Dean Padalecki Wears Hat At Comic-Con 2014

Comic-Con finished up on Sunday in San Diego and on the Supernatural panel was all 1.94 metres (6ft 4in) of Jared Padalecki.  This smouldering shot is actually from the Season 9 promo since I’ve no idea what we can get away with using from Comic-Con.


Season 10 of Supernatural is coming and spoilers from the Con are trickling onto the web.  Plenty of images from the Supernatural event at JustJared where you can see how Dean ought to have dealt with his perpetually floppy hair.

Man, if only Gilmore Girls was a teensy bit sci-fi, we’d all have been in San Diego last weekend.  Why is it sci-fi gets their own convention?  We’re geeks too y’know.  Bigger geeks, probably.

Did anyone make it out to Comic-Con to see Dean Jared?

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Best Gilmore Trivia Ever

Some bits and bobs you might or might not know…

No way! Waaaay!

- Rory’s teacher in the pilot episode was played by Jill Brennan, who returned 4 years later as ‘Crazy’ Carrie Duncan, one of Luke’s high school dalliances

- In the original pilot script, Lorelai cooks a celebratory banquet and both the girls enjoyed salad – unlike in ‘real life’, where pizza is a food type and the oven is used to keep shoes

- Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore, duh) drank Coke in place of coffee, although she’s partial to coffee now

- Stars Hollow was in part based on Washington Depot, CT – a real place that we’ll visit during one of the Stars Hollow Cons, the Gilmore Girls Convention

- Rescue dog Buttercup actually belonged to Scott Patterson (Luke Danes)

Rory: Buttercup is a special dog. She’s extremely skittish and tends to react badly towards blonde haired females, brunette males, children of either sex, other animals, red clothing, cabbage or anyone in a uniform.
Lorelai (to Luke):Hey, we just found the doggy version of you.

- Neither Lane nor Mrs Kim were Korean

- Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore, duh) and Keiko Agena (Lane Kim) were both born in Honolulu, Hawaii

- Keiko Agena was closer to Lauren’s age than Alexis (Rory Gilmore).  Those wonderful Japanese-American genes…

- Alex Borstein was originally cast to play Sookie but due to Alex’ contractual engagements, was re-cast as Drella (the eternally-miffed harp player) and later on as Miss Celine the Gilmores’ dresser)

- Michael Winters (Taylor Doose) lost his left leg in a fishing accident between seasons 4 and 5 and acted the remainder of the show with a wooden leg

- The set of Lorelai’s house connected to Sookie’s house via the closet door in the entrance hall

- The exterior of the Dragonfly Inn was the house from popular 70s show, The Waltons

- Alexis Bledel and Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano) were dating in real life

- Sean Gunn turned up as both the swan guy and Mick the cable guy before becoming Kirk forever.  Including an alternate universe Kirk as Bash, in Bunheads

- At the school performance of Fiddler On The Roof, Matthew Perry can be seen hiding behind the curtain after Luke fixes Kirk’s cart

I have homework for you this week.  Hunt out some unexpected trivia and post it below. has thousands I never knew about.  Or you can totally make it up, just like I completely fabricated every fifth ‘fact’ above.

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Those Good Lookin’ Girls… Well, Mostly.

Those Girls sure were easy on the eye. Well, most of the time. Even when Lorelai was supposed to look awful, she still looked GREAT.

nice boots

It’s the cowboy boots that really set that look off.  

But there were times when they didn’t look so hot. Here’s one for the real geeks and style aficionados. When did they look their worst?

My pet turn-off was this ensemble from series six, where Rory wears a dirty cardboard box…

khaki? cacky more like

… with Lorelai’s get-up in the Mother-Daughter fashion combo a close runner-up. Ugh, I’m dry retching just writing this.

no no no

Deep breaths.  Y’know it’s a credit to the wardrobe department that these were only so jarring because the fashion faux pas were so few.

So when do you think the girls looked their prettiest?  Favourite outfits?  Will any of the Lorelai-lovers ‘fess up a preference between the pink dream-sequence negligee and the black one?  I double-dare you.

There were a couple of weird episodes where Lorelai and Sookie appeared to have been visited by the botox fairy – needless to say, quite unnecessarily. The boys never seemed to look that different, did they? Except maybe when Lorelai dressed Luke up in black – or he was shirtless in bed…  I just thought, Jackson’s wrestling pyjamas would make a stunning cosplay outfit.  Comfy, too.

To finish with, that perennial question: Rory – Long tresses in an Alice band… or short grown-up bob?

(In case you’re wondering, yes, I did check that the plural of ‘faux pas’ is ‘faux pas’.  After that whole culs-de-sac incident I wasn’t taking any chances.)

