Scott Patterson Hints at “Gilmore Girls” Reunion

Scott Patterson (Luke Danes on Gilmore Girls) recently revived the hints about a potential Gilmore Girls movie. You know, as if the upcoming reunion at the ATX Festival was not enough to get people’s hopes up again. Scott sat down with Kevin Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe of the Gilmore Guys Podcast on May 20th to talk about the show. During the interview, he shared some hints about the real possibility of a Gilmore Girls reunion – one that seems to be going just beyond a few people pushing for it:

“There are talks [of a reunion] going on at the moment. I can’t really go into any detail, but there is some activity. So I’m hopeful, and you know, I’m in. I think it would be a big event, and I think it would be a great fan celebration. They deserve it.”

“They [the fans] do deserve a resolution. They waited seven years for a wedding they never got. That’s a bitter pill to swallow if you’re a lifelong fan.”

“I’m always conflicted about [a Gilmore reunion]. It wasn’t a satisfying ending. And with all this time that’s gone by, would you actually feel disappointed because it wouldn’t be the thing you’d wanted all this time? I don’t know.”

“I think there’s a lot of territory left unexplored that we could explore in a limited series or a TV movie or feature film, whatever that may be. I think it really just comes down to the script. I think everybody would jump on board.”

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Scott also talked about how he is Team Dean when it comes to who Rory should end up with. Given the number of years that have passed, I wonder if it will be Team Dean or Team Jess or Team Logan… or someone she has met in the many years since. What’s your take?

“He [Dean] was the original one. He was the most soulful and the most poetic. But Jess was so obviously the wrong one — he was so obviously the train wreck. He was the fling that she had to have. It was always Dean because he was so in love with her.”

I wonder if we could ever see Dean as soulful and poetic again after his life on Supernatural?

Matt Czuchry gets Mobbed by Gilmore Girl Fans on his Reddit AMA!

The ever-wonderful Matt Czuchry (pronounced Zoo-krie) underwent the Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) treatment this week – and just like Lauren Graham’s AMA last year, he was very soon mobbed by Gilmore Girls fans and questions. You guys rock!

Insomnia Parrot-itis or somesuch

True to his reputation as the Nicest Guy in Hollywood, he gallantly answers everything, disclosing his favorite episodes, pizza toppings and whether he’s Team Jess, Dean or Logan.

The full Reddit read-along is here and I’ve collected together the juicy Gilmore bits, below.  Enjoy…


On Logan’s exit from the show and his return if the show hadn’t been cancelled (spoiler?):

I actually liked how Rory refused Logan’s proposal. I feel that the show is about 2 strong independent women, and that refusal captures the heart of the show.
And I don’t think it was personal to Logan. I just think it was the right decision for Rory regardless of who her boyfriend was.
Even at the wrap party, there were talks that the show was gonna come back, and that I would have come back to have been a part of that. But nothing was ever set in stone.
And I will be there, at the reunion in June. Hope to see you there!

On Logan’s ultimatum to Rory (‘Does it have to be all or nothing?’ ‘Yeah, it does.’ Dingbat.)

Logan was always about grand gestures and being impulsive. That was one of his strengths (and weaknesses, at the same time). So that’s probably what you’re feeling as a result.

On the Life and Death Brigade stunts:

I’m terrified of heights in real life, so I would not have done that stunt you saw in “I Jump, You Jump, Jack.”
But in terms of Logan’s sense of adventure and grand gestures and spontaneity, those are elements that I try to take from him and apply to my own life.

On filming Gilmore Girls:

The pace of the dialogue was what made that show incredibly unique.
And also, incredibly difficult as an actor. To be able to maintain that speed, tone, and at the same time, try to make layered choices was a great experience to have early in my career.
It really challenged me.

On working with Lauren and Alexis:

We did an episode “A Vineyard Valentine” and we shot that in Malibu. That episode stands out for me, because all 3 of us just loved being in Malibu, filming on the beach. I remember during one lunch break, I took a walk and there was a sea lion who kept going up and down in the water, following me along the way. So that was a unique episode for me to be a part of with Alexis and Lauren.

