Gilmore Girls 1.10 "Forgiveness and Stuff"


Gilmore Girls 1.10 "Forgiveness and Stuff"
Original Air Date: December 21, 2000 (Recap date: November 20, 2007)
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Gilmore Girls Forgiveness and Stuff

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

Christmas Pageant Rehearsal at  Miss Patty’s. Lorelai helps on alterations while Rory looks for baby Jesus’ arm. They are still mad at each other.

Lane says giving a book to Dean sends the wrong message. That it’s a friend gift, not a girlfriend gift.

Emily reminds Lorelai about the Christmas dinner party. Lorelai says she’ll be late, so Emily un-inivtes her. The first dinner she’ll ever miss. Emily says she’s not happy with the way she was treated and is tired of forcing Lorelai to do things. Rory will go without her.

Rory calls Lorelai immature for not going to the party. And reminds Lorelai that she does enjoy parts of the party – the apple tarts, for example. Rory tries to apologize to Emily for her mistake and to ask that she not be mad at Lorelai.

Lorelai, meanwhile, is eating bagged salad since her pizza is late. Not quite the same as a Gilmore dinner. She hears a noise – it’s Dean tapping at Rory’s window. Dean takes the opportunity to apologize. He doesn’t want to be on bad footing with Lorelai. Lorelai reminds Dean of when she had Rory and Rory’s plans to go to Harvard. Dean assures her he will not hurt Rory.

"She will go to Harvard. And if she doesn’t, it won’t be because of me."

Lorelai assures Dean she doesn’t hate him. And encourages him to use the door next time.

Lorelai gives up on her pizza and goes to Luke’s. Luke calls Lorelai crazy for not forbidding Rory to see Dean. But Lorelai defends him. Says he’s not trouble – he’s beautiful and in love with Rory. Lorelai asks for the menu – not the burger she gets every day. Something festive. She tells Luke about the great food and big tree at the holiday party – the only Gilmore party she enjoys.

Luke helps Lorelai understand her feelings about why she’s unhappy about being left out. She likes the party. Rory is there without her. She and Rory are in a fight. She feels bad about being separated at a time they usually share together. Very perceptive, our Luke.

Richard is getting all worked up about a colleague in London who edited firm documents without letting anyone know. He’s irritated and hot. The guests all miss Lorelai’s addition to the party.

To cheer up Lorelai, Luke makes her burger into a Santa head.

"Noone has ever made me something quite this disgusting before. I thank you."

Lorelai misses a call – while she’s checking it, Taylor comes in to trade a Christmas carol for hot chocolate.

"Oh my God! My father’s… in the hospital."

Lorelai is beside herself. Luke won’t let her just call a cab – he offers to drive her.

"But there’s food and there’s people and there’s a burger with a face."

Luke ushers everyone out of the diner, all meals on him. Lorelai is obsessed over Rory’s short message that Richard was in the hospital and to come. No details. Lorelai is bitter she has no good childhood memories of her dad. But she realizes that’s the way he is – he was brought up that way, was a good provider, was responsible. Luke tells Lorelai she’s a great mom – Lorelai says it’s the daughter part she has to work on. Hearing that, Luke pushes the truck past its speed limits to get Lorelai to the hospital.

Emily cannot get word on Richard. Their own doctor comes in and takes over trying to get info. She tells Rory not to call Lorelai, but then ducks around the corner to place a call herself. But, she calls the home number, not the cell. Lorelai and Luke are lost in the hospital, but Emily’s yelling leads them on. Lorelai negotiates with the nurse to do the paperwork while she gets word on how Richard is.

First, Emily was surprised to see Lorelai there, and then surprised at her tact with the nurse. Emily was recounting the night when she notices Luke and asks if they were on a date. But, Lorelai is curt in replying that ‘it’s just Luke’, and therefore no date.

