More NEW Actual Gilmore Girls Dialogue

In the bleak wilderness that is the absence of the Gilmore Girls movie, I’m now sifting through the garbage and finding sustenance in gems like these.


Actorsite has a few pages of the shooting scripts from a couple of episodes, including this scene from season 4 episode 22, Raincoats & Recipes, wherein the newly rebuilt Dragonfly Inn has its grand re-opening.  Sookie has too many staff in the kitchen; Kirk seeks love (and loving) advice from Luke; Jason returns to win Lorelai back; and Rory goes home to fetch some CDs.

This scene slots in between Jason preparing for a long wait for Lorelai and Lulu telling Kirk she’s ready for bed.

how about some King of Tokyo?


Dinner is over. A lot of the guests have cleared out. Coffee, cookies and board games have started. Jackson and Taylor are playing Monopoly. Rory and Tom are playing backgammon. Luke and Babette are playing Yahtzee. Kirk and Lulu are playing Life.

Taylor, stop it. You’ve counted it three times.

There’s no point in playing if you’re not going to play correctly.

Okay, fine. I’ll give you two hundred dollars and Park Place not to count that money again.


Jackson hands him the money and the property. Taylor chuckles to himself.

TAYLOR (cont’d)
Oh, it’s just too easy.

Read it here, along with the scribbles and crossings out (or should that be crossing outs?  Culs-de-sac?!):

There’s also the pre-shooting script of season 7 episode 6, Go Bulldogs! in which Luke meets April’s swim coach. It’s right on the internet here:

Did anyone reading this ever appear on the show?  I wonder if they let cast members keep the scripts.  And what swag each person took after the show ended?  I remember hearing Courtney Cox took the picture frame on the back of the Friends’ apartment door and I think they each took their apartment key from the last episode.

I’d nab Max’s Proust book, Colonel Plucker and an apron from Doose’s.  What about you?  (I’m pretty sure I’ve asked this question before but anyway).

Pics c/o The WB and Actorsite and please let us Crowdfund the movie.  Please please please.

What Could Have Been… The Unaired Pilot Script

Floating around eBay and the Internet is the ‘revised writer’s draft’ of the Gilmore Girls pilot episode script, written by Amy Sherman-Palladino back in January 2000. It offers a glimpse into what might have been, demonstrates a gutsy assuredness in key scenes and shows the difference a little spit and polish made to the final pilot.

please luke

The big differences are shocking:

In celebration of Rory getting a place at Chilton, Lorelai cooks a celebratory meal of meatloaf, mac and cheese, and a salad that Rory likes with sugared walnuts and blue cheese. Lorelai COOKS. And they eat salad. It’s just wrong.

Dean is handsome (“the beautiful stranger”) but doesn’t come off as smart. He *doesn’t* identify the Ruth Gordon reference from Rosemary’s Baby. In fact he doesn’t do much at all. There’s no scene where he and Rory walk over to Miss Patty’s where Rory talks about circular cakes and he monologues about noticing seeing her reading Moby Dick with ridiculous concentration. He never tells her that he thought “I have to meet that girl”. It’s an important scene because it makes their connection stronger – he smoulders and she loses her smart girl focus – so much that she loses her enthusiasm for Chilton.

Luke’s is called Luke’s Cup. Luke is often referred to as Duke. There’s no Drella (the harpist with the attitude as big as her harp) – which makes sense if this was written when Alex Borstein was still slated to play Sookie. The Inn is bigger and has more staff, who are more involved: a ditzy girl named Judy is a desk clerk at the Independence Inn, working alongside Michel the concierge. Judy’s aunt and uncle own the Inn but she’s hopeless. A guy called Dereck is the valet parker and is smitten with Lorelai. Lorelai has her own back office.

All the references to “ass” in the script change to “butt” in the show. A reference to Kid Rock becomes Eminem. Christopher goes from being a lawyer with his own practice to having an internet startup that went public. Rory shrinks an inch from five-eight to five-seven and the buses from Stars Hollow to Hartford run ten minutes quicker, taking forty minutes on the page but thirty minutes in the episode.

Lane’s outfit is weirdly identical to the script:

[Lane] opens her backpack, takes out a “Woodstock ’99′” tee shirt, and puts it on over her pink thermal tee.

woodstock man

Guess who these descriptions are:

? is a scruffy though handsome man in his thirties with the body of a fireman under than apron.

? is a distinguished looking woman in her early sixties. Her dress is impeccable, her hair is perfect and the pearls are real.