On his connection with Logan:

I looked at Logan as somebody who would challenge Rory. And push her to new adventures in her life. In terms of Cary [Matt’s character in The Good Wife], I saw him as somebody who is incredibly passionate about the law and cases and having majored in history and political science, that was something that spoke to me.
There’s a lot of influences to mention over the course of both of those series. But the power is really in the choices you make between “action” and “Cut!” as an actor.
And in that subtext, creating layers that go beyond what’s on the page.
In the final episode of Gilmore Girls, I wanted to capture that Logan loved Rory, and although they both might not be quite ready to get married, just like in “I Jump, You Jump, Jack” there was that feeling of let’s take a leap and see if the net appears.

Team Dean, Jess or Logan?

You gonna really make me choose? Absolutely team Logan.
Because he pushed Rory to seek new adventures in her life.
Favorite scenes / episodes
Some of my favorite episodes to film were “You Jump, I Jump, Jack,” “Wedding Bell Blues,” and “Hay Bale Maze.”

On going to the Gilmore Girls Reunion at ATX in two weeks:

I am! The fans have been so passionate about the show for so many years – so to be able to be there, and interact with the fans, is a treat for me. And hopefully for the fans as well.
And I’m also excited to see ALL the cast – and to tell Amy Sherman-Palladino that she created a great character in Logan

And Amy:

I saw Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband Dan on the street in New York probably about 3 years ago? And we had a quick chat and catch-up. But yes, this will be the first time we’ve been together since we wrapped in 2007, and for some, even longer!

He also talks about his performances in The Good Wife, Freaks and Geeks, Friday Night Lights and I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. His favorite pizza topping is pepperoni and his favorite ice cream is Reese’s Pieces Sundae, which is good information if you’re a stalker. Just saying.

Check out all the pepperoni-scented Czuchry-ness in full, here.

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Graduates in Wonderland Competition Time – We Have Our Winners!

Thanks to everybody who entered our prize draw competition to win one of two copies of Graduates In Wonderland, the book we featured last week!


I have just contacted the two winners by Electronic Mail, so check your Inboxes and if there’s a mail from me, get in touch.

For everyone else, it’s an engaging, often hilarious read – like peeping into the post-graduate lives of Lucy and Olivia (Rory’s wild friends from Yale).  Highly recommended.

You know it’s good if Amy Sherman-Palladino considered making it!  Thanks again to Jessica and Rachel for giving us a glimpse into the crazy hat lady’s world.

Pic c/o Penguin

ATX Reunion – What Would You Ask The Gilmore Girls?

There’s less than a month to go now until the Gilmore Girls cast reunion at the ATX Television Festival and all tickets are now SOLD OUT. At least one of our flock was lucky enough to get tickets but for the rest of us, will be broadcasting the reunion panel.

What questions would you want to ask Amy Sherman-Palladino and the cast?


Here’s my shortlist – narrowed down from a much much MUCH longer list…

Amy: Please write us a scene and have those present act it out right now.

Alexis: Team Dean, Jess or Logan? (I’d love her to say Team Rory).

Also Amy: What was the town loner protesting?

For All the Cast: What props or memorabilia did you yoink from the set? What do you think happened to your character after the show ended?

And a reminder that you still have a couple of hours to enter our competition to win a free book!

ATX Panel Itinerary c/o ATX

Mini Gilmore Girls Reunions Featuring Hep Alien

It seems that our little Gilmore Girls family has been spending time backstage of the upcoming reunion planned at the ATX Festival this June. This little “Hep Alien” reunion has been shared by John Cabrera on his Instagram:


Reliving the glory days. :) #HepAlien #GilmoreGirls

A photo posted by John Cabrera (@unboiled) onApr 28, 2015 at 2:11pm PDT

And this gem comes from John’s Facebook page:

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The get together continued, with Keiko Agena posting these other meet-ups with Sebastian Bach (Sebastian Bierk) here and here:

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I love that the friendship among the on-screen bandmates has continued throughout the years!

Our Jess and Rachel talk to Amy Sherman-Palladino! PLUS Competition Time – RT to WIN!!

Gilmore Girls fans Jessica Pan and Rachel Kapelke-Dale wrote a marvellously entertaining book last year about their travelling adventures and wound up chatting to Gilmore Girls creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino about translating it to screen.

GilmoreNews caught up with them to find out more about their book and their story – which will knock your socks off. They talk about their very Lorelai and Rory-esque backpacking adventures, about being Team Dean and/or Team Jess and tips on how to get picked up by a major publisher.

As if that wasn’t enough, we also have free copies of their book for two lucky winners, so roll up and don’t say we never spoil you.