Lorelai encourages Emily to follow her past the  no-admittance doors. Rory comes back and sits with Luke, who helps to comfort her. Lorelai comes out to say that Richard’s tests are almost done. She and Rory hug. Rory wants to make herself useful by getting coffee. Lorelai comforts Rory by saying Richard will be ok – Rory is in a panic about losing a grandfather she is only just starting to know.

Luke is again Mr. Supportive – he commends Lorelai for being brave for Rory’s sake. And tells her to think positive.

"Rainbows. Unicorns. Clouds. Little, cute, furry… ok, I’m out"

Emily is busying herself securing the best room for Richard. Luke is getting a little fidgety being in a hospital. Lorelai notices he doesn’t look good, which is odd for him.

"You always look good."

"Yeah?" (smile)

"I mean, you always look healthy."

Luke smiles at Lorelai’s discomfort over admitting she finds him attractive.

Richard is rolled by, all pale and groggy. Lorelai is afraid to go into the room with him. While Emily and Rory go in, Lorelai makes excuses to stay out. Luke tries to get Lorelai to admit she’s afraid and to go in. Rory is reading the paper to Richard. She gives him a hug before going to look for Lorelai.

Emily fusses over Richard’s pillows, while he wants a serious talk. He tells her where to find their insurance information and his will. She doesn’t want to listen.

"No, I did not sign on to your dying. And it is not going to happen. Not tonight, not for a very long time. In fact, I demand to go first."

Richard sees what love he has in Emily. She is very afraid.

Lorelai tells Rory that Dean came over, and that she knows nothing happened. She trusts Rory. It was just panic. They missed each other that night – and Rory even tries to lie and say there were no apple tarts to spare her mother’s feelings.

Emily comes out and sits down next to Luke. Emily unburdens herself a bit to Luke. Luke tells her how he kept many of his father’s things from the hardware store when he made it into a diner. Emily applauds him for honoring his father’s work. Emily prods him about his relationship with Lorelai. When he says there is nothing going on, she calls them both idiots.

Lorelai works up the courage to go see her dad. He’s dozing – when he realizes she’s there, they both make to speak, but Emily comes back into the room. The doctor says he has angina, and must change his lifestyle. He stares at Lorelai and they have a passing father-daughter moment.

Lorelai leaves the room and breaks down crying on Luke’s shoulder. He cheers her up and offers her coffee stolen from the nurses lounge. Luke will drive Rory home – Lorelai encourages her to call Dean.

The next day, Lorelai comes by the diner to give Luke a thank you / early Christmas gift. The blue baseball cap! He puts it on right away. They stand at the window to watch the rehearsal for the pageant and Lorelai tells Luke the hat looks good on him.

"Good how?"

But Lorelai does not answer – Luke just smiles at her.

Discussion Questions:

  • Does Emily realize she forces Lorelai to do things? If so, why does she continue to do so in the future?
  • Why is the Christmas party so much smaller than normal Gilmore parties?
  • In the start of the season, Lorelai seemed to be seeing Luke as more than a friend. So, why here does she say he’s "just Luke" and imply she would not date him?
  • Do you think, at this stage, Emily wants Lorelai to date Luke?
  • Is Lorelai flirting with Luke when she gives him the hat? How does Max fit into the picture?

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8 thoughts on “Gilmore Girls 1.10 "Forgiveness and Stuff"

  • November 21, 2007 at 9:24 am

    In Lorelai’s world, she values friendship the most.
    She is best friends with her daughter, she would do anything for Sookie, and the people in the town. I think, it is hard for her to get past the friendship. Over time her desire wins out and she comes to love Luke like a companion through life…But, her idea of love and expectations are very high and it is hard for any man to live up to them….Emily revels in her ability to know something that Lorelai is dening, that is her feelings for Luke. Emily will always tell people what to do, and expect them to act in a certain way. Because, these qualities are engrained in her. Like her high expectations of her domestic workers and others. Emily and Lorelai are more alike than they like to admit, I think…

  • November 21, 2007 at 9:39 am

    this is such an amazing episode. i love all the LL things but the thing that i think i like the most is when richard is trying to tell emily things about the will and the stock information and she just keeps talking and then finally he goes, “emily when i die…”

    and she’s like, “no.”

    and gives this speech and says she demands to go first and everything and i just think it’s the nicest thing ever. they love each other so much.

    i think it’s really cool to see into that side of their relationship instead of the corperate side.

