Sisterhood Re-Union 2014

Just a quickie.  Amber Tamblyn posted this photo on Instagram of her and the Sisterhood hanging out earlier today.


That’s Amber Lively, Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) framed in the centre, America Ferrera and Amber Tamblyn – all looking smashing.

Amber: “Brunch with my best bitches. #sisterhood”

There’s been no word about the casting of the final Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants movie yet – as reported earlier this year, it’s in development.  This looks more like some best buds chillin’ than anything else… but man, doesn’t Alexis look totally grown up now she’s married? ;O)

Due to some dreadful journalistic practice, this picture was originally attributed to America instead of Amber.  To make up for it, here’s another one she took earlier this month that will make your teeth ache, it’s so sweet…

'Sisterhood of the traveling Pinot.'

Pics c/o Amber Tamblyn or maybe Instagram

Netflix hosts Gilmore Girls from October!

You can’t have missed Gilmore Girls back in the news this week, with the announcement that all seven seasons will be made available on Netflix from October 1st.

hardbodies vs casablanca

Decider exclusively revealed the news last week, after an online vote in which the public tweet-voted Friends and Gilmore Girls as the most desirable to binge-watch.  The internet spasmed, the Twitterverse exploded and hopefully enough people suddenly joined Netflix that a guy with a great big bag of money knocked on Amy Sherman-Palladino’s door to ask if there was any more please?  To which she pointed to her watch, the Bunheads cast re-watching Bunheads in the living room and shut the door.

I see the Netflix announcement and the subsequent knee-jerk fanaticism as important on two levels.  The first is the short-lived but effectively free marketing that the fans are generating.  This leads to the second: that being on Netflix opens the show up to a new audience, their interest piqued by the online knee-jerk.  ’What’s this all about?’ asks the Gilmore Girl virgin, idly loading up the first episode.  They’ll experience that first scene in the coffee shop…

Rory: Are you my new daddy?

… where Lauren Graham nails every line, Alexis Bledel effervesces and the opening credits give them enough time to clear all appointments for the next three months.

For those of us who can’t get enough, it’s another channel to feed the hunger.  For those of us on our fifth re-watch and crave closure, new crazy fans equals more people shouting for more episodes when they cross the finish line.  Expect the internet to get all cludgy from October 1.

Who’s already using Netflix and who’s going to be signing up in October?  Will this make a difference to your life?   Would Lorelai be a Netflix subscriber?  Why isn’t Bunheads available on DVD?

Pic c/o The WB

The Great Loves of Gilmore Girls: Food

Many things in life remind me of Gilmore Girls. Snow. Melissa McCarthy. Monkey underpants. And then there’s food.

college food

Lorelai and Rory were never shy in their affections for food. Marzipan aside, there was little that wouldn’t pass their lips and generally, the junkier the better.  Lorelai was on first name terms with the major delivery places around Stars Hollow, seemed to keep Al’s Pancake World in business and schooled those college girls (pictured above) in the etiquette of fast food:

Lorelai: The whole point of getting everything within delivery distance is so we can judge the quality of food, speed of service, cuteness of delivery guys on a scale of one to ten…  (Bonus points if you remember how many points Lorelai gives the pizza delivery guy delivering a stack of pizzas.)

… and ordering from a Taco Barn Drive-Thru…

Lorelai: Hi. Um, two tacos, an order of taquitos, a beef burrito with no onions, and, uh, don’t bother bagging it, that’ll just slow us down.

Lorelai’s best friend, Sookie, was an amazing chef.  Luke was a cook.  I can’t see the Girls getting on with anyone who didn’t love food.  Food = Love.  Dean took Rory out for meatballs.  Jess knew his weiners (best hotdog stand in New York, get your mind out of the gutter).  Logan only seemed like husband material to me after he cooked that magnificent lobster.  Max blagged osso bucco, Jason ate supermarket cuisine, Chris hired a restaurant in Paris.

Then there are certain dishes that I’ve only ever heard in conversation from the Girls. Turtleneck / Mock Turtle soup for instance:

Emily: He’s in his office now with the Scotch, and he wants turtleneck soup — asks for it over and over.
Lorelai: What’s turtleneck soup?
Emily: Apparently something his mother used to have made for him when he was a little boy, and now he wants some, and I can’t seem to find anybody who has any idea what it is.

I looked this one up. Wikipedia has a recipe from the mid-eighteenth century (vegetarians, you may wish to avert your eyes) that includes the phrases ‘large calf’s head’ and ‘boil until the horn is tender’.  You don’t hear that every day.  Fun fact: Queen Victoria placed a reward for live turtles – a rare culinary delicacy – to be delivered from the Caribbean, but none came back because they were so delicious the sailors ate them en route.

Deviled eggs also fit into this category and make a surprise appearance in Farmville 2: Country Escape which is totally eating up my every non-blogging minute.

Jess: Someone egged my car.
Luke: Geez, it stinks.
Jess: It’s gonna take me forever to clean this up.
Luke: These eggs are cooked.
Jess: What?
Luke: They’re not raw eggs. They look like. . . deviled eggs.
Jess: Someone devil-egged my car?

mucho mac and cheese!

Penis-shaped pasta and pink Sno-balls also make my list – from Emily’s bachelorette party and Lorelai’s first date with Digger, respectively. Ooh, ooh and Certs, from that cat-themed hotel, where Lorelai is so hungry avoiding the weirdo guests, she resorts to eating the sweets she finds at the bottom of her handbag.

Lorelai: I ate the fuzzy Certs. They tasted like keys.

Which Gilmore gastronomics turned you on and which turned your stomach? What novelties would they be analyzing if they were around today?  Favourite food-related scenes or antics?  Can anyone confirm or deny Mexican food as a trustworthy hangover cure?