Her forearm’s bandaged, there’s a splint on her left little finger and Band-Aids all over her arms.

? is a very intense looking, dark eyed, weirdly amazing looking guy.

? is a very attractive, extremely intolerant black man in his late thirties.

? is a very attractive, vibrant, thirty three year old woman, though she could easily pass for twenties.

There’s a weird line where Richard addresses Lorelai as Rory. The transcriber Gaby notes that this might be an accident in the script itself.

A couple of the scenes are merged together but despite the differences above, it’s pretty much all there. Some of the lines are made less clunky or quicker with the addition of quickfire banter. A noticeable omission is Lorelai’s funny line here, that isn’t in the pilot script:

Richard: I’ll get the checkbook.
Lorelai: Thank you. I can’t tell you… thank you.
Emily: On one condition.
Lorelai: So close.

In the script, she just says “A condition?”

But the Marco-Polo-ing around Kim’s Antiques is there – check. Macy Gray on their CD players – check. Coffeecoffeecoffee – checkcheckcheck (opening begging scene, building up Dutch courage outside Richard and Emily’s both times, in the diner at the end).

The dinner scene, with the four of them finally at the table, is practically identical and three of my favourite laugh-out-loud moments are all there on paper: Lorelai putting her coffee cup in the ‘forbidden’ dustbin, Richard handing Rory the newspaper without looking and the camera panning to him having fallen asleep.

If you haven’t read it, it’s fairly enlightening and an excuse to re-watch how well they nailed the feel of the show and the characters from the get-go. Well, except Dean but maybe this was before Jess was a twinkle in someone’s eye and they were doing what they needed to do to get the studio and an audience on board.

The whole unaired transcription is available here:

… and people seem to be selling the same thing on eBay with dummy autographs of the cast on the front cover.

Can you see them going for coffee at Duke’s Cup? Would Lorelai have been that different if she cooked – and the girls willingly ate salad? What do you think was intended for Judy and Dereck? Maybe the Inn was meant as a comedic focal point, like Everybody Loves Raymond’s house or the Cheers bar – but they were able to expand to more locations, like Miss Patty’s and the town square.

What do you think?

The Special Appearances of Edward Herrmann

Have you ever wondered why Edward Herrmann receives special treatment in the Gilmore Girls opening credits, with his ‘Special Appearance By’ titles?


Our favourite envelope-handing father figure is no stranger to the screen, small or silver.  Remember him as moderate vampire in The Lost Boys or Richard Rich in Richie Rich?  Or before that, displaying his sterling range of faces in TV land, including St Elsewhere, Oz and The Practice.  Not to mention two high billing roles opposite Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby and The Great Waldo Pepper.  

Did you recognise his reassuring patriarchal tones as the voice of the Stratton Oakmont TV commercial in The Wolf of Wall Street?

At 70 years old now, the camera continues to love him and his effortless ability to portray smart or plummy, the fool, the confidante, the fop.  Yes, even the re-animated Frankstein’s Munster.

edward herman munster

Since Gilmore Girls ended, you might have seen that big hunk of a man in 30 Rock and Greys Anatomy, as well as marking his territory in Matt Czuchry’s patch (Logan Huntzberger), as Lionel Deerfield in The Good Wife. 

He appeared as the reverend in How I Met Your Mother where he suffered a third fictional heart attack. He’s gotta be the go-to guy for heart attacks.

What’s your favourite Richard Gilmore moment?  Your favourite Edward Herrmann role? 

Pics c/o The WB and from Here Come The Munsters

What is Gilmore Girls – In a word?

There are people out there who’ve never experienced Gilmore Girls. There are those who think I blog about The Golden Girls. People who’ve never known the frivolities of Stars Hollow, never laughed out loud at spaghetti-related behaviour and not once heard Lorelai Gilmore saying something simultaneously funny, caring and sexy.

Actors at the top of their game, delivering comedy or melodrama like spun gold.  That these moments were captured on film to be enjoyed by all is a luxurious serendipity.

To those people, how would you sum up Gilmore Girls – in one word?  Could you even?

Pic c/o TheWB

Lauren Graham Answers Anything

This week’s tip of the hat goes to commenter Lathany for pointing out this Reddit Q and A session. Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) answered questions from the general online public, to promote her the paperback release of her debut novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe.

shh don't talk about the movie

A good proportion of the questions were about Gilmore Girls, which is great for us since… um, we’re a Gilmore Girls blog.