  • November 21, 2007 at 11:10 am

    I like this episode and I love Luke alway there for Lorelai at the hosptail like in 7 season too.

  • November 21, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    Mary, do you think Emily could be happy because she realizes she knows something about her daughter? Something even Lorelai won’t admit to herself?

    In the first season, Emily really battles with ‘knowing’ her, so I could see that influencing her actions.

  • November 24, 2007 at 5:35 am

    The “vulnerability” episode – all the characteristics that make up Emily and Lorelai who they are come crashing down. This episode gave me insight as to how this show was more than just quick repartee entertainment …. character development at work.

    Oh it is just as great show and I miss it.

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  • September 3, 2017 at 3:48 am

    This episode is clearly shown to follow on from the previous one: the formal dance was Saturday night and this is mostly about the next Friday dinner which is the Gilmore’s Xmas party.

    Striking things are: Richard’s hospital stay, Lorelai/Dean and Luke/Lorelai.

    Richard and Emily’s close relationship is clear here – they have a very touching exchange which concludes with him promising Emily that she can go first. Also, in many ways whilst Lorelai has the most, and the most heated, arguments with her mother, this is an early scene which shows that it’s perhaps her father that she has the biggest rift with as she’s so scared to go in and see him.

    Lorelai/Dean is a nice little scene which is one of the earliest showing the friendship that they will have. She forgives him alongside Rory rather than only forgiving Rory (an interesting contrast with the aftermath of the car accident in season 2). She even defends him to Luke later.

    Luke and Lorelai have a number of good scenes – him making the Santa burger, closing the diner to take her to hospital and her giving him the cap. The scene at the end where they watch the procession and Lorelai’s comments about not being anywhere else could be taken as Stars Hollow being Lorelai’s home and Luke being the person belonging there. Also, Emily seems to see their feelings for each other – and, at this point, does not seem to object. Perhaps because she felt she was on the verge of losing her own partner.

    As for the questions:

    – Does Emily realize she forces Lorelai to do things? If so, why does she continue to do so in the future?

    Yes, even though I also think she doesn’t like it being that way. She wants Lorelai to do the things she sees as right or obvious and the problem is that Lorelai seems them differently. I think that it’s because she thinks they are the things to do that she keeps pushing Lorelai to do them. Also – it would be a hard habit to break after 30 odd years!

    – Why is the Christmas party so much smaller than normal Gilmore parties?

    Umm, I was a little surprised at the size, but I didn’t know if it was typical. I don’t know. Maybe the Xmas one is always small as it’s a dinner party with a sit-down meal rather than a buffet party?

    – In the start of the season, Lorelai seemed to be seeing Luke as more than a friend. So, why here does she say he’s “just Luke” and imply she would not date him?

    I think because, firstly, she has Max: her first boyfriend she had in the house since Rory was born. Also, because she’s talking to her mother – she doesn’t want her mother’s scrutiny of Luke (or of anyone else!).

    – Do you think, at this stage, Emily wants Lorelai to date Luke?

    She doesn’t come across as disapproving, certainly.

    – Is Lorelai flirting with Luke when she gives him the hat? How does Max fit into the picture?

    No, I think she’s genuinely giving him a present that she thinks fits him. However, it is a very interesting gift given Lane’s speech to Rory at the start of the episode that’s effectively about the difference between a friend gift (how the book was like Dean giving Rory a football) and a gift for a partner that they would want or choose for themselves. Lorelai’s gift is definitely the latter. On that note, I think Rory’s gift is a foreshadowing of the temporary split later in the season – Rory is still very new to the relationship and her responses to Dean are very tentative and it takes her a while to realise what she feels.


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