Alexis gets Cultured – Twice!

A cultured weekend for Mrs. Alexis Bledel, attending the fabulous America Ferrera’s off-Broadway show Lips Together Teeth Apart. Captured ably (as ever) by Amber Tamblyn here:

so classy

A pregnant and glowing Blake Lively was, of course, also there to complete the Sisterhood and lend support (“Go Betty, Go Betty”) at the Second Stage Theater on Saturday (October 18). The show runs until the end of October and features America playing Sally in Terrence McNally’s tale of two couples trying to enjoy themselves (themselves despite their prejudices and insecurities) over a July 4th barbeque.

If you like links to Gilmore Girls (and who doesn’t like links to Gilmore Girls – it’s like parfait), you’d also want to know that Jon Hamm was in attendance (Lorelai’s auction-attending wine-sharing date, Peyton Sanders), as was Tony Danza, who Rory last saw in Las Vegas, among other acts…

Lorelai: Well, it came down to Journey without their original lead singer, INXS without their original lead singer, Queen without their original lead singer, The Supremes without Diana and, weirdly, the James Brown Band without James Brown.
Rory: But we wound up seeing Tony Danza, who was sublime!
Lorelai: Oh, the tap dancing!

I feel I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t now show you Tony Danza tap dancing:

Then last night (Monday October 20), Alexis attended the Vineyard Theatre‘s opening night performance of Billy & Ray, which sees Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler magicking up film noir as they adapt Double Indemnity for the silver screen. Vincent Kartheiser (Mr. Alexis Bledel) plays Billy Wilder and the show runs until November 23rd.  Here’s AB looking darling on the ol’ red carpet:

nice shoes

Lorelai: You know Mom, you have kind of a Barbara Stanwyck-y voice.
Emily: Oh I do not.
Lorelai: I mean it. You could have gotten Fred McMurray to off Dad if you’d really wanted to.
(Lorelai and Emily referencing Double Indemnity, naturally)

Do you think we’ll ever see Alexis treading the boards?  Would you watch her?  I’d go see her if she was in London.  And any of the former Gilmore Girls cast actually.  Michael Winters (Taylor Doose) does some theater from time to time and I think he’d be great.  He has a real presence (especially with Miss Patty behind him).

Now why not follow Alexis’ example and get yourself some culture?  Or at least watch Double Indemnity.  I started House of Cards on Sunday and will hopefully have time to watch three straight episodes soon as I post this :O)

Pics c/o amberrosetamblyn and Joseph Marzullo/WENN

Hep Alien Still Hep!

The mighty John Cabrera (Brian with the deviated septum) tweeted last week that he, Keiko Agena (Lane) and Todd Lowe (Zack) jammed earlier this month, reprising vocals and drums for a rendition of The White Stripes’ Fell In Love With A Girl.  How cool?  Damn cool.  Photographic evidence right here.

hep alien 3/4

What Would Lorelai Make of Taylor Swift?

It’s been 7 years since we last saw Lorelai and Rory, swigging coffee and referencing pop culture faster than Road Runner could meep-meep.


Part of the (many many) magnetic charms of the show were the references that made me feel like they were talking directly into my soul. Some examples…

Francie: What’s your damage, Gilmore? [Heathers]

Lorelai: You don’t care at all, do you?
Michel: To me, you are the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoon. [Sounded like a muted trumpet - 'WAH wAH waah']

Rory: Got it. Hey, how come we don’t have a tiki bar?
Lorelai: Well, we are not two wild and crazy guys. [Steve Martin's characters on Saturday Night Live]
Rory: You like pina coladas.
Lorelai: And getting lost in the rain. [Rupert Holmes' Escape - The Pina Colada song]

What were your stand-out pop culture references?

In the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie, Cap keeps a notepad of modern things that he missed on during his 65 year sleep, to catch up on. The list in the movie differed from country to country so in US theaters, it included ‘I Love Lucy’ and ‘Pisco’ whereas in the UK it included ‘The Beatles’ and ‘World Cup Final (1966)’. Italy’s listed ‘Roberto Benigni’, Mexico had ‘Shakira’ and Korea had ‘Oldboy’. Gizmodo has a compilation of the different lists here.

Today’s loosely related daydreaming has me pondering… if she was on our screens today, what would Lorelai be referencing – and how?

Facebook only started in 2004. We didn’t have Twitter or tablets. Would she have been an uncontrollable Twitter-er? Perhaps they’d have gone totally post-modern, Rory and Lorelai sitting on their sofa remarking on how often Lauren Graham appeared on Ellen. Or the travesty of Bunheads being cancelled.