Rachel and Jess, Gilmore Girls proper.

Let’s begin with your book, released earlier this year by Penguin (Gotham imprint). What’s it about and why is getting fabulous reviews on Amazon and Goodreads?

Jess: The book is the true story of our post-college adventures, told through our weekly letters to each other as we lived around the world (from New York to Beijing and then later, when Rachel is in Paris and I’m in Melbourne). Rachel and I met our freshman year at Brown University (sidenote: Emily Gilmore would not approve as it’s not prestigious enough for her!), and we wanted to make sure that we didn’t fall out of touch the way that so many friends do after college.
Rachel: Our hope, when putting the book together, was to reach friends like us – people who had been separated by circumstances, going through the things that people of all age go through (but especially twenty-somethings): feeling lonely, lost, uncertain and also all the funny strange things that happen to you at that age. And it’s been wonderful to see how people have responded to that, and how many people are in parallel situations to ours.

How much of the story is autobiographical?
Jess: It’s all true. Everything in the book happened to us…unless my parents are reading this. Then it was all made up.
Rachel: These are the actual letters that we wrote to each other, although we did cut out all the boring parts. No one wants to read about the sad months where you may have sat around eating saltine crackers and just, well, watching Gilmore Girl episodes.

What’s your favourite bit? Or read us a paragraph…
Jess: Random searches through our emails brought up the most bizarre stories that we had forgotten about – like the time I roofied myself or funny language misunderstandings Rachel encountered in Paris. We were mostly struck by how those emails took us right back to those moments – feeling lost in a new city, or giddy, or devastated by a break-up. They’re very raw and real – those first couple of years out of college are usually the most crazy and chaotic, and we thought, “This is kind of a useful, or at least an entertaining story that maybe other women could relate to.”
Rachel: When we were 22, we knew nothing. It’s crazy to revisit the past when we reread the book. I’d have to say that watching Jess’s romance unfold (and no spoilers, so only those who have read the book know exactly who I’m talking about!) is really an amazing part of the book – and one of my favorite real-life stories.

Alright already I’m sold! Now how on earth did you end up talking to Amy Sherman-Palladino?
Jess: We had a film agent interested in taking us on, and when we signed with her, she wanted to know who our dream producer would be. We didn’t even have to think.
Rachel: “AmyShermanPalladino!” said at the same time.
Jess: So our agent set up the phone call, and it just felt surreal. We couldn’t believe we were hearing her voice!
Rachel: She was very charming. Talked a mile a minute, but so did we. We probably spoke for about half an hour total, but collectively said more than any three people within that half an hour anywhere (except, of course, on Gilmore Girls!)
Jess: That show brought us together as friends, so it was surreal to be talking to the creator Amy on the phone, like a real-life Lorelai who swears a little more. I mean, at college, Rachel and I used to sneak into the apartment upstairs (where five guys lived) and watch Gilmore Girls in their living room while they were out because our TV was broken. They still have no idea.
Rachel: Amy said that she was drawn to the idea of choosing your own “family” through your friends, and through positive portrayal of female friendship that didn’t involve us pulling each others’ hair out over some guy or talking about how we had fat asses.

Did it sound like she was wearing a hat?
Jess: Definitely.
Rachel: Either a top hat or a bowler, but they’re hard to distinguish by sound.

What was it about Gilmore Girls and Amy that prompted you to suggest her as the one you wanted?
Jess: We’d both grown up with the show – it ended just as we graduated college! Having Amy working to bring our book, which takes from graduation throughout our twenties, to the screen, would be so perfect.
Rachel: Also, with Gilmore Girls, the balance of drama and comedy is really perfect. It really combines both genres, in the way that our actual lives seem to. And she so perfectly handles the production and writing and direction – sorry, just spent two hours reading about film! Anyway, she’s a great artist.

Who was your favourite of Rory’s boyfriends? No pressure.
Jess: Jess. In fact, the other day we were sitting in our local London Starbucks writing and I looked up and his doppelganger was sitting across from us: black hair, leather jacket, jeans, same pout. It was so great. We posted him on Instagram, of course (go look – we’re graduatesinwonderland on Instagram) where we post photos of London, travels and GG lookalikes.
Rachel: We are in total disagreement on this one. 100% Logan. I’ve got a huge weakness for aristocratic playboys.