Things I learned:

  • The 5 things Lauren wouldn’t leave home without
  • The pilot of Someday, Someday, Maybe wasn’t picked up by The CW network
  • She had lunch in New York recently with Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore), Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) and Amy Sherman-Palladino (the creator and writer of Gilmore Girls).  That’s ALL the Gilmore Girls having a sit-down.  I’m guessing they weren’t talking about the weather.
  • Scott Patterson (Luke Danes) is an excellent kisser
  • She’s too pale to drive a convertible in LA

I’ve organised most of the questions and her responses here, by category: Gilmore Girls, Someday Someday Maybe & Writing, Bad Santa, Parenthood and Lauren Graham.  Don’t say I never do anything for you.  

Gilmore Girls

[–]oopsididitagain3 510 points 2 days ago
Did you understand most of the pop culture references in Gilmore Girls?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 745 points 2 days ago
If I didn’t, I’d look them up. Part of being an actor is research!

[–]lgp94 258 points 2 days ago
Are you addicted to coffee as much as Lorelai was in Gilmore Girls?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 427 points 2 days ago
Sadly, yes. I drink it all day.

[–]Orange– 315 points 2 days ago
Did you have a good relationship with Alexis, do you still see her? You guys made such a great mother/daughter combination

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 499 points 2 days ago
Love her, we’ll always have a special bond. Saw her in NY not too long ago. I had a nice lunch with TV mom Kelly and Amy S.P. as well. We went to Joe Allen, one of my faves.

[–]ShutUpAndPassTheWine 302 points 2 days ago
Do you ever have people walk up to you and try to speak to you at a ridiculously fast pace?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 662 points 2 days ago
No, but when I was on the show and had an audition for something else, they’d tell my agent to ask me to “speak normally.” I think they were afraid I only had the one speed!
[–]tan_nis 326 points 2 days ago
Was Melissa McCarthy hilarious to work with in Gilmore Girls? I love that many of the cast of that show went on to have such great acting careers!

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 439 points 2 days ago
Truly hilarious and kind on set, and then I’d go see her in Groundlings and be blown away by the characters she created.

[–]BallOfLemurs 69 points 2 days ago
Thanks for doing this! You’re one of my favorite actresses. What was the most exciting or memorable moment from Gilmore Girls?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 132 points 2 days ago
Thank you! Hard to pick one moment, but I remember working long hours and getting really punchy. We’d start making up raps and singing “Loving You” by Minnie Ripperton.

[–]hoverfordetails 738 points 2 days ago
I grew up watching Gilmore Girls and am now a fan of Parenthood. I really think that it is a testament of your acting that I don’t still see you as Lorelei Gilmore while watching you as Sara Braverman. You really grab the role and make it something new.
This is more for my mom, who loves Gilmore Girls. She wants to know if Luke, Scott Patterson, is a good kisser. She was maybe a little too invested in your relationship on the show.
Thanks for making my childhood a little bit better! I’m looking forward to reading your book!

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 651 points 2 days ago
He’s an excellent kisser, but all movie kisses are weird, since you’re trying to have an intimate moment in front of a hundred people.

[–]douchebag_duryodhana 233 points 2 days ago
Hi lauren, Big fan of Gilmore girls will there ever be a movie.

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 394 points 2 days ago
I honestly don’t know. I appreciate how many have asked. That character was so special – I wonder what happens to her too!

[–]SkittlesOverMms 177 points 2 days ago
What do you miss most about Gilmore Girls?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 382 points 2 days ago
I miss that writing, even though those long speeches could be a challenge.

[–]Photogal26 111 points 2 days ago
Post-GG, in many interviews when you were asked about the experience, you always said that it was a hard show to do, that it was tiring schedule, etc. But you didn’t really expand too much on the positives of that experience – was it an overall good experience despite the heavy workload?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 170 points 2 days ago
It was an amazing experience, and a character I treasure.

[–]Erikab24 148 points 2 days ago
Will we ever find out what the last 4 words ASP had for the original Gilmore finale? Because I’m still dying to know

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 203 points 2 days ago
If I knew, I’d tell you! I’m going to ask her next time I see her.

[–]ShutUpAndPassTheWine 66 points 2 days ago
I have to ask what it was like getting to work with Edward Herrmann. He just seems like the kind of guy you could kick back and relax with (assuming you had a nice bottle of scotch and a good, debatable historical topic).

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 85 points 2 days ago
You’ve pretty much nailed it.

