Alexis Bledel single again!!

Alexis Bledel made an appearance on Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday (July 3) to talk about Gilmore Girls.

During the interview, they asked Alexis Bledel if she was dating and she said "Um – no, no. Not right now, um – no"

So this is it…

Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia have broken up!!

Here is a video of the interview:

So sad, they were the cutest couple ever! :(

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  1. Naboo says:

    It’s too bad that they have broken up they looked like they were a great cupple something must have gone realy bad since they have been together for so long. They seemed like they were very happy. In that intervivew Alexis did seem kind of sore on the subject. and wanted to get off it quickly.

  2. ummh says:

    ummh well first off all milo is freakin HOT!! and second of all not because he is an asshole to “rory” in GG means that in real life he is an asshole to Alexis. And i think they might end up 2gether in GG and in real life (atleast i hope)But i just wanna say I absolutley LUV MILO!!!

  3. Amanda says:

    i dont the that milo calling alexis the “c” word is true.. i mean it was on gawker, which always gives out false info… i mean if you read it on one of the official sites then maybe… but i really dont think its true. i know i dont know them as a couple or anything… but jsut seeing htem together makes it look like they’re in love. and being togehter for over 3 years has to mean that they were happy together and were in love. im really upset that they broke up… haha i know thats pathetic.. but they were such a sweet couple. and they were together for so long. i loved how there love on gilmore girls turned into reality… and even after there couple on gilmore girls broke up.. which was horrible by the way, the real couple was still together. and it kinda made up for rory and jess not being togehter. and them being together made it more of a possibility for milo to come back for a few episodes in hte last season… i think its really sad. i loved htem togehter. i think it was because of the long distance thing.. i mean milos going to be in new york for a while and alexis is staying in LA.. thats a long ways away. i think maybe they broke up in fear of havi ng trouble in a long distance relationship. i hope they get back together!


  4. ummh says:

    Amanda I agree MILO IS HOTT and i’m in love with him too.

    ohh and if anyone has myspace layout for GG Please tell me.Ohh and one more thing i seen websites that people have where they have icons Of GG and in the bottom of the icon it says “I adopted this icon” where do you guys get them? just please someone tell me where to go to get icons and myspace layouts for GG.

  5. ummh says:

    sorry you guy don’t know why it doubled

  6. Rachie says:

    I wont Milo and Alexis back together.
    I love them they’re like a Love Roll-model.
    they like like True Love and i wont them back together.
    If Alexis or Milo’s Family (or Alexis and Milo)
    Read this GET BACK TOGETHER…
    p.s- maybe they are still together you shouldnt beleive everything you read and about the
    Live with Regis and Kelly thing maybe she just said that so poperotize would lay off i mean i like pictures but F**k off and Let them life they’re lifes in a good way. i know you wouldnt like it.

  7. Erin says:

    i loved them together!!!!
    and i was just wondering, what’s the “c” word?
    sorry but i’m a little slow today

  8. Erin says:

    ok i just read above, apparently it’s “cunt”
    and what does that mean? like i said, i’m a little slow today

  9. Punk princess says:

    nooo!! i hope they’ll be together again.. they were the cutest couple ever:) love u alexis nd milo..

  10. Michelle says:


    jess and rory stay 2gether 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. lori says:

    i think theyre adorable so i hope they get back 2gether. i agree with amanda milo is a 10

  12. tom says:

    can someone explain now what the meaning of cunt is. i’m not that good in englisch

  13. Indie says:

    Cunt is a bad word for females.

  14. shaw says:

    That’s so sad I hope they get back together,i love milo&alexis!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. renn says:

    I love Milo and Alexis. THey are the cutest

  16. LITERATIobsessed says:

    they are cute and does any1 have proof of how they broke up?

  17. rayc says:

    there is some rumor that they had a fight in the street and he called her the C word but its not proven!

  18. LITERATIobsessed says:

    what c word come on gimme a code or soemthing or put stars inbetween each letter

  19. Rayc says:


  20. LITERATIobsessed says:

    OHH, HAHA thanx i highly doubt that he caled her that, i heard there was a gight too but i heard that a reporter went up to them taking pictures and that milo told them to “back the f*ck off”

  21. scott says:

    Yes, HAHA. The reporter was taking pictures and that’s why she broke up with him. I swear some of you seem to be more upset then she is-she’s moved on with life. Maybe some of you should too! Or at least let the rest of us know what your smoking because it certainly helps you ignore reality.

  22. literatiobsessed says:

    oh scott get over yourself, this board is for them as a couple so shoo

  23. i says:

    i cant belivee theyy brokee uppp itss not for goodd they were so good togetherr especaillyy on gg miloo shouldd comee backk

  24. Ruud says:

    I’ve read the rumors too about the fight and I think people are overreacting terribly. So what if he called her the C word. Things happen in the heat of the moment and suddenly people start blowing it all out of proportion cause it’s Milo talking to Alexis. If it would be any other couple I would doubt if you guys would even have turned your heads, and if you did you would probably go right back to your coffee’s after…so … And about their break-up ofcourse it is sad but Things happen…they always say 3 years is a crucial milestone in any relationship. So maybe their was just not enough ground to continue. They’ll both be fine.

  25. LITERATIobsessed says:

    i hope they will be fin! and by the way “ruud” they really did break-up alexis even said so..

