Who Would You Cast in Stars Hollow?

Which actors and actresses could you imagine asking for a top up at Luke’s, disrupting a town meeting or even taking a seat at Friday night dinner?

That's how Sue sees it

That there’s Jane Lynch, the Glee villain in a previous life as a hospital bureaucrat. If there’s one person who could stand up to Emily Gilmore, it would be Sue Sylvester – if she were able to stop griefing Luke about his butt-chin.

Lorelai: Well, what if I fill out this information and you can go find someone who can tell us how my dad is.
Nurse Sue: I’m not supposed to…
Lorelai: Or I could go and you can stay here and continue to discuss this with my mother.
Nurse Sue: I’ll go.

It’s taken for granted that nobody could ever replace Ed Herrmann as Richard Gilmore. They’d be foolhardy to even try. However, a recent discussion on the forums led me to thinking about the wider Gilmore family, nay the Stars Hollow universe – and who might the players be.

Regular New Girl watchers might recall this rather random Taylor Swift cameo, crashing a wedding and stealing the groom (in a good way).

she's so tall, she's actually sitting down.

Who could you imagine cameo-ing in Gilmore Girls?

I’m envisaging Anna Kendrick as a squirrel-crazy Gilmore cousin, staying over at Lorelai’s for leaf-peeping season and out-weirding Postman Kirk in her bunny slippers.

Who could you imagine joining the Gilmore family? Or walking the streets of Stars Hollow?

Pics c/o TheWB/CW and Fox

How Amy Sherman-Palladino Affected American Demographics

These are the facts and they are undisputed.

Each year the American Government keeps a count of babies’ names. As a privacy safeguard, they only record names with at least 5 occurrences. In 1999 there was no record of the name Lorelai, meaning there were under 5 Lorelais born in 1999.

In 2000, the original broadcasting of Gilmore Girls began and the show aired from 2000 to 2006. Here’s what happened after that:

Year	Lorelai 1999	0 2000	0 2001	20 2002	68 2003	87 2004	99 2005	187 2006	262 2007	321 2008	312 2009	363 2010	371 2011	338 2012	376 2013	336 2014	335

Pretty cool, right? Prior to Gilmore Girls there were so few Lorelais that they didn’t even register. Last year, there were 335 baby girls named Lorelai.

The Original - well, the Original's Original.

I then added the alternate spelling of Lorelei as well as Rory. Both were present in the 1999 count, although in limited numbers: 44 Loreleis and 59 Rorys. To put that into perspective, the most popular girl’s name in 1999 was – coincidentally? – Emily. 26,537 Emilys. Lorelei and Rory both mirror the upward trend, with Rory levelling off around 400% higher than before Gilmore Girls:

Year	Lorelai	Lorelei	Rory 1999	0	44	59 2000	0	63	85 2001	20	99	142 2002	68	202	258 2003	87	226	316 2004	99	248	264 2005	187	248	283 2006	262	378	231 2007	321	430	244 2008	312	446	275 2009	363	504	287 2010	371	547	245 2011	338	585	288 2012	376	570	248 2013	336	598	283 2014	335	651	326

So far so funny, but what I found next really tickled me. Guess what happened to the number of babies named Kirk and Taylor? I am honestly not making this up.

Year	Kirk 1999	221 2000	188 2001	178 2002	161 2003	158 2004	140 2005	141 2006	121 2007	124 2008	95 2009	111 2010	102 2011	96 2012	97 2013	112 2014	103

Year	Taylor 1999	3070 2000	2853 2001	2309 2002	1964 2003	1828 2004	1612 2005	1576 2006	1628 2007	1430 2008	1364 2009	1092 2010	953 2011	897 2012	882 2013	822 2014	691

Amy Sherman-Palladino, you did this.

These are the facts and they are undisputed. All these statistics are from the US Social Security website and I have included the yearly figures in each chart’s Alt-text. Taylor and Kirk’s charts specify boys since there are girls named Taylor and Kirk too. All the Lorelais, Loreleis and Rorys are girls. There is no confirmation on whether Baby Taylor was born with a beard but I wouldn’t be surprised.