[–]tigzybear 100 points 2 days ago
I justttt got the novel, so I have no comments on that (I haven’t started, sadly…) BUT…. How often do you say “oy with the poodles?” in your own life? :P

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 247 points 2 days ago
Probably not nearly enough. However, I have incorporated Huzzah! into my repertoire.

[–]namelesslynora 81 points 2 days ago
Alright so there have been a lot of Gilmore Girls/GG movie questions asked, but I think what we all really want to know is – IF they decided to make a movie, however unlikely it may be, just imagine they did for some reason – would you want to do it?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 214 points 2 days ago
Yes, IF a movie version could be as good as we’d all want it to be, I’d love to play that character again.

Someday, Someday, Maybe & Writing

[–]alisonkarls 84 points 2 days ago
What was the hardest part about writing your book?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 290 points 2 days ago
As much as I wished it would, the book wouldn’t write itself! Sitting down every day and trying not to look at shoes on Zappos was the hardest part.

[–]miazapanta 49 points 2 days ago
Why did you decide to write a novel, rather than say, a screenplay?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 89 points 2 days ago
I just started writing, and the story dictated the format. Then I got to write the screenplay based on the book. Both fun, both difficult.

[–]booblue1 32 points 2 days ago
I’m a very amateur writer and I was wondering how you managed to make each character sound individual – when I attempt dialogue everyone sounds the same! Do you think it’s years of reading scripts that gave you this ability naturally, or is it something you have to work on? You managed to do it really well – every character has a different voice, and you can imagine them talking.
Thanks in advance for answering my long and rambling question!

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 54 points 2 days ago
I’m sure that all the scripts I’ve read helped. When I read, I don’t just imagine my part, I try to play all the parts and hear what the voices would sound like. Same with writing.

[–]ambamartine 4 points 2 days ago
What kept you motivated and focused to finish the book? Or did it all come pretty easy?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 6 points 2 days ago
I think fear, and the fact that I’d been paid an advance were the main factors. And it’s not any easier the second time, either!

[–]xstauren 1 point 2 days ago
Hi Lauren! When are we gonna have your book in Italy?
[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 5 points 2 days ago
I believe the book is out in Italy this week! I’ll check on that and let you know via the Twittersphere.

[–]Meike92 15 points 2 days ago
We’re so excited about the second book: Do you plan book events in europe?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 29 points 2 days ago
I’d love to do more events overseas. I’m very grateful to have the book published in other languages.

[–]Sk28 22 points 2 days ago
IS IT TRUE YOU’RE WRITING A SEQUEL? Loved the first one :)

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 67 points 2 days ago
I’m writing a sequel! Franny gets a job, and spends a year in LA where she realizes she’s too pale to drive a convertible (autobiographical alert!).

[–]miazapanta 16 points 2 days ago
How did you decide how much of your real life would be reflected in the book and how much of it would be fictional?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 31 points 2 days ago
It’s less autobiographical than people think. I started with a world I’m familiar with, but most of the details are invented.

[–]lizziesplaace 9 points 2 days ago
Will you do a give away of the paperbacks?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 47 points 2 days ago
I’d love to do a giveaway, but have to figure out a better system. The Twitter giveaways were confusing. Maybe we should all meet at that diner on the corner?
[–]danizickl 79 points 2 days ago
What inspired you to write your book? It was really good by the way!

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 98 points 2 days ago
Thanks! I wanted a new challenge and something I could do on my own.
[–]KhyleDeen 74 points 2 days ago
Lauren, big fan, male fan too, read your book, enjoyed it, how many men have said that?, as I know it’s female oriented, big fan, just saying hello!

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 140 points 2 days ago
Yay, Dudes!
[–]hearharethere 27 points 2 days ago
What authors inspired you or have influenced your own writing?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 49 points 2 days ago
Now that I know what it takes to finish a book, I’m even more inspired by everything I read. Two recent favorites: Still Life With Bread Crumbs by Anna Quindlen, and Helen Fielding’s Mad About the Boy.
[–]octoberbride 22 points 2 days ago
I just want to start by saying I loved Gilmore Girls and Parenthood is currently one of my favorite shows!!!
What has been your favorite part about working on Parenthood?
I didn’t know you had a book releasing! What is it about? What inspired you to write it?
I have been trying to finish my story for years but motivation and inspiration are low, any advice?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 73 points 2 days ago
Don’t stop working just because it isn’t perfect. Get to the end of the story before you judge it. You can always rewrite, but only if it exists!

