Luke: The Ultimate Romantic

The ultimate tv romance has to be Luke & Lorelai! Bustle goes so far as to call Luke the “king of grand gestures,” and we have to concur. “Don’t let the plaid and backwards baseball hat fool you: Luke Danes was more than an every-man.”

Luke Lorelai Arbor

Luke’s Grand Gestures, in order of amazingness, as compiled by Bustle:

  1. Buying Lorelai the Twickham House
  2. Making Lorelai a Santa Burger
  3. The Never-Ending Mattress Moving for Rory
  4. Buying Lorelai’s Picnic Basket
  5. Waltzing with Lorelai
  6. Dropping everything to be there for Lorelai when her dad was in the hospital
  7. When he helps reconcile Lorelai and snow
  8. Building Lorelai a Chuppah
  9. Being there (again) for Lorelai in the hospital
  10. The horoscope he kept in his wallet


What’s your favourite romantic gesture from Luke? We’ve talked before about some of their best romantic moments, but the ice rink ranks as one of the top ones for me!!

Luke lorelai ice

Gilmore Girls and Coffee: The Perfect Mix

We recently discussed, Was Luke’s Coffee Any Good? (and Lorelai sure thought it was!), but just what else did our beloved girls have to teach us about coffee?

ANDPop made a list of 10 things Gilmore Girls taught us about coffee along with some killer gifs, which we’ll highlight a few of here:

Quitting is for losers

gilmore girls

SOURCE: Picslist

Regularly confess your love for coffee

gilmore girls

SOURCE: theodysseyonline

Quitting coffee is unnecessary and painful

Gilmore Girls

SOURCE: Thought Catalog

Coffee goes great with a splash of sarcasm

gilmore girls

SOURCE: Bustle

Finally, there’s no such thing as too much coffee

gilmore girls

SOURCE: Buzzfeed

Since we are Gilmore Girls experts over here, we think it hilarious that so much of Gilmore Girls is about coffee, when truly those cups may not have even had coffee in them. Alexis Bledel didn’t (perhaps still doesn’t, who knows?!) like coffee, and her cup always had Coke instead! 

Gilmore Girls Heads to UP, Begins with Marathon

It looks like Gilmore Girls is finding another new home. Our beloved show is going to reach even more hearts through UP. Starting October 4th, all 7 seasons will be heading to UP, beginning with a marathon Sunday on October 4th.

Gilmore Girls Final Keyart

Regular episodes will air weeknights at 7 and 8pm, beginning Monday, October 5th. Now is a great time to re-watch our favourite episodes! 

I’m really happy to hear this news. With Gilmore Girls finding success on Netflix, but being dropped (EEK) from ABC Family, we now have Gilmore Girls back on regular tv! As a bonus for us fans, UP is going to be integrating pop-ups in every episode with Gilmore Girls trivia, including famous firsts for the show, background on the actors and insider information. 

Alexis Bledel, Outliving Emily

Slated for a 2015 US release is Outliving Emily, an intriguing film charting the relationship between Tim and Emily over the course of 60 years. In a bold cinematic statement, each chapter is played with different actors, cast regardless of race or gender. A total of 12 actors playing the same 2 roles.


The ever-effervescent Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) plays Emily in the mid-1960s, opposite her Tim, Kal Penn (Kumar of Harold and Kumar). Their other incarnations include Phylicia Rashad (Mrs Cosby from The Cosby Show) and Andre Braugher (Homicide: Life on the Street), later in life when Tim and Emily are grandparents. The final coupling of Olympia Dukakis and Louis Zorich is the original 2011 short film that seeded this one.

Writer-director Eric Weber says of the casting conceit:

No matter who we are — man, woman, black, white, gay, straight — we all love the same.

A bold statement and one that the film hopes to explore. The trailer evokes memories of the cut-scenes in When Harry Met Sally, when the couples talk retrospectively about their first faltering steps.

Alexis Bledel and Kal Penn do some talking heads in this feature about the movie, the process and their roles.

Alexis: It’s really fun! I love shooting period pieces…. I really love it! I think it’s a must-see.

Check out the trailer and see if you agree…

I’d be interested in seeing how the switching actors lends itself to telling this story. Do you think it might be too distracting? I think I’d find myself constantly imagining the whole movie with my favourite pair of actors and wondering if it would be better. Would you prefer this over prosthetics and make-up to make the actors look older and younger? Or should we all be filming movies like Richard Linklater, over 12 real years?

Pic c/o Tenafly Film Company, Feature c/o VLVT Videos

Are You a Gilmore Girls Champ… or Chump?

So my brother got me into QuizUp recently, the free Android / iOS app full of quizzes about everything from Taylor Swift to Doctor Who to Studio Ghibli to, yes, Gilmore Girls! Here’s a picture of Rory probably not playing QuizUp since it was like 2006.

the adorable Alexis Bledel...

In QuizUp you play against friends or random victims – sorry – opponents, then you each answer the same seven multiple-choice questions. Faster answers give more points and the last question gives double points. If your friend isn’t online right now it doesn’t matter, the game records how long you take to answer and they can complete it later.

Here are the first two questions from a real set of seven…

Who is Rory’s best friend?
Where does Lane hide her CD collection?

Not too tricky, right? Then here were the last three…

What was the name of Richards secretary before he retired?
What is kept at the Kim house as a soda substitute?
Where does Lorelai get invited to have pizza after her graduation ceremony?

I got one wrong! In my defence I was against the clock and uh, solving quadratic equations in my head.

QuizUp is a fun distraction if you’re into answering questions and have a competitive streak and there’s bound to be a few categories you’ll be good at. Plus if you score in the top 10 in your country or state, you get a notification you can throw in people’s face on the Facebook or other social media. I’m top 10 in the UK this month in Muppet Movies… maybe I should do a Muppet blog.

So… Champ or chump? Did you do better than I did, answering the questions above? I’ll post the multiple choice answers down below.

Challenge me if you like, it looks like I’m the only ‘rich ng’ in the United Kingdom… Bring it ONNNNNN!

Pic c/o TheWB

Was Luke’s Coffee Any Good?

In a feat of investigative journalism worthy of Woodward and Bernstein, Kelly Conaboy at Gawker’s Morning After went all out to discover how good Luke’s coffee really was.


Sleazy boy from the Pilot episode: You make that look really good.
Lorelai: Oh it is really good. It’s the best coffee in town.

Conaboy attempts to replicate Luke’s special brew but is sadly disappointed.

I did not add any cream, because Rory and Lorelai did not typically add any cream to their Luke’s Diner coffee, and tried the coffee. It was not great.

Check out her entire journey here.

I wonder what Luke did to make it special. Tripling the recommended quantities maybe. Or lining his mugs with coke, now that would give it wings.

Has anyone else tried this?  Any tips on making “Luke’s coffee”?

What do you think made it special?  Or was Lorelai deluded?  Is it possible that she didn’t know good coffee?

Pic c/o The WB

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