Lorelai and Max Re-United!

The first trailer for Max, Lauren Graham’s upcoming war dog movie is out!


We last reported on Max in May 2014 (somehow sidestepping misleading references about Lorelai and Max Medina) and the details remain the same:

Max is the story of an army dog returning from Afghanistan, who returns to the U.S. to be adopted by his handler’s family after a traumatic experience. He bonds with the family, in particular a 14 year old boy and together they help each others’ healing process.

It doesn’t sound like the kind of movie where the dog talks.

Lauren plays the boy’s mother, a woman who has lost her eldest son to war but now has to heal her youngest. That big chunk of marble, Thomas Haden Church (Sideways) also stars.

Check out the 2-minute trailer here. It’s not overly spoiler-ific.

Directed by Boaz Yakin (Remember The Titans), this could have more feel-good guts than you might expect. US release date is 26 June 2015.

Look good to you? What do you think of Thomas Haden Church as Lauren’s on-screen husband?

Who would you like to see her on-screen-married-to? I can see sparks flying with a younger man… say Ryan Gosling?

Pic and trailer c/o MGM / Sideswept / WB

Jared Padalecki Talks about his Battle with Depression

In an interview with Variety, Jared Padalecki (our Dean Forester) revealed that he struggled with depression for years.  This was during Supernatural, in his mid-20’s. Now 32 and having recently lost a friend to depression, he is raising awareness on the web and through some limited edition merch – including sweatshirts and tees featuring the man himself and the slogan ‘Always Keep Fighting’. The initial fundraising ends today, so please check it out if you love JP and you haven’t already.

Keepin his chest close to your chest

On the fundraising website, Jared writes affectionately and intelligently about depression and the effects it can have:

For people who deal with mental illness, depression, addiction or suicidal thoughts, every day can bring about new struggles. Every hour and every minute can seem to bring insurmountable odds of happiness. I hope that the simple message of “always keep fighting” can help to bolster somebody through a tough time. I also hope this campaign can help alleviate some of the stigma that the terms “mental illness” and “depression” sometimes evokes.

More than a few of us have turned to Gilmore Girls as a break from real life or as a warm hug but also sometimes to lift our spirits in incredibly difficult situations.  Depression can strike those you’d least expect and when you’re down there, you just can’t see a way out.

I’d love to copy and paste his words verbatim, but better I send you to where he’s at: https://represent.com/jared

Has Gilmore Girls helped you through hard times? I know it has me.

Pic c/o Jared Padalecki

Lauren and Connie are Tweeting like it’s 1999

Lauren Graham and Connie Britton are tweeting birthday photos of/at each other and we’re loving it.  Lauren and Connie were roommates back in the 90s, before they both hit it big: Connie in Spin City, Friday Night Lights and most recently, Nashville.   And Lauren was in that uh – wait… you know, that show with that chick who was in Bridesmaids.

Lauren posted this 1999 photo in honour of Connie’s birthday last week.

Hallo boys!

Cute, right?  She tweeted:

Lauren: In honor of the babely @conniebritton birthday, let’s all party like its 1999! (Photo from 1999 for reference).

Then Connie responded with this one yesterday, for Lauren’s birthday (Happy birthday Lauren, we totally remembered. Your Amazon voucher is in the post).

Connie: Happy birthday @thelaurengraham! To celebrate, please enjoy this delightful photo of us and her boob c. 2005

Ol' Blue Eyes is back with Ol' Red Eyes

Anyone else out there roomed with superstars?  I once saw Christopher Lee (Saruman from Lord of the Rings) in an airport.  And Simon Callow (Four Weddings and a Funeral) on a plane. It’s true what Billy Crystal said about them having big bobble-heads.

Pics c/o @thelaurengraham and @conniegraham

Dean and Luke: Same Thing?

Season Five: Luke and Dean are shifting Taylor Doose’s cannonballs (dirty!) and moving boxes at the old Twickham house from Taylor’s oddly spellbinding diorama. Judging by his hair – and we always judge his hair – Dean recently had a run-in with a 1970’s blow-dryer.

Dean and Luke and a special guest appearance from Bert the toolbox

In this, Dean’s final appearance in the Gilmore Girls‘ lives, he is at his most bitter yet most philosophical. He has gained and lost Rory (to Jess), only to regain and lose her again (to Logan) and can’t help but measure his lot against Luke’s nascent relationship with Lorelai.

Dean: They want more than this. Don’t you see that? And all you are is this.
Luke: Rory was a kid, Dean. She grew up. She moved on. Accept it.
Dean: You accept it! This town is all you are and it’s not enough. She’s gonna get bored and you aren’t gonna take her anywhere. You’re here, forever.
Luke: It’s different.
Dean: It’s not different. You and me. Same thing.
s05e18 To Live and Let Diorama

Like a lot of TV and movie love stories, we see the good bits – the flirting and the getting together and the temporary breaking up before the second coming – but we don’t see what happens in the end. Maybe Dean went back to college, enrolled in some clinical testing to help pay his way, becomes a think-tank boffin and makes and marries a Rory clone. Maybe Luke’s ex-girlfriend Rachel moves back to Stars Hollow and is able to give Luke the reassurances and stability he needs – then gets knocked up immediately so he can’t back out.

Where I’m going with this is: What if Dean was right about Luke and Lorelai?

We mostly acknowledge that Dean was a great first boyfriend for Rory but ultimately wasn’t the one and Dean is coming from a dark place – with his post-Rory mess of a love-life. However, he speaks from his own personal experience and despite the Bop-It Incident, I question whether he’s saying these things out of spite, to hurt Luke. I wonder whether he’s trying to be a bro, to save Luke some heartache.