What do you think? Funny? Predicable? Or are you wondering just how much spare time I have?
Have you named a baby or a pet or something else after the Gilmore Girls?
Which other TV programmes do you think spawned or killed off certain names?  I know a 13-year old girl named Deanna, after the half-Betazoid from Star Trek: The Next Generation. To date, no sign of psychic abilities.
Do you predict the trends will continue? …bearing in mind the advance of Gilmore Girls on Netflix – or has too much time passed? Lorelai, Rory and Kirk appear to have plateaued since 2006.
Are you wondering how Jess, Dean and Logan fare against each other? Or Alexis and Lauren? Should you feel the urge to go researching, let us know what you find!

Rory’s baby pic c/o TheWB. Chart stats c/o US Social Security, charts with help from Google Docs.


How Much for Lorelai’s Autograph?

It’s about 60 bucks for Lauren Graham’s autograph on eBay. Would you get one?

chivalry is not dead

BBC’s Newsbeat has an article on the popularity of autographs in the age of the selfie and includes some choice words from Sean Gunn (Kirk Gleason) at Comic-Con:

Sean: I try to look at it from their [the fan’s] point of view… For each fan that comes up to me, that’s what they’re going to remember of me. So long as I look at everybody as individuals, it helps me not feel it’s monotonous in any way… I certainly owe them whatever honesty I can give them.

Stand-up guy, right? Just like Luke. Heh…

Lorelai: And you know what phrase I keep using? ‘Stand-up.’ ‘Luke Danes is a stand-up guy. He’s an upstanding member of Stars Hollow, a real stand-up citizen.’ People are gonna think he’s turned into a comedian.

Can you name two other things from Lorelai’s ensuing ‘monkey monkey underpants’ monologue?  Which, incidentally, oughta sit right alongside Hamlet’s soliloquy in any budding actor’s audition portfolio.

Whose autograph would you pay good money for?  I think part of the attraction of autographs is that the actor (hopefully) touched it with their own hands and unlike selfies, it’s less about showing others that you were there with them.  Less showy, more respectable. Maybe I’m just old-fashioned that way.

I am also loving how Sean comes off as chivalrous as Kirk in the scene pictured above, looking after Lorelai. He’s related to a 12th Century knight y’know.

Pic c/o TheWB

Jenny’s Wedding is uh… Coming Out this month

Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) features in Jenny’s Wedding, a movie to be released later this month.

stare battle!

You may remember this was partly funded through crowdfunding site IndieGogo early last year. They raised $96,691 of their $150,000 target in just two months.

The film centres on Katherine Heigl’s (Gray’s Anatomy) character Jenny who decides to tie the knot with her partner, Kitty (Alexis). However, Jenny’s conservative parents don’t know she’s gay, yet.

The trailer promises a topical story based on a real-life story with strong supporting performances from Tom Wilkinson as Jenny’s father, Grace Gummer (The Newsroom and Meryl Streep’s daughter) as her (probable) sister and Linda Edmond as mom. The real Jenny and her family are extras in the wedding scene and in an interview with Curve last year, Alexis said:

That’s the most satisfying part of doing this job, to know that somebody gets to see something reflected that they didn’t think anybody else was going through — to be able to identify with a story, especially one that’s told from a personal point of view, the way Mary Agnes wrote this one.

Alexis looks suitably adorable, check her out in the trailer here:

Appropriately released in the very month that the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of marriage equality across the nation, the movie comes to theatres/theaters on July 31st and in case that’s too inconvenient, fear not! It arrives on Video On Demand the day after.

Do you buy Katherine and Alexis as a couple? Or are you having the same problem as me – it’s kinda impossible not to see them as Izzy and Rory? Which actually isn’t so much a problem as a pleasantly distracting daydream.

Just how much would you donate towards a crowdfunded Gilmore Girls movie? Bearing in mind the perks for Jenny’s Wedding included coffee mugs, signed screenplays, production stills, your name in the credits, official t-shirts and dinner with the director and producers?

Pic c/o IFCFilms

Alternate-Universe Milo on Jess and Rory’s Break-Up :(

This little gem was floating around the interwebs the week before ATX and you may have missed it during the subsequent barrage of news.

It’s a short scene featuring Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano, but not as Jess) from his CW Seed web series The P.E.T. Squad Files. He’s hanging out with his bros, watching Gilmore Girls – specifically where Jess turns up at Yale to run away with Rory.