[–]musicalxchaos 39 points 2 days ago
Hi Lauren! I’ve been a big fan since Gilmore Girls and loved Someday, Someday Maybe. So excited you’re doing this today!
You said on Ellen last week that the pilot version of your book didn’t get picked up by the CW, but that you were hoping to keep trying. I was wondering what the process of writing the script was like – was it very different from writing the novel itself? Do you have certain changes you think you’d make for TV versus the book?
I think the story would make an amazing TV show and I hope it gets made!

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 55 points 2 days ago
Writing the script was very different. They wanted lots of big moments and plot twists. I borrowed from the book, but invented new scenes as well, and beefed up a character in the pilot who we only hear about in the book.

[–]DrydenDon 15 points 2 days ago
Lauren, thanks for doing this!
You’ve been hitting all sorts of mediums: tv, movies, novels, etc…
Is there a medium you prefer? Does one take preference over the others for any specific reason?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 26 points 2 days ago
I loved writing the script and I’m working on another one. Also working on book two.

Bad Santa

[–]adams145 401 points 2 days ago
Has your family watched you in Bad Santa, or did you urge them to stay away from that one?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 926 points 2 days ago
My father is still recovering.

[–]westcoast_eastsider 116 points 2 days ago
What was it like working with Billy Bob?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 176 points 2 days ago
I adore him. He has that Southern gentleman quality, and is very smart.

[–]MickCollins 201 points 2 days ago
“Bad Santa” is one of those movies I can put on and be laughing within about 30 seconds. Will you be appearing in the sequel?
Also, did you ever think “Fuck Me Santa” was going to be a line you ever uttered in your career as an actress?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 322 points 2 days ago
Someone even wanted to do a line of greeting cards and mugs with that er, line, and I was like, um, no thank you.


[–]nms1539 284 points 2 days ago
Hi! Just wondering – how much of the dialogue on Parenthood is improv? It seems you guys are given a lot of freedom during those scenes where the entire family is bantering.
Also you’re beautiful.

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 499 points 2 days ago
It’s a weird and wonderful mash-up of scripted and improvised. I’ve never gotten to do that on a show and I love it. Also, YOU’RE beautiful.

[–]I_eat_baby_burritos 104 points 2 days ago
I love you and thanks for doing this AMA. My question is who out of the cast on Parenthood is the most similar to their character ?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 242 points 2 days ago
Hard to say. Dax is an extremely funny guy who is also a super dedicated family man – like Crosby. And Peter is obviously perfect, just like Adam. :)

[–]mrg58 150 points 2 days ago
In all of your roles, who was your favorite male counterpart?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 262 points 2 days ago
Ha! Impossible to answer. I’ve had some great ones. Jason Ritter and Ray Romano both delightful.

[–]whyareyouasuper 5 points 2 days ago
Why is Sarah Braverman a super??? Like, how did that happen? It’s been bothering me all season.

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 10 points 2 days ago
I thought it was sort of odd too, but it gives her a reason to interact with hunky neighbors and get sprayed by faulty plumbing.

[–]ShutUpAndPassTheWine 31 points 2 days ago
What is the Parenthood cast like between takes? When a particularly dramatic, tense scene is over who starts cracking jokes and who stays serious? In general, what do you guy do on a typical shooting day when you’re not on camera?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 64 points 2 days ago
I sit in my trailer and write and try not to watch too much HGTV.

[–]miazapanta 35 points 2 days ago
Which cast members do you hang out with the most when you’re off set?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 89 points 2 days ago
I see Mae and Miles a lot. Mae and I have started taking Pilates. Ouch!

Lauren Graham

[–]fergmaster 296 points 2 days ago
What are your feelings on graham crackers?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 503 points 2 days ago
I’m very proud of them, and the cereal as well.

[–]useitdontloseit 56 points 2 days ago
You are incredibly awesome. What is your #1 tip for other people trying to be as awesome as you?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 175 points 2 days ago
Be friends with awesome people who tell you you’re awesome.

[–]letdown105 192 points 2 days ago
What do you remember most about your appearance on Seinfeld?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 337 points 2 days ago
I remember Jerry was very appreciative and nice and and laughed at everyone else’s jokes.

[–]mrg58 68 points 2 days ago
Is there one role you wish you’d never agreed to take?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 111 points 2 days ago
Not really. I probably learned as much or more from the projects that didn’t turn out as I hoped.

[–]miazapanta 93 points 2 days ago
Do you still keep in touch with Connie Britton? Would you ever consider being on Nashville?
I’d love to see Connie on Parenthood too!