Dean and Luke: Same thing?
If Luke and Lorelai became a long-term thing, which one of them would have to change more?
Or is Dean just plain wrong?

Pic c/o TheWB

Us & Them : A Post-Mortem

In 2013, 7 episodes of Us & Them – starring Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) – were filmed before Fox put the show on eternal hiatus with insiders saying it would never be broadcast on Fox. The pilot and six episodes were limitedly aired on other networks in 2014 and for those who look hard enough, can now be ferretted out from the Internets.

The comedy series bounced between New York and Pennsylvania, revolving around the long-distance relationship between Alexis Bledel and Jason Ritter. Around the eye of their tornado swirled their comedy sidekicks and oddball families. Both charm and laughs came from the actors’ natural chemistry, the awkwardness of fledgling relationships and the resultant situational comedy.

An S&M thing

This was the third time a US remake of the cult BBC show Gavin & Stacey had been attempted and the pilot episode displays the closest ties to its origins. As a result, it is laced with wickedly coarse dialogue, understated comedic beats and a grown-up attitude that put it a bar above, say, Suburgatory or Community. Us &Them is affected by both shows, indeed some of the characters could have been lifted directly in terms of quirkiness and delivery.

Alexis underplays to great effect and is simultaneously grown-up, sweet and sexy. It’s a better, richer evolution than her casting in Post-Grad. Both she and Jason Ritter are nicely cast as the young lovers – once you put aside the image of him getting it on with Lauren Graham (Rory’s mom, Lorelai Gilmore) in Parenthood. Their best friends are similarly well cast albeit one-dimensional, with Dustin Ybarra in James Corden’s ‘Smithy’ role edged out by Ashlie Atkinson’s deliciously dirty Nessa.

Fox eventually pulled its initial order of 13 episodes citing unhappiness with the quality of scripts and ultimately the refreshing edginess of the pilot becomes watered down as the show progresses, hampered by mainstream writing. The quirkiness is unnecessarily turned up a notch and the intelligent crassness is curbed. It’s a damn shame because on the strength of the pilot, this could have been a gem. Alexis shines as the country girl, shy and unassuming but equally keen to jump in the sack or throw down to protect her own. I would strongly recommend this to Alexis’ fans.

And did anyone else fondly recall this related season 6 reference? (Put your hand down AmityL)

Bill from the Yale Daily newsroom: Professor Wallace wants a correction to the interview we printed with him. He wants to clarify that he, in fact, referred to his department’s problems with the advisory board as an quote ‘us and them thing.’ End quote.
Rory: What did we print?
Bill: ‘S and M thing.’
Rory: Heh that’s kinda funny.

Did you catch Us & Them?  Will you be hunting it out?  What did you think of Post-Grad and Alexis’ other post-Gilmore exploits?

Pic c/o Fox

Alexis Bledel is Back on TV Next Month!

Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) is guest starring in an episode of Motive next month! The acclaimed Canadian ‘whydunit’ crime drama begins its third season on March 8 on CTV. Here’s a pic of Alexis on-set,  Instagrammed by co-guest-star Ben Hollingsworth.


For the uninitiated, the formula of this show reveals the killer and the victim at the start of the episode, with the detectives (hopefully) unravelling the MOTIVE of the crime as the plot progresses.  I’m assuming Alexis is either the killer or the killee… with that scrubby haircut and very un-Rory-like shirt, I’m pretty sure she’s a psychopath.  We should follow proper Stars Hollow town meeting decorum and vote – if you think Rory’s the killer, raise your hands…

Her episode is currently slated for March 22, 10pm ET/PT on CTV and CTV GO. Mark your calendars eh?

I’ve been suffering a certain Alexis-less-ness recently and found that her series ‘Us & Them‘, which was tragically cancelled last year, appears to be floating around the internets. We thought the show had a lot of promise – a solid cast, strong pedigree and of course, Alexis.  If I can get hold of it, I shall report back. Has anyone already seen Us & Them?

Are you already watching Motive?  If not, will you be switching over on Sunday nights?

Pic c/o Ben Hollingsworth (hollingsworthb on Instagram)

Lauren Graham to Host The Late Late Show on Thursday night!

Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) will be guest hosting The Late Late Show tomorrow (Wednesday) night. (edit) on Thursday night!   CBS lists Ray Romano, Busy Philipps and Tom Papa as her guests, nestled nicely between Matthew Perry on Tuesday and Jimmy Kimmel on Friday.

The show airs at 12:35am ET / 11:35 CT, catch it when convenient.

Was Lauren ever on The Daily Show?  I always that would have been appropriate, after she enjoyed it so much that night at Digger’s place…


ABC also announced this week that Lauren will be one of the many celebs appearing on their new show Repeat After Me. The show is produced by Ellen DeGeneres and will be based on her hidden camera bit, where the celeb has to repeat what Ellen communicates through the celeb’s secret earpiece. Wendi McLendon-Covey will be fronting the show and I can’t help think that Wendi will have Ellen talking into her earpiece.

Other celebrity participants will include Ellen Pompeo (Meredith from Grey’s Anatomy), Justin Bieber and Michael Bolton. So naturally, ABC promises ‘high-energy, comedic hidden-camera situations’.  Stay tuned Tuesdays at 8:30pm ET.

With Parenthood done and dusted, it’s great to see Lauren getting more air time . Hopefully we’ll see more of her soon, if the Ellen DeGeneres-produced project Kate on Later comes to fruition.

Pop-Quiz: Which Amy Heckerling-directed movie did Lorelai watch post Daily Show, pre-vanilla-scented jacuzzi?  

Pic c/o TheWB