Jess: Look, you know we’re supposed to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you two years ago and you know it too. I know you do.
Rory: No, no, no, no, no!
Jess: Don’t say no just to make me stop talking or make me go away. Only say no if you really don’t want to be with me.

If you haven’t seen it, check it out, it’s cool. This link to US Magazine has the clip for users inside and outside of the US.


Even though Milo confessed to being Team Dean, you get the feeling he didn’t have to dig too deep to find his motivation!

Are you following Milo in The P.E.T. Squad Files?
Is Milo wearing hair extensions?
Does it still hurt to watch that scene?

Pics c/o TheWB & CW Seed

Kelly Bishop Talks In-depth about Gilmore Girls

Amid the explosion of Gilmore ATX articles was a revealing little interview Decider had with the person who won the biggest cheer as she stepped onto the reunion stage, Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore). Or Dame Kelly as we call her round here.

Our Queen Bee, Kelly Bish

She talks endearingly and frankly about her co-actors, her Gilmore origin story and how she wants a movie as much as any of us.

Kelly: When Sex and the City did their first movie, I was a little jealous of them. Of course, they were up for Emmys and Gilmore Girls had some issues with that. I kept going, ‘Wait a minute! We’re funnier than they are and we’re better than they are!

True dat.

Dear Queen B, please please please be my sassy fairy godmother.

Read all about it, right here.

Was Gilmore Girls funnier and better than Sex and the City?
Why do you think Kelly received the loudest cheer? 
What was she better in, Gilmore Girls or Bunheads?
What would you like to see her in next?

Pic c/o Eagle-Eye Jack Plunkett

The Bunheads Panel at ATX

Of course it wasn’t just Amy Sherman Palladino’s Gilmore Girls that reunited this weekend at ATX. Amy also created the short-lived but much-loved Bunheads, whose cast members Sutton Foster (Michelle), Kelly Bishop (Fanny and Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls) and Stacey Oristano (Truly) met on last Friday’s ATX Panel.

more funny girls!

TVLine has a terrific round-up of the panel highlights.  For example, Amy never knew Stacey – who never danced in the show – could tap dance!

Stacey: Amy actually got mad at me one time because she didn’t know I’m a tap dancer.
Amy: Not a f—ing word! I find out, not from her, but from [Foster], who said, ‘You know, Stacey’s a great tap dancer.’ I’m like, ‘F–k you!’

Can you imagine the dance-off between Michelle and Truly for Hubbell’s affections?  And then Truly awakens from her dream sequence.

And Amy on casting the four girls:

Amy: I needed a specific body type for each girl, because it was a part of the story. I wanted them to be going through something where a lot of their success was dependent on their body type. So I needed Sasha, who had to be beautiful, look like that ballerina, have that classic body type, have the technique and be able to do it, because she was the one who could do it all and didn’t give a s–t. I needed Boo, who had to not have the body type … but she had to have the technique. That was particularly difficult because I needed a rockstar dancer, someone who had it all, except she’s not two pounds. And thank God we found Kaitlyn [Jenkins]…

Then I wanted someone very tall and lean [for Melanie], and I wanted someone with big boobs [for Ginny]. Of course, the minute I cast adorable little Bailey [Buntain, now De Young], she goes on a diet, and the first place she loses weight was in her t–ts. … I’m like, ‘What happened to her t–ts?’ Sometimes the first thing that goes is the boobs.

There’s more at about where they each saw their characters ending up at TVLine, check it out!

Flavorwire also recounts:

The budget was so small that elaborate scenes, like Sasha’s “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” routine, were filmed in a single day, and Sherman-Palladino paid out of pocket at times.

And that the session ended with a screening of the farewell dance scene featuring Bailey and Julia Goldani Telles (Sasha), financed and shot in 2013 by Jackson Douglas (Jackson Belleville from Gilmore Girls), who directed a couple of Bunheads episodes.

Sutton: I wish we had more time.

The full Flavorwire article is here, go go go and then come back back back.

In an interview with the wsj, Sutton later said:

It was great, it was so great to see the clips… Toward the end I got really sad… my eyes started welling up and I thought ‘oh god, I’m going to lose it’ – cause I don’t know if I’ve ever properly even mourned it.

I’m still mad at the cancellation of Bunheads so I’m gonna stop before I get cross again.  Please give me some Bunheads love below…

Pic c/o Waytao Shing and more great pictures at birthmoviesdeath.com