Pics c/o The WB/The CW


Sean Gunn in Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s big summer movie this year is Guardians of the Galaxy. The trailer features a number of misfit heroes, one of whom is a spunky CGI raccoon velvetly voiced by Bradley Cooper. However, Rocket Raccoon’s acting performance is given by director James Gunn’s brother: one Sean Gunn (Kirk from Gilmore Girls).

ain't easy being green

This on-set photo of the two brothers gives an idea of how Kirk might look on a regular Stars Hollow summer’s day, pretending he’s invisible.

Sean Gunn also dons the green bodysuit to play Thanos, who was the Big Bad Unspeaking Dude at the end of 2012′s The Avengers movie credits. And as if that weren’t enough, Sean also plays Kraglin, one of the Ravagers – seen here looking pretty damn magnificent.  This is how Kirk sees himself in the mirror.


What do you think it says on the black t-shirt he’s wearing underneath?

Guardians of the Galaxy is an off-the-wall space comedy and appears to be a significant departure by Marvel from its recent popular superhero schtick. If the box office responds well, hopes are that this will create a new franchise and initial screening audiences have been particularly positive about the raccoon.

What do you think? Is this kind of thing up your street?

Personally, I’m enjoying this current generation of superhero movies, a far cry from say, Ben Affleck’s Daredevil. I generally disdain the Hollywood money-making machine putting out sequel after remake after sequel (didn’t we just re-do Spiderman?!) so I’m all for seeing something a little new and untested like this. It’s a shame Marvel seem to have taken two steps backward with Ant-Man, which could have really been something different with Edgar Wright.

How about Gilmore Girls as superheroes?  2000′s Lauren Graham could have given 1970s Lynda Carter a run for her money as Wonder Woman.  I can see Taylor Doose as a cantankerous old Bruce Wayne from the classic Dark Knight Returns comic – he becomes this old chunky, moody guy.  Scott Patterson (Luke) could have been an inspired choice as Joker, once he’d gotten over that whole issue of having sausages pulled out of him.  Any superhero casting ideas?

Pics c/o Marvel & James Gunn

The Thriving Online Gilmore Community

It’s been over seven years now since the final Gilmore Girls episode live-aired, on May 15th 2007. Enough time for the seven seasons to have aired again… that’s like your kid having a kid.  Yet there’s no seven year itch in sight and the fanbase is still evident, both here at GilmoreNews and at various internet fan outlets, who I’d like to take this occasion to gather up and namecheck and give a good ol’ fashioned Stars Hollow holler.  HOLLER!

ain't no holla back girrrl

Anyone who’s ever twat me will know I’m terrible with The Twitter (apologies if I’m garbling the terminology). I think by the time I joined up the cool kids had already moved onto something else. On the bright side, it seems to be working out for Gilmore Tweets, who post a few choice Gilmore lines each week. Each is up-to-140-characters worth of reminiscences, particularly good for those with a short-attention span.

For those who like their words with pictures, GilmoreGirlsWeb tweets a subtitled screengrab or video two or three times a week. On Tumblr we have Oy With the Poodles Already  and FYeahGilmoreGirls, who both post pretty much weekly with screenshots or animated GIFs and subtitles or taglines. I find myself watching a really good GIF over and over as the actors’ tiniest facial expressions can make the whole thing.

On more traditional entertainment news sites, I keep an eye on Vulture and TVLine. Vulture has a current Gilmore or Amy Sherman-Palladino story once a month or so and not only do they have a dedicated Amy Sherman-Palladino tag but last month they boasted an article from Amy Sherman-Palladino herself. She wrote about the impressive dialogue in Sherlock, of which I’m a fan but I didn’t like the wedding episode.

Michael Ausiello at TVLine is also good for anything current – TVLine’s coverage and support of Bunheads was terrific. Plus he interviewed Lauren Graham on the couch last year.

Also a shout out to TV Fanatic, who are on the radar this week as they kick off an episode-by-episode review of Gilmore Girls, starting with series one, episode one! We’ve done it a few times and wish them luck and many many laughs. I think it’s the third or fourth viewing that really separates the wheat from the chaff.

Last up, something a bit different is Stars Hollow Confessions, a Tumblr site that accepted anonymously posted confessions about Gilmore Girls.  They’d turn submissions into a graphic with an appropriate screengrab. The confession box is currently closed but new pics are still being posted from the backlog. Some of the ‘confessions’ are more observations or musings, but the candid ones are my favourite e.g.

“Season 7 isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be.”

Kira and Iscah, I hope you don’t mind me re-posting this gem…


Are there other Gilmore sites you follow?  Do share!  Do you (or did you) have a Gilmore Girls website?  

I’d also like to have a confessional session sometime, I think it’d be an eye-opener.  Anyone care to start?

Top pic c/o TheWB, bottom pic c/o, check ‘em out.


What do a Roomba, a Sidekick and a Prius have in common?