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 213 points 2 days ago
Connie and I moved to LA together and lived in an empty house, where all I remember us eating were Rice Krispie treats. She’s still a friend, but now we both have furniture!

[–]singsoprano 79 points 2 days ago
5 things you can’t leave home without.

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 139 points 2 days ago
Notebook, pen (le pen is my favorite), book, lip balm, phone (of course).

[–]Domeniquesmile 4 points 2 days ago
Favorite song to dance around to right now?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 10 points 2 days ago
Pharrell’s “Happy” is just so, well, happy. I’m still not tired of it.

[–]namelesslynora 26 points 2 days ago
what’s your favourite pizza topping? (really asking the important questions here wow)

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 67 points 2 days ago
I just had an all cheese pizza from Mozza Pizzeria in LA. No red sauce, just the cheese and some sage. So I guess my favorite topping lately is nothing!
[–]drfunkdawg 29 points 2 days ago
great to see you on here! do you still think belly buttons are cool? or have you moved on?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 52 points 2 days ago
Obviously, they’re still cool.

[–]hleopard21 15 points 2 days ago
Hey Lauren! I’ve been a huge fan since Gilmore Girls and LOVE everything you’re doing on Parenthood. Who would you say had the biggest influence on you growing up/who influenced your decision to pursue acting. Again, i love everything that you do and I’m so proud of your book!

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 29 points 2 days ago
Thank you so much. My dad was always supportive of whatever I showed an interest in – from horseback riding to acting. And I had some great teachers along the way too.

[–]HalijoHa 16 points 2 days ago
If you could pic place to go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 33 points 2 days ago
We’re choosing where to go on vacation, so this has actually been the topic of discussion in our house for weeks! Japan, maybe?

[–]first_tiger_hobbes 67 points 2 days ago
You always seem to have so much fun on Craig Ferguson’s show. How much is just TV and how much is real? (Please don’t crush my dreams)
Also will there be giveaways for the paperback on Twitter like there was for the hardback?

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 102 points 2 days ago
I love doing that show, and there’s no way to fake that kind of genuine affection. We just have a weird/fun connection.

[–]singsoprano 40 points 2 days ago
Top 3 things you love to do when you’re in NYC!

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 99 points 2 days ago
I love to walk, anywhere really, but especially over the Brooklyn Bridge, shop with my sister, eat at Momofuku.

[–]Lauren_Graham[S] 610 points 2 days ago
Thank you so much for doing this with me. You’re all delightful, and having an especially good hair day! Until we meet again….

So what do you make of that New York lunch, huh?

Whatever Happened to Lane’s Dad?

He was the Mister Snuffleupagus of Stars Hollow. The oft-referred but never seen father of Lane Kim and husband to Mrs Kim. Throughout the show, Lane talked about her parents, but we saw neither hide nor hair of Mr Kim – not even at special occasions or family weddings.

He's standing right behind Brian

Do you think writing him into the pilot episode was a mistake?  The writers never explained away other drastic changes, like Dean’s metamorphosis from suave reference-picker-upper in the pilot episode to the fumbler we see thereafter.

Was he merely a running joke, that wasn’t that funny?

Or a reference to absent fathers… perhaps Mr Kim represented the attitude that the presence (or absence) of a father figure doesn’t necessarily make any difference to a girl’s life.  It’s Gilmore Girls after all, not Gilmore People.  And Luke was originally written to be a woman – which would have made for a very oestrogen-rich environment. Why add another unnecessary male to the mix?

Certainly by not having him on-screen, Lane’s tortuous life was far easier to directly compare with Rory’s, both having strong mothers, apparently distant fathers but very different outcomes.

Can you imagine a scene with Mr and Mrs Kim?  Scolding Lane or banging a tambourine?  I can imagine him being a good fit for Stars Hollow and very watchable, if only to see his coping mechanisms in action.

Personally, I think Mrs Kim kept him chained up in a dungeon under the shop.  What do you reckon?

Pic c/o TheWB

Which Gilmore Girls Guy is your Soulmate?

In case you were ever in doubt about which Gilmore Girls guy is your soulmate, this quick quiz over at Buzzfeed should put your mind at ease.


Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano) took the test and Tweeted that he ended up with Luke, which is kinda sweet.

I got Jess.  How about you?  Other respondents appear to have gotten Dean and Logan but no definitive answer yet on whether Taylor Doose could be your perfect match.

Pic c/o TheWB