I can see Mark Wahlberg moving to Stars Hollow, playing Marky Mark in his early 40′s. He’d be flirting with Lorelai:

Marky Mark: Hey, I just met you… and this is crazy, but here’s my number. Call me, maybe?

I think there’d be some sisterly love too for (the lovely) Taylor Swift, but what do you think Stars Hollow would be gabbing about today?

Here’s something to listen to while you think about it…

Pic c/o TheWB, Tune c/o Rupert Holmes’ and that moment when the chic 70′s became the sweater-laden 80′s

Sunday Afternoon #GilmoreGirls Re-Watch LiveTweet was a Blast! #gnrw

Thanks to everyone who came along to our first Gilmore News ReWatch Live Tweet session earlier today.  We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Silly rabbit...

Special thanks to @AKSmith6, @GilmoreGirlsBoy and @ButItWasOnSale for some spicy repartee and finely tuned observations such as:

Alicia: With that cane Trix looks like a pimp #GNRW

Mandolins: Snow cones in the middle of winter, is that a thing? Also, Rory, that is not how we throw. #onestepbackwardforfemenism #gnrw

And poor old Francie didn’t fare very well:


The whole event felt like hanging out with buds on a wet Sunday in front of a warm fire on a comfy comfy sofa.

Some surprising points came up, like… 

  • noticing the outbreak of furry-collar-itis that spread as the episode progressed (Dean was the likely Patient Zero)
  • the charm of Stars Hollow includes same-sex toilets, which is unlucky for Dean’s sister – or Constipated Clara as she is more commonly known
  • nobody really knows which one is Madeline and which is Louise

The entire conversation is here:

Hope y’all had fun too.  (Someone else can host next time ‘cos it’s gonna take me hours to clean this mess up.)

Pics c/o TheWB and Lions Gate (OrangeIsTheNewBlack)

Gilmore News is LiveTweeting #GilmoreGirls ‘That’ll Do Pig’ after Sunday lunch – Gilmore News ReWatch! #GNRW

In the absence of having you all round my place to watch some Gilmore Girls, this is the next best thing.  Also it saves on clearing up afterward.

If you’re not on Twitter, you can still follow along – basically watching me shouting out the window at strangers – right here:

For those of you who are on Twitter, tweet up!  If there are enough of us to start talking over each other, even better.  Word vomit is encouraged – regular readers will know I do it every Tuesday.

Be sure to include #gnrw (for GilmoreNews ReWatch) on every one of your random thoughts and if you’re talking to someone else, include their @username too. I’m @bunheader.

she's a babe

I’ve randomly picked episode 10 of season 3, ‘That’ll Do Pig’, so queue it up and be ready to press play on your well-loved DVD or shiny new Netflix stream on Sunday October 12 at exactly: 

1pm US West Coast time

4pm US East Coast

9pm UK time

For other locations, plug your city into this handy tool.  Synchronize watches with the Greenwich Mean Time clock and I’ll be online about 10 minutes before, to hand out popcorn and roasted nuts.

I’m expecting to see Rory in plaid, a visit from Trix and maybe some Jess and Dean action. I don’t recall the Babe reference in the title but hopefully that’ll become clear.  If anyone wants to add drinking game rules, feel free to comment below e.g. one shot every time Jess makes his confused-angry face.  You might need a big bottle for that rule.  And an understanding boss for the Monday morning after.

Hope to see you there.  If even one of you shows up, it’ll be a blast.  And much less embarrassing.

Pig c/o Universal

What’s the right age to introduce a Girl to Gilmore?

Teen pregnancy and an absentee father are odd starting places for a family network television show, but that’s where the Gilmore Girls story really starts. Lorelai’s accidental pregnancy at 16 was only openly criticized a couple of times – as asides by Mrs Kim and in that incident with the Stars Hollow’s Stepford moms.


Stepford Mom 1: So, you’re preaching to our daughters that it’s okay to get pregnant at sixteen, am I getting that right?
Lorelai: No, not at all, I was just answering their questions.

Stepford Mom 1: Sounds like you just flaunted your mistakes.
Lorelai: Now, hold on. You have no right to judge me. All I said was that for my particular circumstances things worked out okay. I advocated nothing to them. You’re all acting like I walked into that room tossing condoms in the air.
Stepford Mom 2: You might as well have.
Lorelai: Fine, next time I will. I’ll bring a banana and we’ll have a little show and tell. How ‘bout that?
Stepford Mom 1: What kind of mother are you?
Lorelai: The kind that doesn’t gloss over things just because they’re a little uncomfortable.