A few products made noticeable repeat appearances in the Gilmore Girls’ lives.  In the later series when Gilmore Girls really hit its stride and popularity, product promotion became noticeable to the point of distraction.  On the whole, these were forgiveable but some cases still stick in my craw…

suck you right up

Chris’ drawn out conversation with Lorelai about whether to buy Rory a Sidekick mobile phone portended its eventual appearance much like the party guests at the beginning of the the Godfather asking about Michael Corleone’s whereabouts. By the time it finally arrived, Rory was uncharacteristically glued to its screen, hanging on the minutiae of her father’s behaviour.

Rory: I’ve got him right here he’s turning left on main, and he found a buffalo-head nickel in his glove compartment.

This came off as a thinly veiled argument against any parent buying their child a mobile phone, which I hope it surreptitiously was (he writes, very aware that he’s writing about about being borderline addicted to a TV show).

On the occasion of Rory’s graduation from Chilton, Richard and Emily present her with a Prius electric hybrid car, bestowed along with cringeworthy bullet points for any grandparents thinking of doing the same.

Richard: We got her one car. It’s a little Prius. It’s safe, it gets great gas mileage.
Emily: And it’s the one that Leonardo DiCaprio drives.

And it looks like a slug.  But it’s the promotional consideration that counts and we can’t begrudge it completely: that boring grey heap helped fund the last couple of series.  The thing is, if the girls had genuinely had any affection towards it, they would have named it.  Sluggy, maybe.  And despite many appearances, it didn’t get any cooler as a result.  Paul Anka the dog never locked himself in the Prius.

Then there was the Girls’ shared out-of-body Roomba experience. I’m not sure if this one counts because the robotic vacuum cleaner only appeared once.  On balance, I think it was product placement because the devices were pink and made me want to buy one purely because they were pink.

It’s safe to assume South America provided considerable financial assistance for the constant promotional consideration of coffee.

And the Pro-Buttercream lobbyists clearly won out over the Anti-Marzipan coalition. Indeed, marzipan gets a roasting (which probably wouldn’t have made it taste any better):

Emily: Oh Jason, would you like some marzipan?
Jason: Would I? I love marzipan. [Chris Eigeman deserved an Emmy purely for his delivery of this line].
Emily: Take as much as you like, and put some extra into a napkin. Just not the one Lorelai spat her piece into.

I would love to hear if you tried marzipan as a result of its being on Gilmore Girls.  Or bought a Prius :O)  Can you think of anything else promoted on the show? 

More broadly, did the show inspire you to do anything?  Backpack across Europe?  Attend a Renaissance fair?  Steal a boat?  Watch the Changeling?  Jump off anything with an umbrella?  Go to Yale instead of Harvard?  Sing that song at karaoke?  Write a smash hit television series?  (I have an online doc where I keep ideas for gilmorenews blogs – it’s called Ideas Book, like Logan’s little notebook.)

Ladies and gentlemen, by my count this is my 100th blog.  For which I pat myself on the back, raise a glass and wish you all a glorious summer.  Love you guys.

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Is Michel Gay Or Just French?

Stars Hollow and the world of Gilmore Girls revolved around relationships, but never included an openly gay character or relationship. For heaven’s sake, the guys in the Bunheads ballet troupe came off more testosteroney than some of the camp, eccentric and colourful characters in the Hollow. Do you think any of the Gilmore Girls characters was genuinely closeted?

There were a number of secondary characters whose backstories were never told. Andrew for instance, the bookseller at Stars Hollow Books who made a fine hunk (of marble) as Poussin’s statue, Moissonneur or ’The Reaper’.

not so bookish

How about Michel? His love for Céline Dion was legendary…

Michel: I have been waiting forever to get this close to Céline. Oh, my god, I’m shaking like a leaf. What should I wear? What would Céline like me in?

…but his mannerisms often seemed to be attributed to his general eccentricities. Gypsy the mechanic never seemed to be with anyone but she also never seemed to need to be with anyone. Tobin the night desk clerk? Sookie’s midwife doula, Bruce? Or Brad, Rory’s classmate and one-time Broadway starlet?

Brad: Through good times and bad, Chilton formed us, brought us hope, honed our insight, gave us encouragement. Though my time here was briefly interrupted by my period spent on Broadway hanging out with Stephen Sondheim, I still consider Chilton the most rewarding experience of my young life. Now it had always been my plan in closing to recite a short poem I’d written.
Louise: (to Madeline) But you reconsidered.
Madeline: Come on, Brad. Go out a winner.
Brad: But as I read it aloud, I realized the sentiments I wanted to share with my fellow students were better expressed in a favourite song of mine. [He sings] Cherish is the word I use to describe… Bong, bong. Bong, bong. 
Rory: Oh, Brad.

For a show that was all about relationships, was a gay coupling noticeably absent? What difference would having an openly gay character or couple in the recurring cast have made? Who do you think might have been closeted?  Or nobody?  Was Michel gay, just French or something else altogether?

throwing shapes

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