way, it is hard for him to see any other way. And, Lorelai is so independant. I love Rory’s car.

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