And favourite Gilmore Girls lines?
Jess: I’ll always love the Luke and Lorelai banter, so their love story was so satisfying to watch unfold. “Will you just stand still?” is the greatest sentence ever uttered. I also love it when Lorelai and Rory devil-egg Jess’ car. His reaction always makes me laugh so much.
Rachel: “You jump, I jump, Jack.” Sigh. Still thinking about Logan.

We have a few budding writers in our readership. How did you get published with Penguin (Gotham) and what advice could you give those seeking publication?
Jess: Having a literary agent really opens doors. We didn’t have any contacts but read online about how to write a book proposal – it’s pretty straightforward – just Google it. Then we put together the first 50 pages as part of the proposal and sent it off to a few literary agents that seemed to publish books that seemed similar to ours. Eventually, we heard back from our current agent.
My advice is make sure that you have someone representing you who really loves your project and who’s willing to go to bat for you. They have a lot of control and if they are too busy for you, nothing will happen with your book.
Our agent told us she had been looking for a book like ours and she had great contacts and we ultimately went with the editor whose vision for the book most closely aligned with ours.
Rachel: As you’re pitching to agents, make sure that your proposal is extremely tight, and (this is especially true if you don’t have six billion Twitter followers or a big “platform” – which we didn’t) that the sample material is as compelling as possible.
Jess: That said, think carefully about your title! We think our title actually turned out to be too limiting – it is not just for graduates or recent graduates. A college degree or being fresh out of college is not required! It’s just a tale of travel, love mishaps and friendship.

Brilliant stuff. So, what’s next for you guys?
Jess: I’ve been freelancing writing here, as well as writing my satirical baking column and working on a collection of essays.
Rachel: I’ve been finishing a novel, which should be ready to pitch soon, and we both still live in London.
Jess: To date, though, the best thing that’s ever happened to us is when Amy Sherman-Palladino once called them to say she thought their book was “delightful.” If only we’d been able to find some funding for the movie…but maybe someday. If anyone’s interested, let us know?!
But honestly, we just want friends to get some comfort, courage and amusement from our book.

Didn’t I tell you it was a good story?  Thanks so much to Rachel and Jess for sharing their stories – and their books!

We have two copies of Graduates in Wonderland to give away! If you’d like to be up for a chance of winning, Re-Tweet our Tweet of this story mentioning @GradsinWndrland or leave a comment below.  You don’t have to use your real name but we will need a real e-mail address so we can get in touch. If your mind goes completely blank, you could always use one of the names or aliases to which Lorelai receives mail order catalogues.  

Apologies rest-of-the-world, but this competition is only open to those with a postal address in the USA or UK.

We’ll draw the winning names out of a bowler or possibly top hat, next week.

Good luck!

Graduates in Wonderland is out now. (

Forget Mrs Kim, we love these funny girls.

We are Loving Lauren Graham’s recent Televisual Outings

Hasn’t it been nice to see Lauren Graham on our screens recently?

Coming up later this month (on Thursday May 14) she will appear on the season finale of CBS’ The Odd Couple, Matthew Perry’s comedy about a pair of hilariously mismatched room-mates. In the episode that aired, the Inland Revenue Service decides to audit Oscar (Perry) and his ex-wife Gaby (Graham). Felix (Thomas Lennon) offers to mediate between the exes and – uh oh – realizes that he might be the reason Oscar was audited in the first place!

lookin' good, Graham

Fact-fans, Lauren and Matthew dated briefly back in 2002 and have been good pals ever since, including on-screen appearances as friends in Go On and Lauren appearing as herself in Aaron Sorkin’s one-season wonder, Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.

She also appeared in Repeat After Me, the Ellen DeGeneres-produced hidden camera show where celebs act on Wendi McLendon-Covey’s secret earpiece instructions. The set up is that Lauren is interviewing a new writer and McLendon-Covey turns it into an awkward dating situation punctuated with a large wheel of cheese.  At times it feels like watching a Milgram experiment but it’s worth it to see the naturally outrageous Lauren trying to stop herself laughing.  I offer it up here, courtesy of Ellen, as I’m recovering from a dreadful cough / cold / man-flu and really, really need a nap.

More please, Miss Graham.

Our article [and edits] come to you this week with kudos to our resident tipster, Regis.

Pics courtesy of those caring Corporates, CBS and ABC