And while it was criticised then, it was never, ever regretted. Rory was unconditionally loved.

Student 1: Well, are you sorry you got pregnant?
Lorelai: No, it brought me Rory, but timing is everything. I mean, I could’ve. . .sixteen, you guys are sixteen, right . . .and hey, is that clock right?
Student 2: What do you mean by timing?
Student 1: Yeah, if you had waited and had a baby with another man at a different time. . .
Student 3: It wouldn’t have been Rory, right?
Lorelai: Hey, you know what’s fun to talk about? Late checkout.

In the same way Mrs Doubtfire (rest in peace Robin Williams, you loveable maniac) cemented the notion of non-traditional yet fully functional families into social consciousness, Gilmore Girls continues to lessen the stigma around non-nuclear families – and it does this somewhat counterintuitively… by barely referencing it.

Instead, they focus on the present. We see foxy mom Lorelai bringing up the perfect daughter with standards, rocket-powered wit and bootcut jeans. She has created her own home and built her own life around her own dreams. I heard someone discussing Stevie Nicks on the radio, saying she’d coccooned herself with like-minded people, creating a safe environment where she could be herself and create, without fear. I think Stars Hollow was that safe nest for Lorelai, to be able to create her life and the life she wanted for Rory. How they got there didn’t matter.


Mass media and popular culture seem to be nudging kids to grow up earlier, becoming sexualised and sex-aware earlier. Like the internet and progress, you can’t put this stuff back in a box. It just is – or maybe it’s always been like this. Either way, it doesn’t mean a mother can’t still try to pass on life lessons…

Lorelai: Does he have a motorcycle? ‘Cause if you’re gonna throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle!

… but whether a daughter is actually going to listen or not, well… that’s a whole other can of beans.

How do you feel Gilmore Girls handled the subject of teen pregnancy?
Given the range of media already out there – from Miley Cyrus to Judy Blume – do you think there’s a ‘right’ age for girls to be introduced to Lorelai’s world?
Do you think Lorelai and Rory’s relationships with guys were good or bad examples of real-world options and behaviour?

Pics c/o TheWB

The Mark Twain House and the Mayflower inn

In the run-up to Gilmore Girls’ release on Netflix tomorrow, Vulture has posted some great Gilmore articles, including an interview with Amy Sherman-Palladino, the creator of Gilmore Girls.

raincoats and recipes

Of particular interest were Amy’s comments on the Mark Twain house – or more specifically, where she stayed when they went to visit the Mark Twain house:

Amy: …we were kind of obsessed with the shit that Mark Twain did in his house, so we were like, Let’s fly to Mark Twain’s house because it’s creaky. So we went to Connecticut, and we stayed at this inn… and the concierge was a French woman, and I went up to the room, and I said to my husband, “What if I placed the show, like, here? Like, in this place?” He goes, “Sure, why not?” And I sat down, and I got out the pad from the hotel, and I literally wrote, like, the first three scenes of Gilmore Girls on the pad. The inn is called the Mayflower. It’s now gotten a lot fancier.

hello Mayflower?

Now this struck me like a lightning bolt for a couple of reasons.  First, because I worship that spark of inspiration that flows from a single-minded creator – like Jim Henson with the Muppets and Aaron Sorkin with The West Wing, they bring these wonderful creations to life – and like Gilmore Girls, their creations suffered after their creators departed.  Could you imagine a series of Buffy without Joss Whedon?  I’m dry retching just thinking about it.  These shows are expressions of that one person’s soul.  A lot of people help to bring them to fruition, but without that person, there’s simply no show.

That’s the Mayflower in the photo above.  The birthplace of Gilmore Girls.  Which leads me to the second reason… without knowing any of the above, I’d already earmarked the Mayflower Grace as a possible location to convene a meeting of sorts, just because it’s in Washington Depot.  Actually on Woodbury Road.  I might need to sell a kidney (or two) to stay there, but now it’s a pilgrimage.

Read Amy’s interview at Vulture here and catch Gilmore Girls on Netflix from tomorrow!!

Will you be re-watching on Netflix?  Has anyone carved their (craftily reversed) initials into the sideboard at the Mayflower Grace?  And who wants to start the spitball rolling for a Gilmore Girls convention in 2015 – a Stars Hollow Con, if you will?

Pics c/o The WB and gracehotels