Pics c/o TheWB

Catching up (kinda) with Gypsy the Mechanic

I often find myself (especially on quiet news days) wondering what’s happening with the Gilmore Girls cast these days.  Michael Winters (Taylor Doose) will hopefully be playing something wonderful again at the Seattle Rep next year and Sean Gunn (Kirk) will be shooting up the raccooniverse in a sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy but what of Gypsy the mechanic?

No, but he was carrying it in a canvas bag with a big dollar sign on it.

Rose Abdoo has been keeping incredibly busy on the small screen.  Since the cancellation of Bunheads, she’s had recurring roles in Pretty Little Liars, Parenthood, Shameless and The Comeback as well as appearances in The Mentalist, Psych, The Millers and Sofia the First.

Her turn on Parenthood was particularly poignant – she played a cancer sufferer – and was cast in the part a year after she finished chemotherapy in real-life.  She was diagnosed with cancer of the appendix in February 2011, which is a rare type of cancer so difficult to diagnose, it has an almost 100% mortality rate.  However, she is now in remission and evidently making the most of life.  Here’s a podcast from last year where she talks about what she’s been through and her time on Parenthood.

Next up is an appearance in the opening episode of Castle season 7, at the end of this month.  Two theatrical releases are also due later this year: Welcome to Me – with Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell – a comedy about a woman with borderline personality disorder who winds millions, quits her meds and buys her own talk show.  And Cake with Jennifer Aniston and Anna Kendrick, a drama – maybe dramedy – about a woman who becomes fascinated by the suicide of a woman in her chronic pain support group.

Anything of those tickle your fancy?  Have you been following Rose Abdoo?  Spotted her in something unexpected?  Favourite Gypsy moments?  Will anyone give me odds that she’s the one that did it, in Castle?

[I've been enjoying Sofia the First much more than I should.  Some of the songs are brilliant (the theme tune is straight from the 80's) and when the real Disney princesses make guest appearances... well, it'd make any fangirl squeal.  But their songs are rubbish.]

Pic c/o RoseAbdoo

Melissa McCarthy loses out to Veep but still schwings

Congratulations and commiserations to Melissa McCarthy for her Emmy nomination as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.  Last night’s ceremony saw Julia Louis Dreyfus taking the award for Veep, but wowsers did Melissa look great…

fab hair too

It was a tough year, with contenders like Lena Dunham (Girls), Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie), Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) and Taylor Schilling (Orange is the New Black).

Of course, we don’t take the Emmys that seriously here, with Gilmore Girls being virtually snubbed, receiving one lonely nomination during the seven years, for Outstanding Make-Up for a Series (Non-Prosthetic) – for the Festival of Living Art episode.  Which it won, obviously.  

Don’t you think Melissa looks great?  Why do you think the Emmys seemed to snub Gilmore Girls?  Did Julia Louis Dreyfus deserve the win or do you think Melissa should have won? Would Gilmore Girls have had a movie by now if it had received more awards? 

Pic c/o Getty

Gilmore Cast Pass Round The ALS Ice Bucket

I’m back from vacation – two weeks in a little cottage on a cow farm in northern France, it was lovely thankyouverymuch – only to find people throwing buckets of ice water over themselves.

ice goes badonk

For those who have somehow managed to miss the phenomenon, it’s to raise awareness and donations in aid of ALS* research (see below for more information).

The rules of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge are simple.  Each nominee must be filmed having a bucket of ice water poured on their heads, then challenge others to do the same – or forfeit by way of a donation to either the ALS Association  in the US or the Motor Neurone Disease Association in the UK.

About this time last week, Jared Padalecki (Dean Forester) took up the challenge from many, including Misha Collins (Supernatural) – but rainchecks his nominees as he waddles off to unfreeze his balls.

Watch Jared’s nut-numbing performance here.

Two days later, Lauren Graham (pictured right) took the challenge, having been nominated by Connie Britten (Nashville, Friday Night Lights, Lauren’s ex-housemate).  Ably assisted by boyfriend Peter Krause, Lauren appeared to suffer mild abrasions from the rubber ice cubes.  She went on to tweet-nominate Miles Heizer (Parenthood), Sam Pancake (Lauren’s co-star in The Life Coach) and Jason Ritter (Parenthood and cancelled Alexis Bledel show, Us and Them.  I’m not bitter.)

Lauren’s plastic attack can be seen in full here.

We’ll be following the trend (if it hasn’t fizzled out by the time I post this) by other members of the Gilmore cast, in the Comments below.  Susan Sarandon took the Challenge yesterday and nominated Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St James), David Bowie and George Saunders.  Sarandon was nominated by Harry Styles… the mind boggles.

Which Gilmore Girls actor or character would you like to see being dunked?  I’d be worried Taylor would go into cardiac arrest.  Have you taken the challenge and if so, how was it for you?  Have you been affected by ALS or known someone who has?

*ALS – amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – is an incurable disease that affects the brain and spinal cord, causing degeneration, paralysis and eventual death.  Also referred to as Motor Neurone Disease, the donations – currently estimated at nearly US$80 million – will aid crucial research.

Pic c/o Lauren Graham and her rubber ice cubes

Oh btw Alexis got married

I’m breaking my sabbatical for this little item in the news cycle.  Gossip Cop broke the news yesterday that Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser tied the knot TWO MONTHS AGO in a secret ceremony in California, America, Planet Earth.

so pretty

Naturally, we wish them hearty congratulations and a good 60 years worth of happiness and domestic bliss together, because that’s what marriage is.  Realistically, we wonder who was at the wedding?.  Lauren Graham, Amy and Dan Palladino perhaps?  The Travelling Pants gang, surely.  Milo, Jared and Matt (Jess, Dean and Logan) – maybe not.

Pic c/o Getty