  26. paraderainer says:

    ok, u ppl are all on somethin. do u really feel it is nessecary to have whole pages about someone else’s love life???? seriously! get a life! i mean, i liked them together too, but i aint cryin over it because it didnt work out for them. (key word, THEM. not any of you.) would u want ppl in your buisness if u broke up w/ your bf? (or gf) doubt it!! i mean, if this were about them as a couple on gg, then thas different, because rory and jess arent real ppl. they are characters, but in real life, they would prolly want u to butt out of it! so u should do just that!…and find somethin better to do w/your time than write in thes stupid things back and forth about something u, really, have no buisness even knowing about. so thay were good together, big deal! they broke up, moved on, and prolly would want to forget about it, (i know i would) and u should do the same.

  27. Abby says:

    Rory is 2 pretty 4 him Milo is cute but they just dont go 2gether obssesed fans get it through your heads they r not the cutest couple eve am n jf were

  28. Annabelle says:

    It’s too bad they broke up. I don’t really believe the whole calling Alexis names is true but if it is that is to bad he is like that. However, I really wish there were details because in pictures and from the show it looked like they could have been best friends as well.

  29. Jay says:

    just because she said it on some lame TV show (and wasn’t certain about it, btw), it doesn’t mean they’ve broken up. maybe they were in a fight or something at the moment. maybe they just wanted to delude the public. who knows.
    broken up or not, they’re really a cute couple.

  30. TRUE GILMORE FAN says:

    guys i dont think they have broken up……..maybe they just want to keep the relationship private ( i totally agree with jay)
    think about it…….. if ur a celebrity dating another celebrity the media’s gonna be all over you ……. so like wouldn’t u want 2 keep it private so they wouldnt be all over you?

    AND GAWKER IS SOOO FAKE!!! he did not call her the c word!!!!!

  31. TRUE GILMORE FAN says:

    i bet “paraderainer” aint got no love life lol

  32. rory&jess4eva!! says:

    hahahha i agree

  33. gL says:

    Jeez, so what if Bledel & Ventimiglia broke up? They’re people like the rest of us with normal relationship issues.
    Let’s just live and let live ok.

  34. emma says:

    Omg no way! i can’t belive it this suxs!

  35. Rayc says:

    umm Milo’s publisist confirmed it. And in an interview on Regis and Kelly, Alexis was asked if she was single and she said yes… What more proof do you want?

  36. Johannah says:

    they were “cute” together but im glad they broke up… do you know what this means? MILO IS SINGLE!!!! ((sigh))

  37. HALLEE says:

    milo and alexis were a good couple on and off set i love them together i hope they get back to gether i just found out they broke up last i heard they where talking about marragie but i love them together!!

    do any of you no if alexis is dating the guy who played tristan – chad michael murray or did she date jared padalecki a.k.a dean?

  38. hal says:

    they were the best cople eva i love them godd luck lexis and good luck milo

  39. Zoro69 says:

    I never liked Milo or Jess. He seems weird – bad vibe. Angry. I am GLAD they are not together – YES! I wish Alexis and Matt Czuchry would hook up seriously. I get a much better vibe from him, plus, Matt is seriously darling and has a body, and not a mushed in little mouth-breathing head like Milo. Milo is a 90 pound weakling – IMO. So glad lovely Alexis dumped him. Matt & Alexis – PLEASE.

  40. Eva says:

    If you don’t know what the C-word means, you’re probably too young to know.

  41. Joe says:

    maybe she was cheating on Milo and this is why he called het you know used “c” word… as many ideas as many thoughts as many reasons, we will never know why they have broken up, pozdro:)

  42. Kate says:

    YES, YES, YES! I’m very glad Alexis and Milo aren’t together. I hate her. She is soooooo ugly.

  43. jc says:

    ok..alexis is soo pretty, not ugly. Milo is freakin gorgeous and although I love the thought of him being single, he and alexis did really seem like they were in love. I think their break up was justa mutual thing to give each other space. because he was going to new york and she would stay in LA. and besides they’re celebs, and they want their privacy. the whole “c” word thing was probabyl the tablodes way of trying to get peoples attention about it. hopfully they will be together in the future because I thought they were the cutest couple both on and of gg. I’d they so come out with a gilmore girls movie jess should totally come back and be with rory.

  44. klu says:

    Yes!!! i hate alexis, and like milo!!!

  45. katie says:

    argh. i like both of them but i think it was for the best…i mean milo’s career has really taken off since they broke up.

  46. allie says:

    thats sooo sad idk that they were togther but thats sad they broke up i thought milo was sweet but i guess not i guess its his looks???=[

  47. nikki says:


  48. Nataly says:

    I Just HATE the people who’s happy for their breakup!!
    That was the most beautiful and perfect couple of all the times…In the Show and in the real life!!!
    I want them together…. Someone knows if they are dating??? With themselves or with anyone???
    Alexis is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. and Milo is almost a god…. his freakin sexy..
    I don’t believe that he said anything bad about Alexis… He told once: “She’s perfect for me… I hope I be perfect for her!”
    He was in love of her…. he didn’t do it!
    I dont know what the hell means the “C” word… if anyone can explain to me…. but I dont think he used, at least not for Alexis!!

    Alexis And Milo FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. MiloiswhatIcalladrink says:

    Milo is a jerk and he’s dating Hayden Panitierre from Heroes. he’s like a pedophile dating someone 12 years younger than him! Its like a 13 year old making out with a 1 year old baby!! Ew!!

  50. Dave says:

    YAY, this means there is hope for me again. One day. lol


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